Dappled Trickery of Light Blue Charonath

Dazzling cerulean blue blankets the copious form of this rangy blue, clear and crisp as noontime sea. A myriad of other shades trickle and mix with cerulean, like acrylic paint. Periwinkle blue touches between unevenly spaced headknobs while azure sky traces from neckridges to a spaded tail tip. The azure fades into near white cobalt from spine to underbelly. Cyan dapples his throatlatch and neck, turning into mottles of midnight and navy along his shoulders, haunches, and legs. Piercing blue gray frosts eyeridges, talons, muzzle and forearms, tracing various points along the body and fading into the lower layers of blue. The most peculiar thing about this blue is that his when a person looks directly at him, the colors meld together into uniform swirls of blue, but out of the corner of the eye or from afar the individual tints and tones are noticeable, not unlike a trick has been played on the eyes.

Egg Name and Description


Riveting Celtic Reel Egg
Rotund at the center, this egg tapers out at either end to the traditional shape. The base glows mossy green, verigated with a cat's eyes that seem in motion, blinking at the viewer in patterns of paler green; not unlike intricately woven thread. Here and there a silvery strand weaves through the moss. Overall, the patterning and coloring of this egg creates a soothing image, sporadically splashed with darker green marks not unlike lush foliage.

Hatching Message

The Riveting Celtic Reel Egg joins into the chaos, the entire ovoid shaking and rocking side to side. Multiple cracks show at first, the jagged lines creeping the eventual length of the egg. Finally, in one violent shake, the egg bursts apart, the goo covered creature inside seeming to be momentarily surprised before squealing its presence loudly. Standing on shaky legs, it spreads its wings in a brief pose before heading toward the nearest group of candidates.


Name Dappled Trickery of Light Blue Charonath
Dam Gold Zaislinth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Jezzara
Impressee Yanlish
Hatched August 14, 2003
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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