A little pale lemon-green, streaked with darker lime hues.

Egg Name and Description

Sweet to the Touch Egg

Crenellated shimmers dance across the surface of this bottom-heavy ovoid, creases and crevasses dipping wildly into a bright, brindled surface. Beneath the crystalline sheen, hues dance with wild abandon: cherry abutting grape, blueberry and lime intertwined, with hints of lemon slivers peeking from beneath bright orange drops. The swirl of shades is subtly saccharine - a toothache for the mind. Trapped within a plastic bubble, columns and circles of color tumble about each other - a felicitous feast for the eyes - an evocative enough image that one can almost smell the soft, seductive scent of sugared sweets.

Mind Touches

Sugar and Spice greets your entry into its world with neither sight nor sound. Rather, it is scent which first becomes apparent, the tang of cinnamon tickling your nose. Beneath the spice is a subtle hint of sweetness, a soft tickle of sweetening. It wraps about you like a warm, cozy blanket, keeping you snug and safe against the blackness that surrounds you. Through the darkness, glitter sparkles - slight at first, then the shimmering picks up speed, until you realize you are caught in a storm of sugar crystals raining down from nowhere. It whirls and eddies, dancing in gleeful abandon before, abruptly, it whisks out of sight.

Sugar and Spice is still there, even if the sugar storm has passed. Cinnamon and sweetening give way, fading into the still darkness even as a sharper tang pricks at your nose - the harsh, cloying scent of ginger. It hangs about you, chilling the very air as the wind picks up again, sweeping in and swirling madly. It plucks and tugs at you, gently at first, then with growing sharpness as it skims through your mind, rustling invasive fingers through your thoughts. Then, before intrusion can become violation, it vanishes, leaving behind only the constant ginger-laden chill.

Sugar and Spice sighs, a faint gust of wind, just strong enough to push out the ginger, laying a refreshing trail of peppermint in its wake to soothe. An apology, perhaps, for the previous invasion - one which is not repeated, as the breeze is careful to stay beyond your personal boundaries. A steady rain of sugar begins to fall, a glittering cloud which lightens the darkness, chasing away any shadows that might linger after the assault. Slowly, the peppermint fades beyond perception as the sugary rain subsides, leaving only a lingering freshness in mind, sinuses, and mouth to indicate it was ever there.

Hatching Message

Sweet to the Touch Egg wibbles and wobbles, and falls down, crumbling like a chunk of sugarsand around the prone form of a very small green hatchling.

The green, streaked with every shade of green from lemon to lime, lays in the remains of her egg for long enough it's worrisome. But just as a Weyrlingmaster starts to try and get Thea's attention, she crawls onto her feet and begins the long trek towards the white-robed Candidates.

Impression Message

After only one good sniff, the little streaked green looks up into the eyes of a young woman who has stood many times now. Ronca's expression goes blissful, as she goes to her knees to repeat the little one's name back to her: "Dlessyth."






Egg: Assorted Candies


Name Dlessyth
Dam Seryth
Sire Romth
Created By N'shen (Egg)
Impressee Ronca
Hatched April 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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