In Your Head Brown Ciebaith

Burnt sepia enshrouds this scraggly beast's too-thin body, his sharp pointed snout nearly completely dipped in ink that crawls its way along jagged ridges. Smothering every inch of hide along the top of this dragon, somber brown sinks deeply into every crevice and ripple of muscle to form a walking shadow. His body is stretched out, giving the impression of being longer than usual while crouched low to the ground, though his skeletal yet powerful legs are all sharp edges and elongated; even each individual talon shoots out until a wicked point. Tickling its way past the suffocating umber are traces of a fiery red and orange that licks up from toes to elbow, catching his billowing yet frayed wing sails in a thick smoky fire.

Egg Name and Description


Wake Up and Smell the Egg

Perfect circular globules of crimson float across the shell of this large egg; its long and wide shape contrasts against the rounded spheres. The orbs trickle in slowly from the bottom in a variety of shapes, growing in multitude as they travel up the egg. Overlapping and merging with each other, they nearly encompass the entire sky-blue background of the shell into a pool of blood-red droplets at its rounded top. Its base is a sandy plain with dark splotches that give the illusion of the the spheres casting shadows, almost as if they were to be able to float off the smooth surface and over the hatching ground sands.

Hatching Message

Wake Up and Smell the Egg gives one pitiful little shiver of its own among its other siblings, only noticed if one were looking real close to it.

Wake Up and Smell the Egg remains absolutely still, perhaps disguising itself as a dead egg among the rest of the cracking and hatching brood. Not one little motion to make it stick out, though eventually thin spidery cracks appear along each of the crimson spheres.

Wake Up and Smell the Egg's slow progress eventually comes into focus, as shell bits begins to flake off it from the crawling cracks that spread along its shell. One by one the bits speckle the sands around it until sharp claws are able to stick through. With one final wailing cry echoing from within, the hatchling tears through its prison and out into the world.

Impression Message

In Your Head Brown Hatchling falls in a heap right after his struggle to escape, catching a break to renew his energy. But this dark brown refuses to move even as his eyes cautiously trail the other hatchlings on the sands, moving down the line of candidates, and then up towards the galleries themselves. He seems to take everything in before he finally almost painstakingly rises up and starts a steady march towards the front line. His head is bent low, a deep growl given out to each candidate he passes before he stops and sits at his chosen. Yaike. He'll have to do. I'ke looks more than confused and gives those around him a glance before he tentatively asks, "Ciebaith?" He startles, jumping a bit as the brown growls in reply and he quickly starts to move along. "We'll get you some food right away!"


Tears of Warfare
War is an ugly thing, shown in this hatchling's mind as being constantly in turmoil. Even as it communicates normally, there is always an excitement of battle, a fear that pumps the adrenaline. Guns ra-ta-ta-ing in the background, fainter if the mood is calmer with bright flashes. And if it were serious, there's the crunching of leaves and the smell of smoke as the mood asks for all its attention and stealth to listen to its surroundings. The mind colors range from erupting reds to the stealthy greens and browns of the forest as it demands. Of course, calling on anger is asking for your head to be split, as explosions wrack the background with blinding lights, heat, and the echoing cries of the pained. While its voice can change at a moment's notice, depression is usually a common trait, featured with hiccuping sobs and a hushed whispering voice that contrasts its other shriller tones when needed.

Tears of Warfare are silent at first, and almost feels like it they will stay that way until a faint stomping is heard in the background. A marching rhythm with no break, no faults, and increasing in volume as if approaching closer and closer. Fainter yet is a high pitch whistle you might have a hard time hearing, but it is there, if only you can get closer…

Tears of Warfare return back into your mind calmly, though with a thick cover of tension that is bound to break at any moment. The stomping of feet fall into place with a few last steps before stopping. Yet that whistling, that faint high keen is finally clearing up, growing louder until… BOOM! A rocking explosion pushes against your mind in a moment of intense heat.

Tears of Warfare let loose a low pained moan as the dust settles down over your mind. A hiccuping sob remains in the background now, even after contact has been removed… Faint gunshots are triggered, and the wailing increases, flooding you with a deep pale sorrow until the sounds finally fade away back to rest in its shell.


The theme for the clutch was music albums. While Wake Up and Smell the Egg was described off the album Wake Up and Smell the Coffee by the Cranberries, the dragon hatchling was loosely inspired by their song Zombie. The song is about war and I described Ciebaith on the ugliness of war, mostly. The name is derived from the old Irish phrase 'Cie Bais' which means "cap of death."


Name In Your Head Brown Ciebaith
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By Ysa
Impressee I'ke (Yaike)
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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