Azure blue and silver are his hues, this true-blue dragon masked in stormcloud black but bright where inner light shines through. His strong muzzle curves down at the tip, a sweeping aquiline profile darkened with a dusky mask. The tinge of jet along his muzzle continues up between his eyes, splaying along his brow-ridge and into the sweep of curved headknobs that almost resemble the horns of a mighty herdbeast. That dark mask is accented with white above his eyes and around the curve of his cheeks, a hint of blue showing through before that black resumes from the underside of his jaw in a dark patch along his neck and throat. Past the darkness of horns and mask is snow-white beneath snow-blue. The sapphire of his hide is tinged with a faint sheen of indigo iridescence, ready to catch the light when his broad wings are spread to catch the wind. Royal blue sails span between spars whose rounded tips cool to steely grey. The underside of those cobalt sails is the hue of white smoke, though it darkens to ash around his spars to make a dappled pattern of clouds in motion. The pale hue beneath his wings continues down along his stomach, tinged with a crackle of pale ice against the white. His hue darkens again on his legs, slate grey socks to warm those slender limbs and splay-toed paws. His tail is a long and graceful sweep, blue along its upper surface with an underside of cloud-white broken by streaks of darkness.

Egg Name and Description

Nothing To See Here Egg
There is something Not Quite Right about this ovid, something peculiar about that rotund shell that sits unassuming, black and nondescript on the sands. There is no luster in its color, no reflection of sands or faces, no hints of delicate patterns to break up the monotony in an endless wash of ebony, just the kind of black that swallows light and leaves an eerie kind of emptiness in the air surrounding it. There is a smell too, like a hint of rot that hasn't quite reached peak fermentation, the kind of wrongness of smell that tells you danger lies this way. Or maybe it was just your imagination. When you inhale again, the scent is gone.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Nothing To See Here Egg heaves left then right, tipping itself sideways in the sand without displacing itself completely.

Crack Message
Nothing To See Here Egg splinters, wide fissures running the length of matte black to form patterns that arc, and curl, bulging outwards as whatever rests within its confines tries to escape.

Hatch Message
Nothing To See Here Egg crumbles inward, caving on its occupant in a way that's almost wrong, as if there was never any dragon within. But there was, and that silhouette rises almost explosively from the ruins, wing sails snapping out and sending egg flying in every direction.

Sands Pose #1
Carry Me Above the Clouds Blue Hatchling seems disoriented, wings drooping after his grand entrance, head lowered towards the ground, tail hanging useless behind him. There's a shift of one of his wings, a tilt of his head to look as that joint works just enough to move, but remains otherwise useless. He does the same with his other wing, testing it, and then takes that first step forward. No such luck; he stumbles going down with his little face planting in the sand. There he remains, shifting to sit, wings splayed to either side, as that head lifts to watch the hatching proceedings.

Sands Pose #2
Carry Me Above the Clouds Blue Hatchling slowly regains his footing, unsteady as his attention turns towards those white-robbed hopefuls with sharpened focus. Slowly he takes another step forward, stumbling as legs disagree on instruction and direction, managing to stop just shy of face-planting once more. There's another long pause, and then a determination about this blue as he starts forward again.

Impression Message

Public Message
Carry Me Above the Clouds Blue Hatchling manages by clumsy manuevering to make his way to one pocket of candidates, his attention sweeping back and forth among those curious persons as he stumbles forward another couple of feet. THUNK. He stumbles right into one of those male candidates, his nose pressed tight to body and momentarily relaxing in that sprawl. He just needs to rest — just for a moment.

Private Message
« I cannot keep you from it. » The words are just there, in your mind, as your vision blurs with a sheen of purple and green, a passing iridescence that distorts everything - just for a moment - before you can see. « I thought I could. I… » Silence, for the most, except for the pulse of your heart that becomes the sound of running water, a sparkle of sunlight against the ripples. « I’m sorry. I want to make it up to you. I think… I hope… that we can make things better. » Memories of failure - of pain - of regrets flicker like the stir of dark wings, then rise to float away as many-colored orbs of light to show the way by their reminders of what once went wrong - but could go right. « If you could be C’iel, for me… I would be Ceruadharth, for you. »


Why did you look? He told you not to. He knew there was evil in the world, knew you'd find something - someone - that would hurt you, or you would hurt them (he's sorry he hurt you); he knows it's inevitable that you will find someone that will break your heart, or you will break theirs; he knew that you would despair at the anguish of others and and… and… hurt. He never wanted this for you, he never wanted this for them. So why did you look? Why didn't you let him protect you, why didn't you let him be the villain, be the soldier, to be the one who protects you? It doesn't matter now. You looked, and Ceruadharth hopes that he can mitigate at least some of what you find.

Narrator: In the end, my kingdom was united not by a hero or a villain, as legend had predicted, but by one who was both hero and villain. And her name was Maleficent.

In early weyrlinghood, your Ceruadharth will be, perhaps, the most honest, charismatic (well, except for Tineangrath), and curious (well, except for Euclath) of the entire bunch. He's also humble, seeing his own flaws as readily as his strengths - and always willing to see, and praise, the good in others. Being the best isn't what matters to him, which is a perspective that sets him in near-diametric opposition to Zyddagath. What Ceruadharth cares about is… well, people! He wants everyone (including himself, and you) to be happy, healthy, and the best they can be.

Despite that expanse of his many capabilities (which we will touch upon throughout his personality), he may sometimes try to take on too much, to solve problems without letting them (or himself) impose on others. If he asked someone else for help, they might get hurt, and he would much rather risk himself over others, so he'll just keep them away from it, and… and…… You'll sometimes need to be the adult in this relationship, the leader and teacher who can say what to do - and at the same time, remind him that he doesn't have to face these things alone.

He'll never flinch from doing the same for you, eager to help you in whatever it is you do. That same caring (and sometimes self-sacrificing) spirit will expand to encompass his own friends and yours, those bonds of love stronger than any iron chains.

He is quick to say hello, ready with compliments, and attentive to not only your needs (or, as it were, his own), but he is attentive to those around him as well — almost to a fault. There is nobody unimportant, no creature too big, or too small, or too ugly, or too mean to be beneath his notice. He is capable of vast love and harbors a spirit that is more than simply caring; he is nurturing, giving, willing to make great sacrifices — but you will come to find, eventually, that he is equally capable of astonishing ferocity. You will also come to find that his acceptance of others does not require (nor necessarily inspire) the acceptance of him with others. Some dragons (and people) just won't like him regardless of what he does, and he is not the type to grovel, or beg, or go against his beliefs just to please others and gain their favor.

As he grows, he'll eventually come to understand that not everyone has the same kind heart as he does - or the same morality that's so strongly a part of his nature. And Ceruadharth is strong in his convictions. He has a very strong sense of his own abilities, a strong sense of who he is and what is required of him. It is not that he doesn't care about the opinions of others, but nobody's opinion (aside from, perhaps, your own) holds enough weight to cripple his securities. Ceruadharth will never waver in his beliefs of playing fair, of kindness, of love - especially for the misfits of the world and the weak in need of aid. When he realizes that there are those who work against these principles, that will be the day he understands the meaning of us and them. To be clear, he will never shut anybody out or treat them as an outsider, but he does hold a very strong definition of them versus us. It is not the kind meant to act as a divide or provoke a sense of competition, but he will absolutely defend his weyr, his wing, his home without the hindrances of niceties.

Maleficent: Go no further!
King Henry: A king does not take orders from a winged she-elf.
Maleficent: You are no king to me.

He's respectful of authority when he believes in it, but should he find his own morals in conflict with ranks or rules, he'll stand strong in his defiance and do whatever he can to undermine and destroy that unjust power. When his objection is against some decision of otherwise-respected authority, he may give the benefit of the doubt… which, for him, means that he'll politely (but firmly) explain his disagreement (or expect you to do the same), and - should the ruling remain in effect - remain a mere conscientious objector instead of actively fighting.

It doesn't matter to him if he's in the minority with those caring morals - he's not one to bend or change who he is just to be a part of the popular crowd. There will certainly be times when it seems he's abnormal, that he doesn't quite fit in with the world at large - a feeling his rider may certainly be familiar with - but Ceruadharth isn't going to let that stop him. If anything, it drives him, compels him forward down those lonely paths because even if it means that people (or dragons) may further misunderstand or hate him, he is willing to sacrifice relationships in order to do what is best for those around him — even if they don't understand that he's just protecting them from themselves. He can be their villain, so long as they are safe, and he will do it gladly.

So if the world is against him - and those like him - then he will become a Protector of his people. Of those very people who need his help, who share his dreams, who maybe don't realize that they are in need of his protection, but require it anyway. He is a caring soul, willing to spread his wings wide - metaphorically speaking - and extend his warmth to all those who would join him while still standing strong against those who would disregard the safety and wellbeing of others in the pursuit of their selfish whims and evil desires (no matter who those atrocities are committed in the name of).

That's probably one of the reasons that your Ceruadharth will be the one who finds himself caught between disputes whether he places himself in the middle or is dragged into the fray of conflict by others. If insults are slung between any of his clutchmates (or even outside of them), he will be quick to reprimand those who offend and quicker still to reassure those who've been offended that the opposite of whatever was said is true. He has a good heart, a heart that thrives on an almost childlike sense of wonder, a heart that might sometimes mean he finds himself on the outskirts with others. But do not mistake his kindness for weakness. He is more capable than even you might realize.

Maleficent: I call on those who live in the shadows. Fight with me now!

He, much like many of his clutchmates, is fearless. There is no challenge that he will not rise to meet and, as he grows older, this - in combination with his ability to form and maintain strong social bonds and truly believe in others - will translate into a remarkable predisposition for leadership. If he is ever put in a position where he finds himself in command of others, he will never send them in to do anything that he would not do himself. He will be at the front lines of every rescue, heading the path for those most difficult of transports, or assisting in whatever way he can be most useful to you — and others — should you pursue your own craft.

He'd be a steady support in your dragonhealing with that urge to help others, or perhaps a role with Galaxy to more actively seek out those in need of aid. Whatever he's doing, he certainly won't be doing it alone. Whatever wing and job you end up with, he’ll be happy so long as he’s aiding his community - in whatever way he can.

We spoke of his self-sacrifice before, and that is because he thinks of others before himself - not because he thinks they're more worthy (though… he sometimes does..), but because he gets caught up in their stories, because he has the markings of a true leader. He sees their dreams, their troubles, the things they do and don't want, and he cares for them - and about them - to the point of acting recklessly and foolishly for the sake of that affection. He might injure himself trying to help a larger dragon, or get left holding the bag when someone tricks him with convincing lies.

His natural inclination is to consider all people as worthy of respect. He’s an optimist about human (and draconic) nature, and full to the brim with love - in the sense of family and friendship, that is (as much as any dragon can be, anyway, without fully understanding the concept of love the way that humans do). He’s about as clueless about romance as Cielo is, but he feels the bonds of family - by birth or choice - deeply, even if he may think he doesn’t get it. When it comes time to prove his love, it is strong and unwavering, as constant and fierce as he is.

Maleficent: I like you begging. Do it again.

Which brings us to Ceruadharth's temper. Oh, he absolutely has one, but it takes a considerable wrong-doing to draw out the cruelty in your otherwise gentle (but strong) lifemate. When others aren’t as good as he expects, and his sense of genuine care and courage is denied, he grows angry. There’s a sense of failure and betrayal intermingled, an internal struggle to differentiate just who it is that he's angry with. Does he blame somebody else, or does he blame himself? Is it their fault for not living up to his trust, or his fault for trusting them? Maybe he was just too much of an optimist, maybe he missed the signs he should have seen, maybe he so very badly wanted to believe in their capacity for good and light and love that he willingly turned a blind eye to every warning that screamed out wrong, wrong, this is wrong… at least, in retrospect.

Whatever the reason, whatever fault he finds in himself or in others, your Ceruadharth is quite capable of brutal savagery (even if his insults tend towards the eloquently verbose), executing scathing sarcasm with linguistic acuity and vicious precision — or, well, as 'linguistically precise' as any dragon can be in their metaphysical forms of communication.

Maleficent: [before kissing Aurora to awaken her from her enchanted sleep] I will not ask your forgiveness because what I have done to you is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge. Sweet Aurora, you stole what was left of my heart. And now I have lost you forever. I swear, no harm will come to you as long as I live. And not a day shall pass that I don't miss your smile.

Whether or not he comes to regret those cruel words - or vicious actions - will depend. If - once his temper’s cooled - he still sees enough justification to validate the severity of his reactions, he will remain steadfast in his position. Some people just do not deserve his mercy… but others do not deserve his anger, and sometimes after 'teaching a lesson' he will discover that he was the one who needed a lesson in patience. In times like these, he'll seek to make amends - though he may fear he'll never manage it. Perhaps he said those words, executed those actions, with every intention of them never being rectified. What can undo an angry word or cruel action? Is there such a power on Pern to be had? .

Diaval: That boy is the answer! True love's kiss.
Maleficent: Have you not worked it out yet? I cursed her that way because there is no such thing.

For all the flash of anger he may show, he understands that mistakes happen. So long as he believes that's all they were, his forgiveness will be just as swift. Sure, that was a bad idea - and yes, it had some negative consequences - but he's messed up himself, too. (He's probably done worse, or at least, he thinks so.) He'll be here to help fix things up and bandage the wounds - or at least to try and mitigate that pricked-finger curse.

Even if he tries to hold his anger - perhaps in an attempt to match KAELLIAN'S DRAGON NAME - he'll find that, in the face of honest mistakes and innocent people… he simply can't manage it for long, not when there's a reasonable show of penitence. He might want to teach harsh lessons to those who deserve them, but while he's quite capable of taking them on directly…he just can't bring himself to burn their homes and salt the earth, or otherwise harm those innocents who might be caught in the crossfire. The idea of having revenge by taking away what his enemy cares for may appeal to Ceruadharth - but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for him, he's not actually good at it.

Simply put: he cares too much. Watching someone bumble will make him almost need to help them out, especially if there are actual innocents on the line. He may have no issue with making the guilty suffer, but he just… can't quite manage to be properly terrifying when faced with someone who doesn't deserve the extent of his ire. He may start out heartless, and ruthless, and intent on letting the world burn, but his kindness will always win, coming to the forefront in ways that those innocents would be blind not to see — even if there are those who would deny his true nature. Just because Ceruadharth says didn't let you walk off of that cliff in order to reap the benefits of what comes after turns of waiting for the end game, it doesn't make it any less true that he didn't let you walk off that cliff.

Maleficent: Aurora, there is an evil in this world, hatred and betrayal. And I cannot keep you from it.

True betrayal - of himself, or those he loves - is not so easily forgiven nor forgotten. He's not easily convinced of malicious intent, but nobody knows better than him that monsters do not always do monstrous things, and really bad monsters never look like monsters. Should he come to the grim conclusion that someone (or something) is truly evil, he will remember their name, their face, their actions for all eternity. It's not that he wants vengeance, exactly; it's that he wants to protect his family from vile natures, from selfish gains, from those villainous monsters that prey upon the weak and take advantage of those who are gullible and susceptible to lies — and he will do whatever he must to stop it from spreading.

Penchant for kindness, fierce temper, and one astounding ability to blame himself for many things aside, you should also know that your Ceruadharth is in possession of a wicked sense of humor— even if sometimes he has to justify just what (and why) he thinks something is funny (especially when he is mad at that person, or that dragon, or that firelizard). He's just as much in a spirit in possession of the want for adventure and mischief as his sisters and brethren, and he will be just as guilty of the occasional prank (in good nature — usually) so long as it doesn't end with lasting repercussions. He even laughs when he's the unwitting recipient of those pranks, knows how to wield a dry humor to execute those engaging punchlines, and even when he gets it wrong, you can be assured that he still thinks it's pretty funny. Even if nobody else does.

Last, but not least, your Ceruadharth was a dragon made to fly. You will find that he is at his most content when he is soaring high above the clouds, drifting from place to place and discovering those secrets yet undiscovered with you. It's how he sheds those most troubling of thoughts, how he frees you both from the shackles and restraints of stress, and confusion, and anger, and the best way to convince him to step away and cool down on those nights when you find he's been betrayed, and feeling particularly spiteful.


Fair and Foul Forest

The world inside his head is like a fantastical forest, verdant plants entwined with flowing water and floating orb-lights in varied colors. It’s a magical place, governed by dream logic and filled with vibrant life growing in many forms and fantastical variations, from those as real as might be found in any forest… to ones that barely even exist in imagination. They’re a changing selection, and as he makes connections to others, his own mindscape may take on elements of them, elements transplanted to grow and thrive in his heart and soul.

He can (and does) alter it intentionally, but it also responds to his subconscious state. Buildings will crumble when he's upset, while soaring towers and charming cottages build themselves up when he's happy. Colors are brighter when he’s pleased, the joy of golden sunlight on the flowing water as it babbles music, sparkling against the soaring towers and feeding the graceful trees. When he's angry, those structures crumble, the waters become clogged with algae and stop flowing, and smoldering green smoke obscures the sun.

In his thoughts, he often takes the form of a dark and iridescent-feathered avian - though he’ll shift his shape to suit his circumstances as readily as he alters those mental circumstances to suit his mood. He’ll fly amid his internal universe, exploring it - or soar to visit others. He has a silver tongue to him, tones pleasant like the music of those brooks when he’s in a positive frame of mind - though when he’s angered, that voice may become a harsh caw, the crack of falling timber as he breaks the world in his fury.


Ceruadharth will be unsteady on his feet right out of the shell, a little bit clumsy as he learns the finer nuances of how, exactly, all those complicated and often directionally challenged appendages attached to his body work. He will not be the most graceful of his siblings, but he will find his footing with a determination unrivaled, and he will become a creature of remarkable grace.

As he grows, he will learn. That clumsy trip-stumble-flop will become something practiced, an easy gait that lends itself to a sense of beauty. It presents a demeanor that speaks to poise and unflagging confidence, an unwavering resolve in body and spirit that tells others he is not afraid and — at those times when he is particularly frightful — that he will not back down.

Princess Aurora: Do all the Fair People have wings?
Maleficent: Most do.
Princess Aurora: Then why don't you? All the other fairies fly.
Maleficent: I did, but they were stolen from me. That's all I wish to say about it.
Princess Aurora: What color were they? Were they big?
Maleficent: So big they dragged behind me when I walked. And they were strong. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds. And they never faltered, not even once. I could trust them.

But while your Ceruadharth might start off with trouble figuring out his feet, flight will come naturally to him. He will grasp the concept with ease, excel in aerial maneuvers and daring twists of his body that smaller browns (because he is a large blue) dare not attempt for fear of their own size. Those massive, beautiful wings will carry him strong and true, making him a priceless flier for rescues where wind and storm and mother nature collude to affect failure (but only, of course, if you find yourself in the midsts of a search and rescue wing).

His wings will be his most prized (and the most stunning) part of your Ceruadharth by far. They are long, too long, almost; they are strong, and sturdy, and built to keep him in the air for longer than one might expect from a blue. He certainly does not have outlandish stamina, but he's more capable than most his size. It would be a real shame if anybody ever grounded the two of you, as there could be no worse punishment for your Ceruadharth than the metaphorical clipping of his wings — no matter the duration of such punishments.


Flying? Oh yes. That's great. It's fun and- wait, what? Oh. OH. You mean the sexy sort of flights. Like, with a glowy green - or a gold, except, well, that would be for a bronze - and, uh. Right. That.

When he doesn't stop to think about what it all means, he might actually be pretty good at those flights - he's large for a blue, with enough strength and stamina to stay in the chase until the right time, and enough agility to be in the right place when it arrives. Those greens who treat their rise like a game or playful challenge will often find him pleased to play… and quite capable of winning, when luck and winds are in his favor.

The minute you throw flirting into the situation, all of that goes crashing down as quickly as if you'd cut off his wings. Is this romance? What does it mean? He should probably try to be charming, but… how? Should he say something, or do something, or….? …it's likely enough that by the time he stops shuffling his feet and spreads his wings, someone else has already caught.

He'll tend to be equally nonplussed by those greens who turn cruel or harshly challenging - though he'll probably seek to avoid that situation entirely, leaving those greens for those more inclined to be fighters as well as lovers. Should other chasers turn the flight violent, he’s more likely to dodge than retaliate - though he may be spurred to action in order to defend another, or take revenge on some bully who started it.

When his head isn't sabotaging him, his speed and skill in the air will help him succeed, and you may discover that - for some greens - he's eager to be a frequent contender. They may be just as eager to have him, for he's an earnest and caring lover - one who'll seek for a flight of pleasure, and a parting as friends.


The spooky theme for Leirith and Garouth's Autumn 2018 clutch was two-line horror stories - like this one:

“Don't be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up; she hates being seen.”

There’s a sense of Maleficent woven through him, particularly in her form as the Protector of the Moors, and his physical form was inspired by the black-throated magpie-jay - a natural connection, given Diaval’s link to his fairy dragon-queen. To make a suitable name for your cloud-soaring companion, we took a few various words for ‘sky’ - ‘cer’ in Romanian, ‘zerua’ in Basque, and ‘adhar’ in Scots Gaelic - and smoothed them all together to make a single expanse of blue.

Risali wrote the Nothing To See Here Egg, and she and D’lei wrote Ceruadharth together. We hope you enjoy playing him - in whatever direction you decide to take him. We may have written you some suggestions, but they’re nothing more than that - all we really want is to see you - and him - around! <3


Name Ceruadharth
Dam Leirith
Sire Garouth
Created By D'lei and Risali
Impressee C'iel (Cielo)
Hatched November 30, 2018
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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