Consorting with Death Green Dalriath

Compact strength and lithe curves build a form that brings to mind a homely elegance: a beauty that is grown into and more inherited in movement rather than in form. Headknobs gleam in a shade of emerald, disappearing into a dusting of gold about the crown of her head that fades into a green so pale that it becomes nearly white: dancing down ridges of spine, all the way to a tail which darkens suddenly at the end into an emerald once more. The rest of her is a collection of darker shades of green, broken by the near white-gold that dips in like marble. She has a shorter, more muted snout than many, but it conveys an almost wizened expression more often than not - especially atop the long, lithe neck. Wings, when spread, often seem more white than green upon the membrane, so pale is the coloration. Wingspars and talons are the only dark points upon her body: each capped in pure black.

Line Art by: R'owan
Colored by: D'had

Egg Name and Description


Dust to Dust Egg
Mottled shades varying between the mossy dark greens of nature and the weathered, cold stone of ancient structures make up the surface of the egg. Sharp, dark hollows shape softer and lighter columns that reach to arches at the apex. At the wider curve of the base, dipping into the sands themselves, the moss becomes more pronounced until dappled greens overcome the crumbling stonework.

Hatching Message

Dust to Dust Egg shakes more violently this time, larger pieces of shell falling to nothing more than fragments the size of the particles of sand below. Seconds later and it has crumbled to dust, like the many dozens of eggs before it, revealing the young creature within.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands and the chaos there is suddenly gone as you find yourself upon a distant plain. Snow-capped mountains exist in the distance: hazy upon the horizon. A deep, regal voice comes echoing to you, enveloping you in a cool, refreshing embrace. « Rei, » it says, full of pride, « I have found you, how wonderful is that? And I, your Dalriath, will show you that we are greater than anyone else. » Soon the sands return in a rush as the mind alongside yours turns to more urgent matters. « Firstly, however, I need to eat. »


« Anything she can do, I can do better. »

Nothing sums up Dalriath more than that statement. Above anything and all else, she strives to be the best and greatest at anything she does. The reason for this is a combination of factors. Ego, for certain, is one of them. Another is that she often feels the need to make up for her small stature (as she is small, even by green standards). The greatest, however, is you, Rei. You inspire her to be great and she wishes to show to everyone that she will do great things for you. In many ways, she will view this as a constant gift to you: if /she/ can be so great and strong for you, surely everyone else ought to as well.

However, this desire and need for greatness unfortunately does not always end up becoming a properly thought out plan. Dalriath is so prone to distraction and a need to socialize that she doesn't often practice as she ought to. It will be up to you, Rei, to get her to practice those exercises, to focus on the way she lands upon a herdbeast for her dinner. She may resent you from time to time for this, but it only needs to be made clear that others can see how /good/ she is at it and she will throw herself into it with wild abandon.

Getting Dalriath to focus will often be a struggle. So caught up in her own ego and desire to have fun is she that you will spend not only Weyrlinghood, but her adult years trying to keep her in line. It is a blessing, perhaps, that Thread has been eradicated: you would find yourself struggling to hold her back in formation as she longs to lunge forward and compete with the massive browns and bronzes in their gouts of flame.

This isn't to say she's nothing more than a bundle of flighty ego. In fact, Dalriath often has the good of everyone on her mind. She will often step up and offer to help out: you may find yourself, in later years, with a green that tries to aid in instructing the weyrlings, or in helping newer wingmates. She knows, without a doubt, that she is so very good at what she does, that she means only the best by trying to aid the others on. If you cultivate this, Rei, you may be able to focus her desire to be the best into something that is more of an aid than a hindrance.

When Dalriath is proddy is, like many, the worst of times. While her usual desire to be the center of attention is often a mild annoyance with good intention, proddiness turns it into the worst of times. She becomes a true, rebellious brat then. You will have the fight of your life trying to keep her in control. Catty comments come to the fore, « I saw how fast you let Brownth catch you. /I/ will have longer, more elegant flights than you /ever/ will. ». She's not mean-hearted, she just becomes so focused on herself that the feelings and wishes of others never seem to factor in. With time, you can control this, but it will be an uphill battle.

Overall, Dalriath will never stand out in one single aspect. This is as much by her nature as it is her physical skills. Because she so wants to be the best at everything, she will never have the attention span or desire to focus on being good at only one or two things. However, this can be a blessing: wherever she goes, whatever she does, she can do well. And with your added support and ability to focus and drive her, she could become even better.


In a word, Dalriath's voice can be described as 'regal'. Mind, that is only when she is in a more calm, or sedate frame of mind. In those times, it drifts with an almost musical tone across a landscape of snowy peaks and luscious, green plains. However, when excitement brews and builds, her mind becomes more in those meadows: full of the bright colors and smells of flora assailing the senses. Not quite as saccharine as one may expect from a Spring day, but more like the first trip outside on a nice day after months holed up in the winter: too much, all at once. Her anger brings in violent storms and the lashing of water upon the senses, yet almost an undertone of repentence beneath, as if perhaps her anger isn't something she desires to utilize.


The draconic theme, as you may have imagined, for this hatching was epic or memorable characters. After reading your request for a personality and consulting with a friend, I came up with Mary, Queen of Scots. A woman whose life story resembles that of many a fantasy novel. Few women, even queens, can say that a man waged a war to try to win their heart. Even if it was done when they were quite young: too young to understand.

Dalriath's name comes from the Dalriada: ancient Scots from which Mary Stuart was descended. I felt the name had a good strength to it, while still having a sort of flowing elegence that would suit someone with feelings (whether delusional or not) of grandeur.

While a Queen may be an odd choice for a green dragon, I felt it fell even more in line with your request for a spoiled, bratty teenager. How many greens aspire to greatness? How many feel so utterly sure that if they were given a chance, they could do far better than those who are in charge? You, Rei, have a very unique dragon in your hands now and I am certain that you are more than capable of playing her to the greatest level and showing everyone that even a "lowly green" can be something great.

~ Rwylann


Name Consorting with Death Green Dalriath
Dam Gold Rhadamanth
Sire Bronze Aslianth
Created By Rwylann
Impressee Rei (Reiko)
Hatched September 06, 2008
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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