Sweeping as silk over the sketchiness of her forever-young frame, a west wind's breath in sea-green warms the contours of a petite lady. Constellations of deeper hues trace across the green horizons of her skin, starlit shapes flat against her smoothly tearshaped form. Wide-eyed and falsely innocent, her deep pine-hued eyes dominate her dainty head, sparkling with an amorous glint, framed by dark eyeridges. Her muzzle is dipped in a slightly washed-out emerald, and seems to be forever caught in a sly half-grin.

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Ciolanith is based off the concept of noble, semi-righteous serious crime fighter Ph'rys needing his morally ambiguous femme fatale. Inspiration-wise, she is largely based on Eli Monpress from the Legend of Eli Monpress series of books — just with the addition of being as exceedingly feminine as Ph'rys is not.

Her name has no meaning, just a fine collection of sounds that adds up to something that matches her rider's.


Name Ciolanith
Created By Ph'rys
Impressee Ph'rys
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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