Muddy brown splashes across this hatchling, darkest at the chest and lightening as it spreads outward in russet washes, flowing up the neck to coat this dragon's head in pale tan. Neckridges more pronounced than most descend back down, alternately colored tree-bark dark as they eventually fade off into the neckline. Wings looking too big for his body are coated in mud as well, darker near his trunk and fading into pale near the tips. As browns go, this one is particularly big, though like his wings, his back legs and tail are somewhat out of proportion, at least for now. No doubt he'll fill out eventually but for now, he's kind of ungainly.

Hatching Message

Light Our Darkest Hour Egg explodes, cyan chunks of shell flying outward as red and blue shards shift and fall around the life inside. Carried forward by momentum, the hatchling tumbles forward into a short roll, coming up with a snap of his wings to shake the goop from them. Transform and Roll Out Brown Hatchling peers about the sands, his ravenous eyes looking for he who will be his. He takes his first, true steps.

Impression Message

Jadiken had been watching the remaining eggs intensely and when /that/ egg burst, it didn't escape his notice at all. But what /did/ surprise him was how quickly the Transform and Roll Out Brown Hatchling is now bearing down on him. Crouching with arms wide open, the woodcrafter's welcoming smile suddenly turns to concern as the hatchling fails to slow down in time and collides with him. Falling backward, Jadiken beams up at the brown as it noses his chest. "Cullenth!" the woodcrafter grins, eyes far away before nodding at the dragon. "Ja'ken, then. Pleased to meet you," the new brownrider smiles, getting up and leading the hatchling away. "/Plenty/ of food. Don't worry! Let's go."


Name Cullenth
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By So'l
Impressee Ja'ken
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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