Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Clovoth

Rather large for his color this blue's hide is a predominately a wet looking dull grayish blue. Navy blue spills from his extremely blunt and small muzzle, spilling down his muscular neck to his broad chest. His head knobs are located at a more lateral angle than is usually seen, making his head appear to flare out, they are covered in translucent orange red which makes them stand out even more. Cobalt blue starts from the crook of his front arms, lining his trim belly, and engulfing his extremely long and thin tail. His wings are rather tiny for his body, and are a shade of almost translucent silver, speckled with a muted blue.

Egg Name and Description


A City in Ruin Egg
This egg is rather large compared to the rest of its clutchmates, seeming to tower over them. The dominant color is blackish blue, enveloping the shell completely. Over this dark mantel steely gray spikes rise up in various heights, each reaching towards the apex but falling short. A few of the rectangular shapes do not stand vertical, however, slanting against their upright neighbors. Starting at the base of the egg a vibrant orange red races up, swallowing up some of the gray shapes. Speckled throughout the egg are white flecks, none reaching past the gray.

Hatching Message

A deep tremor consumes A City In Ruin Egg, causing it to displace the sand that has been built up around it. The shaking continues, growing steadily more violent before it stops without warning, falling back into its deep slumber. Not yet.

A City In Ruin Egg violently reawakens from its repose, twirling around wildly in all directions. As it continues its mad dance a small fissure starts at the base of the egg, splintering out in all directions as it moves upwards. Before long a claw tip becomes visible and sets to hacking at its shell prison.

The claw tip is slowly pulled back into the safety of A City In Ruin Egg's shell. Without warning, however, the shell begins to vibrate violently on the sands again. After a few seconds of this the egg suddenly shatters into thousands of tiny fragments to reveal Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling.

Impression Message

Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling sits motionless in the wreakage he has caused, his head twisting and turning in every direction. He croons anxiously to his parents, confused by all the sights and sounds. But he doesn't seem to find the comfort he requires in their presence and so he sets out for the Candidates, not seeming to mind the debris sticking to his goo covered hide. Once he reaches the group he examines a willowy and curly haired girl, warbling at her. But she's not for him and he spins around, knocking her down with his tail in the process. He's off in search of what he's really after, leaving the girl to be aided up by her anxious friend.

Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling continues his frantic search, rushing towards a promising looking Candidate and then giving off a pitiful warble when he realizes he's failed again. The blue seems almost ready to give up, his motions becoming more sluggish by the minute but then something catches his attention. Near a pair of candidates clinging onto each others hands stands a dumbfounded looking boy with curly dirty blonde hair. The dragonet rushes towards him, flailing frantically as he issues a croon. "Clovoth?" H'ud asks stupidly, standing still as the blue races towards him. The dragonet can't stop, too excited in having found his lifemate it seems, and simply topples on top of the boy.



Winters Ocean Spray
This hatchling's mind touch contains all the anxiety, eagerness and fears of a lost child. Anxiety resounds loudly in it, clinging desperately onto any person's mind that it comes across. Quick, broken language characterizes this hatchlings mind voice, much like a toddler trying to string a sentence together. It's a small voice but it contains all the feelings of cold day on the beach, the semi-damp feeling you get from walking along the shore as the waves crash sadly onto the sand. The mindtouch also fills your mind with the smell of the salty sea breeze, subtle yet almost impossible to get away from.


Clovoth is based on the monster from the movie Cloverfield.


Name Disturbed from Watery Slumbers Blue Clovoth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By S'ya
Impressee H'ud
Hatched June 2, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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