A Little Spark of Magic Blue Cidheoth

Molten cobalt ebbs and flows into the form of this small dragon, the liquid hue streaming seamlessly across his wirey frame. Color seeps away from his hide at the base of his throat, pulling at the hue along his narrow chest and across his underbelly until nothing but a ghostly blue remains. Faint flickers of blue-white manifest along the top of his head, trickling and jumping down the length of his sloping neck until they pool into a welling mass at his shoulders. Further vestiges of bleached beryl spread across the expanse of his back, spreading outwards into an intricate pattern of tiny speckles that makes it appear as though splashes of fairy dust have been scattered across his hide. Flames of palest slate have kindled along the base of his tail, twirling along at a slow pace until they die into faded azure at its spaded tip. A cascading shower of silvery blue sparks flares up into a fiery curtain of color across his semi-translucent wingsails, completely blocking out any trace of shade or darkness with their overwhelming warmth and light.

Egg Name and Description

Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg


Chaos reigns supreme over the surface of this rather squat egg, manifesting in the form of a clashing array of patterns. Filtered light cascades in a shimmering stream from the apex like some mystical sun fixed immobilized to the heights, sending a dazzling mixture of dapples across the encroaching darkness below. The scene itself is one of eleven mishmashed shapes all vying for a place of prominence over one another. Towering edifices of stone grey and massive sand brown pyramids jostle for position around a large, central mass that sits in a pool of light where it can't be missed. The stately vision rises like a sacred shrine from the depths, rising over all with marble white pillars and a misshapen granite-colored blob that rests safely within the confines of the structure. Writhing shapes of darkness seethe upwards towards the protected peak, boiling together in a cascading mass of dark red and black bodies that look almost like an invading force of creatures intent on destruction.

Hatching Message

Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg gives a tiny hop in its little nest of sand, seeming to hover in midair for a fraction of a second before plopping safely back in place. It sits there quivering for a moment as though frightened at its own daring before falling back into its former silence.

Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg gains more confidence as it shakes violently back and forth, tipping radically to one side and then the other. Great waves of sand roll away from the base of the quaking ovoid as it begins to spin rapidly for a few seconds. After a good bit of this frantic movement, a long crack suddenly forms along one side. Seemingly satisfied at its work so far, the occupent inside falls into a resting state once more.

Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg gives a sudden lurch to one side like a drunken sailor and begins to twitch fitfully back and forth. With a great POP, the shell seems to explode outwards into a shower of shards that scatter hither and thither around the nearby sand. Something distinctly blue begins to rise from the wreckage of the egg, spreading its wings out in what looks almost like a triumphant pose. Rejoice, for he has defeated the egg prison at last!

Impression Message

A sudden whirlwind of color floods your senses, swirling through oyur mind like a rainbow tornado. It's difficult to tell or discern one feeling from another, but there is a general feeling of great happiness and excitement within the roiling mass of multi-hued spheres. The whole stream of them swish to and fro through your mind, filling every crevice with a flood of warmth and love. « Ontali! » A single word becomes discernable amongst the fluttering of the new presence within your own head and more becomes noticeable as the tornado of feelings begins to calm down until it is nothing but an ebbing sense of great adoration. « You are my Ontali and I am your Cidheoth. Now that the first adventure is over, we'll need to work on having some more, yes? » The colors in your mind bubble in a happy blue hue but soon an overwhelming feeling of hunger invades your senses and the voice returns, its previous airy tones laced with amusement and sarcasm, « Introductions are over, now where is the food? »


Take a little bit of daring, add a dash of adventure and a pinch of recklessness and you'd get the dragon that is Cidheoth. With this dangerous combination of traits, it's doubtful that any day you spend in his company will be boring or dull. Certainly not, for it is Cidheoth's goal to make sure everything that he is involved in has a dash of daring to it. Nothing is fun without a little bit of risk or a bit of zest added to the proceedings. How could anyone live life doing just the boring and mundane? Certainly not Cidheoth! With his rather wry and sarcastic sense of humor, he'll never run out of suggestions on how to make a simple bit of daily life, such as catching his next meal, turn into something a bit more exciting or amusing if he can manage it.
« Hey, if you like I could pretend all the herdbeasts are giant versions of things you don't like. Though I doubt any of that lot would taste very good. »
« Mission herdbeast has commenced. Objective? Well .. I'd have thought the objective was quite obvious from the name of the mission. »
Even when later on in your life you might be stuck doing boring chores Cidheoth will always find some way to make it more exciting. With a fearlessness that is surprising for one of his small size, he would likely find any task that doesn't involve triumph over a pride of wild felines or chasing off a group of renegades exciting enough. Like a natural born action hero, Cidheoth revels in anything that might offer a chance to show off his courage and intelligence for strategy. Thus, with even the most mundane of chores he attempts to act as though they require the utmost of his skills to complete to try to make it a bit more fun for the both of you. He'll often even ask for your opinion as to what might be the best strategy for certain chores, which he is always willing to do no matter how trivial they are. Afterall, they're all full of adventure in HIS mind and, to him, even the most dull of chores are a necessary thing to endure.
« Ah, a reconnaissance mission to pick up a foreign dignitary? That's sure to be fraught with peril and danger at every turn! Just the job for us, Ontali, wouldn't you say? »
Even strangely routine chores like sweeps have some sort of pull for Cidheoth, who will add his love for adventure and love of flying together to have EXTRA fun. Why bother sweeping overhead at such a safe, boring distance? The landscape must look twice as nice lower to the ground. Bother to the fact that whistling through the foliage at such speeds might be a bit of a roller-coaster ride for those on his back.
« I was going a very /moderate/ speed. It's /their/ fault they went and threw up. »
Flying will always be a bit of a weakness for Cidheoth, as besotted as he is with soaring as high as he can above the clouds and through the deep blue sky. He loves the rush of the wind over his hide and the great exhilaration he feels when he launches himself from the ground with as much force as he can muster. It's almost as though he feels like a jet plane pilot that revels in feeling the G-force rip at their face. Spinning, banking, rolling, diving, twisting, turning sharply - it'll all be something to get used to when you're the rider of Cidheoth as he can't seem to control himself when out in the open air. With his smaller size, he's a natural at performing intricate maneuvers and hairpin turns in midair, much to his delight. In fact, his great flying prowess will be a huge asset to him in flights, where the greens will certainly appreciate his aerial falcon-like acrobatics. When it comes to females, it's his flying skills that he attempts to impress them with first and foremost, as he considers his skill in the air and his fearlessness his greatest asset.
« It's a flyboy thing. »
If he's ever asked to slow down or perhaps try not to jerk about so much in midair, he's more likely to laugh in his own draconic way and try to go faster, just for the fun of it. Those who don't know him might think him crazy, but he merely finds it much more exciting to add a bit of excitement and to make the world go blurry with his speed. However, with enough pressing from you, Ontali, he'll be as obligingly slow as you like (even though he'll find it terribly dull and likely complain about it through the whole trip.) In fact, anything too slow or too dull, in his opinion, he'll treat with his usual sarcastic humor.
« Do we have to go this slow? I feel like I'm actually moving backwards rather than forwards. »
As odd as it would seem, Cidheoth has an innate ability for remembering the rules of the Weyr, even those that might restrict air speed in the area around the Weyr itself. While it might seem this would be for following them more closely, this is actually to help him know exactly where there are weak points for him to exploit. Cidheoth is never one to toy about with such rules and would never dream of breaking any of them, but is not adverse to sailing through a few clever loopholes only if the occasion calls for it. He's usually rather sensible about these plans, but you'll likely have to hold him back for trying to fly before he's ready during weyrlinghood. He'll try to weasel around the rule by using some of his intelligent excuses (and perhaps some flattery.)
« You know they never really told us personally that /we alone/ can't fly before everyone else. It would be easy to get around the rule, you know? And you know I love you, right, Ontali? I love you a LOT. And I love flying, too. »
Flippant abuse of his knowledge of these oddities in the legal system is certainly frowned upon by him, as he seems to think that rules only should be avoided if they pose some barrier to whatever daring deed he might be concocting. His rationale for this is that everything that he does is for the "greater good of Pern", or sometimes for the simple fact that it might get him closer to doing something that he might want to try that would otherwise be frowned upon. Thankfully, Cidheoth has enough sense to not use any of these things to endanger especially you, himself or anyone else in the general area, even though it might not seem that way at first due to his penchant for liking adventure.
« Me? A bit overenthusiastic about adventures? I think not! I was merely mentioning that we were told we can't FLY out of the weyr, but walking isn't out of the question. It has nothing to do with the fact I might or might not want to explore the forest over there. »
He does little to boast about it, but he has a very intelligent brain beneath his playfulness and daredevil nature. Even if he were confronted with an actual situation where his courage might be needed, his playful attitude will disappear completely and he'll turn into a most competent strategist. Thankfully, for all of his mock play at daring deeds, Cidheoth is not fool enough to be as overly confident during the /real thing/. Should there be a fire to save young ones from or other heroic ventures to be done, he will execute them with fine finesse and with little risk-taking involved. No matter how much he likes his adventures, Cidheoth would never want to risk harming you, Ontali, for you are his greatest pride and joy. Where else would he get such an amazing partner in his daring deeds? And who else would put up with his sarcastic wit, wry comments and constant want for everything that'll test his fearlessness? You, of course.


Cidheoth's mindvoice is light, airy and pleasant to listen to, as though it were made of the wind or of magic itself. However, colors are always at the forefront of Cidheoth's mind, no matter what his mood is. Bright colors if he's pleased, somber colors if he's unhappy or any sort of shade he might like to think up to try to describe his current mood. Oddly enough, these usually take the form of pleasantly whirling bubbles and sparks, often seen spiralling and spinning just as fast as Cidheoth's mind itself works. If he gets into an excited state over some sort of daring task or daunting assignment either of you might have been given, the colors twirling in his mind might become so fast that they blur together into a dizzying vortex of color. At times he can be rather up and down with his feelings towards other dragons, considering his great need to trust each and every one of them explicitly. Should one of his dragon friends let him down in some way, Cidheoth'll likely give them the draconic version of the cold shoulder, wherein he withdraws all color from his mind and only responds in short, clipped sarcastic answers. As is with most things with dragons, he'll forget about any wrongdoing soon enough and be perfectly normal with them once more with no memory at all of what had upset him in the first place.

Opalescent Bubbles drift serenely across your consciousness, flittering briefly from colors of calming blue to darker red in the blink of an eye. It's all a fairly beautiful sight for several moments as the vaguely shaped bubbles form and pop in succession, switching colors like a kaleidoscope. There is something quite peculiar about the shapes, which seem to be carrying little capsules of emotions in them rather than simply varying hues. A general feeling of great intelligence flows through the ever moving stream of shapes, punctuated by soft feelings of peace, calm and tranquility. It's almost as though the inhabitant inside is in a trance-like state, yet there is a hint of annoyance flickering through it's serene facade. A fleeting vision of an aching longing for freedom slips by in a flood of red-tinged spheres, along with the sense that the mind itside is merely biding its time. Soon. Soon the world will know of its daring deeds, but it must wait for the perfect opportunity to carry out its plans. A final flurry of aquamarine slips through your mind, carrying with it a feeling of mingled excitement and anticipation for the future before it dies away.

Opalescent Bubbles flit across your mind in an agitated stream of constantly changing colors and emotions. Everything seems to be shifting between a peaceful trance-like state to many different thoughts at once that seem to be cycling quickly through the occupant's mind in turn. Half-formed plans come to life in the shape of multicolored spheres ranging from deepest blue to bright red, all of them being brought to the forefront of your mind as though asking for opinions on each. It's difficult to tell what any of these are, as they are withdrawn almost as soon as they are put forth in a flittering whirl of colors in your mind's eye. From the whirling, spinning quality of the bubbles, it would seem the mind is extremely excited and almost gleeful to show off what it's been concocting while sitting serenely inside its egg prison. From the various snatches that remain still for long, it would seem that many range from plans of adventurous pursuits to less than honorly activities, but all seem to maintain an overt sense of intelligence that is in every pulse of color that escapes this mind. With a final shower of violet bubbles to indicate its happy anticipation of these plans, it drifts back into its serene sleep. Ohmmmm.

Opalescent Bubbles bounce fitfully through your mind, drifting from vibrant color to color with each movement. All of the bright spheres begin to swell enormously, bulging with different wild schemes and oozing multitudes of emotions that begin to conflict with one another. With so much being thrown at you at once, it's difficult to make out one thing or another, but there is a general overall sense of growing pride at its own cleverness that permeates throughout. Each bubble of emotion grows even bigger as the mind inside begins to pump more feeling into each of them, eager to show all of its great exciting plans to one who might be its future partner in crime. Swirls of these bulging circles crowd their way across your consciousness, each one vying for its place amongst the other as the entire stream becomes more and more sluggish due to the extreme clogging of emotions. Soon the inevitable happens: all of the bubbles pop simultaneously in a giant explosion of color that is momentarily blinding. Once every last vestige of hue fades away, it would seem as though the mind within has gone silent again, content to wait out the rest of its stay in the egg in sleep.


The theme for this hatching was Children's Mystery Novels and the Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg was based on the wonderful Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. The scene on the egg itself is from the book the Opal Deception. The mind touches were based upon the villain of the story (Opal Koboi), while the hatchling inside is to be based on one of the heros/heroines.

Cidheoth is based mainly upon the main heroine of the story, Holly Short, with a little bit of Artemis Fowl himself thrown in to add to his intelligence and the fact he might be a bit more willing to use loopholes in rules than Holly would be (though Holly does break quite a few rules in the series, but only if she thought she could help more by doing so.) I thought this was a very fitting theme for you, considering you expressed interest in Irish mythology and this series is based quite a bit on the Irish mythology about fairies and magical creatures.

Cidheoth's name is taken from the Irish word for fairy (sidheog), though with the S changed to a C, since you expressed that you like names that start with C. :) This is because of Holly being a part of the fairy folk, albeit an elf.

Cidheoth's description and hatchling name were taken from the magical sparks that Holly and other fairies/elves in the series use to heal wounds. They're always described as being blue in the series and it seems fitting for you to have a dragon with a description based on a healing power.

I made Cidheoth a bit on the smaller side, as that seemed to fit both Holly and Artemis, both of who are smaller for their species. Cidheoth will be a bit slow in growing compared to the rest of the class, etc., but he is by no means unhealthy. :)

All descriptions, personalities, names, etc. by Tylia.

Here's hoping that Cidheoth is all that you'd have liked in a dragon - if anything in the personality is not to your liking, you are free to change it, as Cidheoth is your dragon and ought to grow and mold with you.


Name A Little Spark of Magic Blue Cidheoth
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Tylia
Impressee Riyontali (Ontali)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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