Harbinger of Apocalypse Bronze Ciniterrath

From tarry depths this dragon's muzzle emerges, dulled down shades of rusted jade. The metallic shine of bronze is muted beneath the film of darkness that curls delicately over prominent eye ridges, seemingly overly large atop sunken eyes. Those orbs, solidly whirling masses of color seem equally overcast in shadow, blackened finish dripping like ink below his jaw and down the softer throat in murky waves, diluting faint specks of metallic gloss. Neck ridges peak, stabbing outward in molten hues, sharply contrasted to the dull and burned bronze of the hide. Red rushes outward, forming flaming bursts that yellow toward their sharpest, wicked point. The musculature is obvious in the forelegs, tightened limbs stretching outward toward five-fingered talons, the color paling to shimmering brass and plunging neatly into burnished green hues. As the torso comes into being, however, it's clear that this dragon is quite oddly shaped. Whether it's a natural slenderness, or having not gotten proper nourishment in his egg, his torso thins down, rib cage prominently shown and sticking out. Shoulder blades protrude, glittering carmine branching up and outward into thinly membraned wingsails, stretched wide in a pattern spider webbed in black. Hips poke outward attaching themselves to muscled hind legs coated in silken russet hues. A tail trails outward, overly long, in an ever-lightening tawny saturation.

*Image by Samantha

Egg Name and Description


Radioactive Ruin Egg
Cracked and crumbling where it rests in the sand, the lower portion of this egg manages the dullest of grays, fissures of darkness hollowed in a spider web of broken spires. Flecks of orange gleam across the network of shattered life, whisping in a rush of smoky brown in patches. Across the center, darkness rises toward the top of the egg, a blackened column stark against the paler pinks and reds that rise to border it. At the topmost curve of shell, that darkness breaks, blossoming in a fiery display to mushroom around the top, sending devastating shocks of orange and red drifting back toward the sand.

Hatching Message

There is a short rumble from the Radioactive Ruin Egg. It shudders in place, a single faint tremor coursing through the ovoid. A test of the prison, a test of that shell which must be broken. Then, it falls silent once more, still and quiet on the sands.

Radioactive Ruin egg churns to life once again. This time it moves back and forth in place, unwilling to halt this time. The sound of cracking permeates the air, one full push sending a multitude of fissues across the shell. Air is sucked inward through widening gaps, a huff of first breaths taken and rushed out again, echoing with a determined screech from within.

A moment of heavy breathing passes, hollow noises from within the Radioactive Ruin Egg. The creature within rests, biding time before the final push. It happens in a rush, cracks widening under the stress until that tough shell shatters entirely, piece of egg scattering over the sands as the contents spill out, leaving behind a bronze with sides heaving, fallen over in the sand.

Impression Message

There is a sudden fire in your senses. It burns hot, sensation crawling up from your fingertips and to your shoulders, spreading throughout your being in white-hot insistence. Yet as suddenly as it is there, that heat tapers off, surrounding you in a rich bed of golden warmth. There is a strange, nurturing feeling here, of infinite love and unfailing conviction. «J'rezi, can't you hear me? I've been calling.» A voice rings like distant chimes, sweeping softly across your mind like feathers in the wind. «It's taken forever..what's kept you? Shall we go, you and I? J'rezi and Ciniterrath, what a pair we shall make.» Heat boils just beneath the surface of that calm and lighthearted voice, a flicker of fire edging across the mind. «But I hunger..oh how I hunger..»



Ciniterrath is strong. Not just in mind, but in body as well. On the larger end of the color spectrum, he'll tower over many of his fellow bronzes. This will lend him aid during those long gold flights, but he also has a secret weapon. Though large, he's exceptionally thin. Don't worry! It's not unhealthy, although you may find him worrying occasionally about whether he looks absolutely perfect or not. After all, some people just don't like that bony look. It doesn't make for a very good cuddle.

While he is certainly strong mentally, there's also a certain gentleness about him that he'll carry over, especially with you, his rider. While he won't spare you from his temper, his tones with you will almost always be edged in faintly ticklish feathery touches. He is a dragon of conviction and firmly believes that you are the absolute center of the world. Not above a little bit of mischief-making, however, he can be found to do a few odd things now and again to land him, and consequently you in trouble. He is a collector of the strange and unusual, unwilling to give up something that he's decided to keep.

With others, his mindvoice will always carry with it the hint of rattling chains and sulfur fumes, even when on good terms. You are the one that deserves his kindness, after all. Not that he's outright mean. Certainly not. He will endeavor to be polite, at least in his words to others.


Maladroit Defiance of Judgment
Ciniterrath is a burning furnace, with plenty of hot tones and colors. The sounds of metal clank in gears. Determination leaks reds and silver light when he is intent on getting his way. Yet there is a softer side. Warm light and golden hues hide in the deepest recesses. Feathery touches of gentle warmth caress over the mind and spark rains of loving embers. He is heat, whether it be scalding or soothing.

Maladroit Defiance of Judgment is a wash of darkness, hardly a thought protruding at first from this void of mentality. Then it comes, a sudden rush of intensity and desire, without a care for your own mind as it begins its curious assault. It pokes and prods, hot needles nicking flesh and brainmatter as it looks inside, a faint clamor of hammers on metal ringing in the distance. As suddenly as the barrage began, however, the inhabitant of this egg seems to realize itself, backing off from its insensitive inquisition to gently caress, the examination given a lighter tone. New hands reach for you, flashing silver with light that encircles around your mind, urging your thoughts upward and toward greatness. At the edge of your mind, the clamor shudders, metal rattling its insistance to flicker sparks across that wash of sparkling color. The mental presence cringes back, away from you once again and into the night.

Maladroit Defiance of Judgment reemerges from the night, coiling around your mind again like a serpent of the void. That light caress of silver and light returns, billowing out like laundry on the breeze. It seeks out your thoughts, your hopes and dreams, injecting its own adoration and light with a hint of uncertainty. It's good, right? You like it, right? There's an abrupt sizzle across the connection line, a withdrawing from your mind as it snaps back with a crash of metal. Nothing is EVER good enough. It's not enough. The loud roar of metal rings out, hammers furiously pounding in the distance now clamor around you. Muted shouting can be heard, ever so far away as brief purples and reds blossom across your vision. Back to work..back to work.

Maladroit Defiance of Judgment creeps forward, and back. Forward and back again. Silver flecks dance across your vision only fleetingly before it withdraws entirely. There is a moment of stillness, in which there only comes brief echoes of blue before purple and reds surge inward. The colors wage war with each other, each attempting to dominate the other in their flaring. Chains clink in the distance, the sound of marching feet turning into a thundering roar as those colors merge. They flare hotter and brighter, until there is nothing but white, blinding light…and then nothing.

Maladroit Defiance of Judgment is there. Are you? Tentative threads of thought curl outward, twining through your mind and holding fast. Metal flickers, calm and quiet for once in its glittery expanse. Silvers and golds trickle inward, solidifying heavily on your mind. Heavy thoughts, it seeks them out, looking for those tough decisions you may have made. Was it the correct choice? Do you regret? Resolution hangs thick, its cords tying around you, pulling you further in. There's only the one path. It trails off into the dark, glimmering bright red as it fades away.

Maladroit Defiance of Judgment rages around you, a vast torrent of red blaring with light and the sound of sirens in the distance. Panic and confusion rise upward in a wave, rushing all around as a heat grows. A heat from within turns toward destruction, burning at your limbs, tearing away at your skin. The heat intensifies, searing and charring before it finally ceases, the broken remains of thought littered about a dead and desolate landscape. It leaves you then, peeling slowly away as layers fall free, showing a brief glimmer of green before it too crumbles to nothing.



Egg: The egg theme and description was taken from the overall clutch theme of "Hypothetical Global Reaching Future Disasters". Of the list provided, I chose Nuclear War. The egg was described to be a scene of an explosion of one of these bombs, with the devastated city backdropped in a mushroom cloud of death. Resultingly, the mind touches you experienced were also tied into that theme. I tried to make them sort of a progression of how there would be a buildup of chaos before a final explosion at the end which would, in fact, bring about an end to life.

Ciniterrath: When I began making this dragon, I needed to tie Nuclear War in somehow. It might be somewhat far-reaching, but I reasoned that a Nuclear War would bring about the apocalypse. Therefore, I described him under the theme of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War, Famine, Death and Strife all combine in a strange mixture for a dragon. The name Ciniterrath was taken from two Latin words. Cinis, meaning 'ashes' and Terrarum, meaning Earth. Not so much of a tongue twister, but it's long. Ciniterrath's personality is based upon the combined characters of Aziraphale and Crowley from the book Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

PC Lineage: Zuhth-IGW (Sakrienth-FOW x Ytroth-ISW), Finbarith-HRW (Kalerriath-IGW x Nemoith-HRW)

I do hope that you enjoy him!


Name Harbinger of Apocalypse Bronze Ciniterrath
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Finbarith
Created By J'io
Impressee Jurezid
Hatched March 14, 2008
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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