Investigatingly Visionary Brown Desafeth

Rotund limbs fit a plump body colored with cinnamon and cedar-brown, a form imbued with eager energy despite its chubbiness. He's graceless, inelegant but there is a cheerful edge to a rounded head with a short muzzle and large, appealing eyes. Heavy streaks of hazel mingle with rich woodland like dapples along a thick neck, capped with broad ridges that fade long a heavy back only to resume along a chunky tail. Wings are short and wide, dark spars stained with russet and foxy hues seeping over the soft tan silk of expansive sails. Overall, he's sturdy and there is a touch of pompous style to his stance, habitually braced and rarely still, soft hide forever rippling over husky muscles, spangled with a tinge of gilt. Haunches are burly, lapped with amber that twists and turns down his legs to large, shaggy paws where tawny talons
gleam with blunted stubbiness.

Egg Name and Description


Fairy-tale Four-Leafed Clover Egg
Spearmint pools 'twixt veins of chartreuse and olive, effervescent splashes of white wine brewing as a gloss over this otherwise entirely green egg. Silver fingers trace large and mesmerizing shapes of clovers, four-leafed, which are dappled with all kinds of green, sea, bottle, pale and deep, dark and dull. Each color coalesces - bleeds - into the other as they swim around the shapes of the leaves, in a rhythmical series of ripples reminiscent of the coves of Paradise Hold. Silent, graceful, enduring.

Hatching Message

Peace is broken as Fairy-tale Four-Leafed Clover Egg is vaulted into a flurry of motion — the egg jerks itself, shakes, and finally tilts to the side to work itself into a roll. Seconds after this, the shell quickly wears away, chipping and cracking until it finally collapses into a heap of shards from the dragonet's zealous efforts for freedom. Finally liberated, Investigatingly Visionary Brown Dragonet hauls himself to his feet and creels a rather dramatic greeting to the world. Now he shall find companionship and food!

Impression Message

A subtle change occurs, barely noticeable, at first. A thrum begins, you feel it in the back of your mind, and then it spreads like a warm blanket over your thoughts. « Ah, Olissia, » a voice begins — a voice you've never heard before, yet it more familiar than anything else you've heard. Earthy tones creep along after the sound, accented with playful, bright green. « My Olissia, my flower among the thorns, my light within the darkness, my warmth, my vitality, my life. » The voice continues, becoming
rich with fresh aroma, as if a Spring rain has just occured. « And, me? I am yours! Your Desafeth. Will you be mine, too? »


Tendrils Of Minted Romance


Name Investigatingly Visionary Brown Desafeth
Dam Gold Frydath
Sire Bronze Aedhyth
Created By L'sta
Impressee Olissia
Hatched October 19, 2002
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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