Diamonds and Lace Green Daimoath

Emerald green flows over this dragon like silk and lace, swirls of peridot cascading about like gems among a pasture. Her hide is a vibrant tone of grassy green, mellow golds joining down her slender back, cresting over wing fingers and membranes. Colors of turqoise blend in with the gold, forming a light, starry sky over the expanse of wings, crossing only at the shoulder and a bit on the ridges before fading into oblivion. The left over gold forms into a lime color and drips lavishly into the belly of emerald, making its way down strong legs and midnight black talons. Raging into a twist of both lime and emerald, the colors drive past the green's hips and wage war for dominance over a thin and willowy tail, though in the end, loosing to a splash of muddy brown halfway to the spade.



Daimoath is a simplistic beast, unlike her rider, and isn't prone to reactions. She is the leverage of mood in Chriel's life, being the sedate and impassive of the duo. She is prone to have spurts of childish play, though; suddenly bursting with speed and running into the water, or out of the blue making a funny comment. She's also pretty frivvilous when it comes to colors and matching, but never to the point of assaulting someone. She's more subtle then that, placing out a «Adinaeth, that pink is beautiful… but maybe just a tad darker, to match with your hide's highlights…» when she thinks something doesn't look exact, or tastes well together in the visual aspect. Many people think she is also the force that keeps Chriel from over-reacting half the time, «Dearest, don't let it bother you so much… Its really not good on you to be so upset.», the dragon and rider duo being at its most useful at that moment. She is also the driving force that helps encourage Chriel to do things where under normal circumstances, the shy Chriel would never do.

It's when Dai is proddy that the eye of the storm passes and the hurricane hits, adapting to Chriel's mood swings and flirting like a desperate female, making passes at anything male- unless of coarse Chriel is very protestant to the match. But even then, Daimoath might still do so, even to the point where she is oblivious to the male's disinterest.

Dai's proddy state is also a source of embaressment to Chriel, Dai becoming more flippant, antsy and all around lustful. Its during these moments that the part of rider and dragon flip- rider being the support and chastising team for the dragon. But once Daimoath is up, playfully flipping and diving, she'll keep the boys elusive as long as she can, poking flirts- and on occasion even harsh insults, back over her shoulder. once its over, though, she'll be back to normal and said lad will be forgotten, unless the rider is a crush of Chriel's- then she just might be a bit more leaning in preference.


Based on Madison Lee of Charlie's Angels, with a few personality changes.


Name Diamonds and Lace Green Daimoath
Created By M'iri
Impressee Chriel
Hatched Instarider
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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