Strangely Enchanted Blue Dalasith

This dragon proves that you don't have to sacrifice versatility for elegance. Starting at his elongated muzzle, a soft powder blue flows down his lithe neck, broad chest, long trunk and finally wispy tail. The light color brings out the dragons well toned frame, every aspect of his musculature enhanced beautifully by the fair shade. As the eye wanders along the rest of this creatures hide it becomes apparent that the powdery shade is not the only color that has painted him. Starting at the base of his sharply chiseled headknobs, the powder darkens until it gives way to royal blue. The darker hue goes on to engulf his flowing neckridges, the very tips of which have been dipped in lavender. Lining his large and vibrant eyes is a violent indigo, capturing the youth and intelligence that dwells beneath his hide. Like silky fabric caught in the breeze, two billowy wingsails flow from away from his body. They sparkle in a translucent periwinkle, his spars lined with a faint silver that match his sharp talons.

Egg Name and Description


Breaking the Trend Egg

This egg is a myriad of colors and patterns, making it stand out considerably on the sands. On opposite sides of the pure white base are two large golden colored circles. The one facing the galleries is etched with what seems to be the figure of a woman wearing loose robes and holding a wreath for all to see in one hand. The other circle holds a scene of celebration, various men holding up a single man and parading him triumph. Rippling out from these two circles are small black lines, expanding to encompass the entire egg and morphing as they get further away into zigzag patterns and straight lines. At the base of the egg, almost covered by the sands, are five interlacing hoops in the colors of blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

Hatching Message

Breaking the Trend Egg trembles a bit before another claw tip is pushed through the shell on the opposite side of the first, the original one sticking through the other hole as well. It gives a wobble from side to side, and when the count reaches three the hatchling pushes against both sides and finally breaks free, spilling out onto the sands.

Impression Message

The soothing sound of waves crashing gently over sand flows over your mind and before you know it the sands have dissolved. The rich smell of horchata tickles your nose before the sound of a steel drum captures your attention. « Oh my, A'di, we have found each other at last! » The voice giggles happily, enveloping you in warmth and happiness. « It's me, your Dalasith! Come on, let's get something yummy to eat! »


Queen Narissa: Oh my, this is a twist in our story! It's the brave little princess coming to the rescue. I guess this makes you the damsel in distress, huh, handsome?

While Dalasith isn't a little princess he certainly is ready to come to your rescue! Rescue you from what you ask? From a boring and secluded life of course! From the moment this elegant little guy is hatched his main goal will be to bring happiness and excitement into your life and anyone else he may meet along the way. During his days as a newborn Dal is going to be a bit of a handful at times. Rather naive, his carefree take on life will keep him constantly on the go and easily distracted from important lessons he should be learning. It won't be odd to find him wandering around the barracks and visiting with his clutch siblings at all hours of the day. He's a fan of making friends and he'll be quick to strike up a conversation with both parts of the weyrling pair. Always quick to hand out compliments he'll be sure to win people over with his sunny outlook on things. But never fear! Even though Dal will always be busy making new friends he won't ever forget about you. He'll make sure to drag you along and introduce himself with that musical mind of his as the one made « To finish your duet! »

Giselle: Good morning, Robert. I hope you had wonderful dreams.
Robert Philip: I think I'm still in one.

Expect to be awoken every morning bright and early by his exuberant humming and rummaging about, he is a clean freak after all! His couch and your living space /must/ be kept in an immaculate condition, everything in it's right place so that the whole area can have just the right sparkle to it. Cleaning so throughly and on such a regular basis can get rather boring so it's no surprise that Dal will turn it into a game. He'll race against the clock to see how quickly he can finish his task but he'll be sure never to choose speed over perfection. The end product is what matters most and having fun while you're hard at work of course!

Weyrlinghood will be a bit of a challenge for Dal since he'll be so busy paying attention to what everyone else is doing instead of to what he should be doing. It won't be surprising to find that he may miss out on crucial advice from the Weyrling Masters from time to time, even after you chide him for it. Poor little Dal, he just can't help being fascinated by the simple things in life! He'll be quick to dish out plenty of compliments when one of his clutch siblings accomplishes an outstanding landing or even when they make a less than graceful one. He finds beauty in everything and sometimes it'll be so impossible for others to believe it that it'll have them gawking in awe and maybe giggling behind his back. It'll be embarrassing at first and maybe even annoying, get ready for a lot of 'd'oh!' moments, but that's just Dal for you.

Giselle: Why are you staring at me?
Robert: I don't know. It's just that… it's like you escaped from a Hallmark card or something.
Giselle: Is that a bad thing?

As Dal grows older and is allowed to leave the confines of the barracks you'll find that he is not only interested in making friends with your fellow weyrlings but with /everything/. That's right, be it a trundlebug or a drudge Dalasith has no qualms about striking up a conversation with anything he comes across. Don't be surprised if you come back to your weyr one day to find a few strangers congregated around your overly friendly blue from time to time and be prepared to have Dal try to convince you to adopt a few pets too. He'll have an especially soft spot for rodents. Yep, this blue is very open minded when it comes to relationships and whenever you question his taste in the company he keeps he'll be ready with his standby response of « Well, it's always nice to make new friends! » (hopefully your weyr won't end up looking like this any time soon!)

Prince Edward: I seek a beautiful girl. My life partner, my one coquette, the answer to my love's duet.
Arty: I-I'd like to find one of them too, you know?

With time Dalasith will start to notice the opposite sex. It'll start out subtly enough, a few extra comments dropped here and there whenever he notices one of his green clutch mates sauntering by. « Oh my Safernith is looking extra beautiful today, isn't she? » or « A'di, just look at how Dalriath's eyes sparkle, isn't she amazing? » However, when those hides start to glow, he'll be a bit of a wreck. He will constantly be checking his appearance any way he can, be it by peering into the lakes surface or by pestering you about it. All he really needs is a bit of reassurance and once he's gotten that he'll be good to go, for the most part. « Are you /sure/ I haven't gained a few pounds? » When it's time for the greens to go up he'll be eager to chase, enchanted by their beauty and stricken with love sickness. Even if the green he's chasing is the most hideous in the weyr, he'll find some aspect about her to pine over, even if the detail be as small as the way her talons curl when she digs them into the ground. If he wins he will be on top of the world and he'll sing his happiness out loud for all to hear! After the deed is done and the morning comes he'll be reluctant to leave his love. Be assured that he'll come by to visit as often as he can if she permits it, always bearing gifts of flowers and a shower of compliments. But there can only be one winner in a flight and when he finds himself on the opposite side of the spectrum be ready for an uncharacteristically gloomy Dal. He'll want to forget everything, not even want to hear his lost maiden's name. After all, he's too much of a kind soul to bear that much pain.

Queen Narissa: To never be with the one you love, doomed to be with another for eternity. Oh but it doesn't have to be that way. Oh no, no, no. I can stop that, yes. I can make all those bad memories disappear. Yes! Just one bite my love and all this will go away.

Yes, he'll take that apple without a second thought in order to wash away all those memories of his lost happily ever after. Of course instead of a /real/ apple he'll use a nice cold dip in the lake or any other body of water. His dark mood won't last very long and in a day or two he'll be back to his regular self and still in search of his happy ending! After all, everyone wants to live happily ever after!

So how is it that you ended up with this chipper little fellow? Easy, Dalasith knew you were the one for him. Just like Giselle's hunch concerning Robert, Dal knew that you needed a more positive influence in your life to help you break out of your shell. From the moment he saw you standing on those sands this little blue knew you were meant to be together forever and ever!

Robert: I don't get it. I mean, how can you talk about loving some guy you don't even know?
Giselle: Well I know what's in his heart.


Perky, refreshing but surprisingly gentle. That about sums up Dalasith's voice. This blue will use the varying flavors of 'aguas frescas' (traditional Mexican beverages) in order to communicate. These drinks come in every flavor under the sun but he'll mostly use horchata, roselle and tamarind. He'll not only use the scents/flavors but sounds will also be included, specifically that of water. The lapping of waves over soft sands or the harsh crashing of water against stone. This tenor's voice is soft and soothing and will ring out clearly to not only you but anyone else that's around, infiltrating other minds happily in order to satisfy it's curiosity and desire to make new friends. His eagerness to speak with others should not raise any concerns, after all Dalasith loves talking to you most of all. He'll always be quick to come back to you with refreshing touch of his and with a special something. This little blue is only willing to share a special part of his touch with you and that is the sound of a steel drum. The beat he'll use is his secret weapon! It's sure to lift your spirits whenever you have a bad day and get you singing along with him!



So I just wanted to give you a little bit of background on not only the inspiration for your dragon but also the egg and mindvoice ^^ The clutch theme was Olympic host cities and your egg was based off of Mexico City which hosted the summer games in 1968. I combined the poster and medal design to create the egg ( look on the right hand side for the images ^^)

Since I was using Mexico City I wanted something very Mexican for the mindvoice and so I went with 'Aguas frescas' or 'Refreshing Waters' which is a typical Mexican drink that comes in a variety of flavors ( I thought it was a great blend of something refreshing yet rugged and truly Mexican.

Now for your dragon, the theme for the hatchlings was memorable people and since you wanted someone that would bring you out of your shell I immediately thought of Giselle from Enchanted. It was a bit challenging to transform such a girly character into a male dragon but I think it worked out nicely. I did my best to incorporate what you asked for into Dal's personality and hopefully he's to your liking. Dalasith's description is based loosely off of a blue dress Giselle wears during one of my favorite scenes in the movie, when she runs through Central Park and sings 'That's how you know' ( Here it is for your viewing pleasure ^^) Finally his name came from scrambling 'Andalasia' about, which is the fantasy world Giselle is from. I really hope you like your Dal and please don't feel forced to take everything I've written here as a strict guideline. Just make sure you enjoy him and make him yours. :D

- Or'un


Name Strangely Enchanted Blue Dalasith
Dam Gold Rhadamanth
Sire Bronze Aslianth
Created By Or'un
Impressee A'di (Andis)
Hatched September 06, 2008
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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