Illusion of Stripes Brown Dementh

Gentle maple brown drips down the smooth hide of this bulky fellow, his head is round and plump eyeridges sitting higher than usual. A very long and strong neck appears to have more muscle than he would truly need. The rosy brown hide drapes over his wide frame, his body sporting a good sized gut that wiggles with a gelatin like appearance as he walks. Dark mahogany appears to down oversized wings, much bigger than the average and surely to bring swift flight. Klah bark brown and copper stripe down his back and the horizontal lines do nothing to diminish his belly. Muscular haunches support his wide girth, and hefty back end. Aged oak shades his tail adding some balance to the chaos that is the rest of him.

Egg Name and Description


The Colors of Chaos Egg
Lilacs are in full bloom, a bright scene has made this egg very easy to spot. Red crowns the top, moving down and mixing with vivid chartreuse that puts other shades of green to shame. Dusty brown tracks move horizontally up the structure, as cerulean curls around the shell, meandering through the other colors, and twisting around the bottom like a river meeting the sea.

Hatching Message

Color of Chaos egg suddenly bursts into many little pieces, shards flying everywhere and revealing the little dragonet inside.

Impression Message

Lilac and dark red pushes it's way into your mind with the loud creel of hunger and large expectations for you. «Yes indeed you're the one! The one who will help me have fun, can't reverse it what's done is done!» A small wait, and then he says «Now T'maz if you please I'm Dementh and I need some food!»



Your dragon is based on the cheshire cat, he will not be the one to get into trouble but will instead get others into a mess. Helpfulness is very hard to discriminate from an attempt to mislead, he will mix up words and offer hopeless directions that are delivered as riddles and songs. Just like a very intelligent child he will need to be constantly amused, as he will not settle with being bored but instead find some way to amuse himself no matter who it hurts.
Dementh is bound to be pushy, to you to other weyrlings and eventually other dragons in his wing. He will not consider them wingmates but his loyal subjects, quite a superiority complex on him. In flights he will assure all that he will win, self confident and very sure he is the best. His ego can't be matched, and he tends to think of women as objects for his amusement much like he thinks of everyone else. «Tee hee hee, he thinks he can beat me! Really!» He will speak in tongues and have a wave of lilac and emotion in his tone. The emotions are always first, and he is always bored or angry every feeling will be strong and will push you to conform to his way of thinking.
The way to his heart will always be through his stomach, he has a sweet toothe and will want you to bring him cakes of just pure sugar cubes. All your food is judged, as he is sure he will know if it is bad and if he isn't sure he will demand another cake, pie or pastrie just to be sure. «This one is fine, though to be sure I'll need a second or maybe a third.» In his weyr he will want outrageously bright colors, and highlighter orange is just perfect for the walls. A king need a throne and his couch will be kept clean, and a red cover will be on it to show who is really the king of the weyr.


Striped Nightmares
This mind is one of a manipulative creature, cunning and over powering. Greens, bright lilacs and many doors lay in this mind and are constanly trying to reach out and pull you in. It doesn't seem to care about you or really want you around most of the time, only your information is of real use to it. Lilacs and reds will come and go in a constant attempt to frighten and perhaps deep down in his shell impress all who visit it.



This dragon was created by Senkyou, and based on Alice in Wonderland the Cheshire cat. Dementh was repersenting demon, and every part of him was created by Senkyou in one way or another. He is meant to help you see the madness in your life, and maybe have some fun in the process. I would like to thank Lewis Carroll for writing the book, and lots of credit to SCO for helping me with ideas.


Name Illusion of Stripes Brown Dementh
Dam Gold Calanth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Created By Senkyou
Impressee T'maz
Hatched March 14, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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