Ancient Soul Green Celaenth

Crouched with an odd posture, her form is covered by a light tone of fern green, lacing it's way with strange, almost eerie smoothness along her skin, paling slightly as it marks her neckridges. Along her flanks, a bit of yellow-green has been mixed in, as if thrown from a painter's pallet, highlighting down until it overtakes the forked end of her tail. Her limbs are rougher, seeming to stand out with craggy paws marked in a murky sea green that lingers towards cerulean. Jutting out oddly, her short stubby nose is marked with a pale, milky color. Eyeridges and wing spars are darkened predominantly with drab olive, causing them to stand out against the rest of her body. The webbing, stretched taught, fades from that murky olive, to a slate gray as it reaches each sail's edges.

Egg Name and Description


Craggy Mountain Egg
A massive swirl of browns and mossy greens foam and lap at the base of the egg before they are suddenly stretched up and up towards the pinnacle of the slightly elongated egg. Here at the top the colors find themselves thinly stretched. To compensate, steely grey has been added to their midst, until there is nothing but grey at the peak of the egg. Here and there, from the top to bottom, are misty patches of foggy white, placed with no rhyme or reason. Standing out sharply is a singular black spot, almost oval shaped, near the top of the egg.

Hatching Message

Craggy Mountain Egg lurches, throwing itself forward with a sudden haste in its movements. The motion is enough to cause the egg to nearly collide with its neighbor. Without the strength, the energy to continue throwing about so recklessly, the egg settles back into the remains of a sibling's abandoned burrow, only twitching now and again.

Craggy Mountain Egg rolls forward slightly, hitting an edge of sand before being sent backwards once more. A scraping sound can be heard beneath the shell, like nails on a chalkboard. Then, with another powerful lurch, the egg cracks. A web of hairline fractures forms all over the mountainous regions of its shell.

Craggy Mountain Egg stretches and strains, shell shards lifting and then falling again as a few flake off here and there. Then, with a massive push from its occupant's legs, one side is sent flying towards the candidates. Oblivious to the havoc her arrival has likely brought, the hatchling crawls out from the remains of her once home, sneering at it slightly before looking forward, head crouched down along her toes.

Impression Message

Ancient Soul Green Hatchling paws at the ground, her lowered head weaving from side to side as her wings flap in a vain attempt to dry them. She steps forward cautiously, carefully, peircing eyes peering through slitted lids as she spies the row of white that lies beyond. Then, stopping abruptly she flares her small wings out, head sweeping the entire length as if she were a bird in flight spying some prey below. There! Something catches her eyes and the hatchling spurs herself into a fumbling, loping motion. Then, she pulls up, slowing abruptly and nearly sending sand into the faces of two candidates standing near to each other. Lifting her head from it's normally crouched position, she looks between the two with a confused expression, before reaching out to nudge her short snout against the leg of a boy with a patch of short black hair.

Setalyn stands with a bit of a worried expression on his features. His brother has already impressed a dragon, and that leaves him woefully exposed to the hatchlings remaining. Instinctively, he steps closer to a boy beside him, who happens to be the dark haired Donakan. Only a sideways glance passes between the two as the quieter of the Rubicon boys takes a deep breath to steady himself. He opens his mouth, perhaps trying to say something to the other candidate when a green blur of motion comes barreling across the sands. Raising one arm to shield his eyes from the sand, he blinks as the dragonet peers between the two. A smile finds its way onto his face as he feels the nudge a this hand, eyes going closed. "Celaenth." He says the name affectionately, "I've been waiting for you, too." He looks up with wide eyes, blinking a little. "She says my name is S'alyn."



Eerie Songs and Skies
Wherever her mind touches, Celaenth will leave behind a small echo of melody and song. Colors of blue and white swirl like cloudy skies whipping by, forming vague images and giving a backdrop to the views of her mind. Each person has a song, as if she were a harper weaving the tales of their lives through music. Often times, she won't even say the name of the one she speaks of, leaving you to decipher just who the tinkle of music might belong to. Beware though. For as her gentle as things may be one moment, the next can be a raging storm. When upset, angry, the songs change into a harsh keening that can web its way into the deepest recesses of the mind. The once clear skies darken into harsh and forboding darkness with pointed flashes of light.


This hatchling is based off of a harpy. This image was used as a reference for her coloration, although I used a more rough idea for her description, keeping her craggy and somewhat hunched like the less romanticized version of a harpy.


Name Ancient Soul Green Celaenth
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Brown Saenkarith
Created By Mianyi, Rogawani
Impressee S'alyn (Setalyn)
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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