Nothing But Coal Bronze Destroth

This hatchling is a very deep rustic reddish-bronze color. The color deepens towards his toes and then even further down turns to a bit of a deep red, like he's been walking around in a red wood stain. Along his spine runs a smoky gray stripe from the tip of his snout to his tail. His whirling eyes are set against this gray backdrop that covers most of his face save a tiny patch of red on his bottom jaw. The smoky gray color fades from where his wings touch his back into the bronzy red that makes up the majority of their color.

Egg Name and Description

Spots and Splotches Egg
The khaki base of this larger egg is speckled and spotted, large hand sized patches of copper and chocolate overlapping here and there, creating a mosaic of colors against the neutral background.

Hatching Message

An egg is bleeding! That's not right! No, wait. That's just a red colored claw peeking through the shell of the Spotted Egg. Another claw appears, and the two start to push the top of the egg open, making it look a bit like a volcano erupting. There's a moment where the two forces seem to be at a balance, before the egg starts giving way. Soon the shell is falling away at an alarming rate, its fragments scattering in the hot sand. Finally the hatchling contained emerges from the wreckage.

Impression Message

Nothing But Coal Bronze Hatchling is spreading like wildfire towards the white ring of candidates. Fiery sails are spread out wide, as he balances himself trumpeting out, daring the candidates to come forwards. That ones too little. That one is too scared. But, what's this? A young /man/ to examine? And so, he's settling himself at the feet of a tanner. And then there's a croon. Yes, this one.

Jerillian is in shock, plain and simple, as there's a dragon at his feet. And then, as the bronze tail suddenly comes flying at his ankles, he's falling to his knees to lean into the bronze. "Yes, Yes of course, Destroth… I'll be your J'ril." He says with a smile, slowly getting back to his feet with the help of his new lifemate.


Destroth is trouble; Trouble is Destroth - the two words are really basically interchangeable. Destroth enjoys causing trouble too, and he'll do so purposefully - even if its something little like tipping the food vat over, or leaving something unpleasant in the barracks. He'll constantly keep everyone on their toes around him - he'll certainly not be getting toys and goodies in his stocking.


The theme for this NPC clutch was 'Winter and Winter Holidays'. Coal is a common theme - everyone enjoys a warm fire, enjoying the gentle glow of the fiery coals. Coals are also what's given to naughty boys and girls in their shoes and stockings instead of treats and presents.


Name Nothing But Coal Bronze Destroth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By R'miel
Impressee Jerillian (J'ril)
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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