Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Calanth

Waves of burnt metal pour over the form of this dragon, molding into a burnished gold across a finely triangular head and arched, if a little lanky, neck. As the heated waves duck between shoulders and ridges, it cools into a caramel, streaming down a slightly shallow chest and across a lean belly. The caramel intertwines with molten gold down gangly legs, dancing highlights upon her hide, to dusty black talons. Upon her shoulders the gold leaps up to wing spars and membrains, antique sprayed over the membrains in chaotic disarray around patches of flaxen wheat and rose. Following her spine to her hind legs and tail, colors of copper begin to form and rust over the hips evenly, adding a splash of glittering red to the mix as it bows over in a water fall to the other willowy limbs and tail. The spade itself becomes an entirely coppery color intermixed with the bubbly lava underneathe, the top layer cooling into its rustic shade.

Egg Name and Description


Flurry of Felidae Fur Egg
Clashing colors of tan, brown and black cascade over the dominance of white on this shell, the blotches clearly random in appearance. Though looking as if a painter has tripped and flung his colors across the ovoid, a sleekness forms upon the colors, even upon the white. Each is rippled just slightly as though fur upon a creature, stretching back smoothly to the bottom of this skinny egg. A fluff at the bottom suggests something of a tail, wrapping around grey splotches of two paws and two feet that are attached to four different legs. A fifth limb sits infront of the blotch of a tail, looking much like a furry human hand.The top of the shell itself stands sharply, with the tan, brown and black surging up violently, a sense of wariness and war dominating the peak. Long jutting slivers of silver scrape up the front of the shell like claws just moments from slitting the enemy's throat, extending from a elegant and slender hand. Between the silver on the shell sits two bright blotches of green, another more dull sliver sitting in each grassy orb, staring out upon the world with an inner intelligence.

Hatching Message

Flurry of Felidae Fur Egg explodes in dramatic disarray, shell fragments shooting around like bullets a feet or so away. From the shell comes a dragonet laying on its back, wings spread wide as it sees the world for the first time- upside down. Ooze is everywhere, and everything looks out of sorts, causing the dragonet to send up a squeal of delight, or was that fear? Who can ever tell, but either way, the creature it out, and the egg is shattered into a million bits.

Impression Message

Bursts of lights much like a prysm assault your mind, dancing in a chaotic dissaray, much like a ball of thread being pushed around by a very active kitten. «Casiella!» The voice says happily, the colors twirling about your mind, switching to a more tornado-like appearance. «You. You are my fun, my play. My One. Do you want Calanth? Me?» The lilting alto voice suddenly becomes more roughened, a bit of whine intervening. «But, right now, food would be great for my sullen stomach…»


Playful is going to be my first indication, as Calanth is going to have an eternal youth inside of her that will want to splash in the water, roll in the dirt, and perch on top of the highest peak in Xanadu just to get a clear view of the sea. But, she will also have a sense of what she is, that will counterdict that childish voice in her head on occasion and will make her act of a grace all her own. She knows she's royalty, and she tries to live the part some of the time… But whats the fun in that when she could possibly be splashing around in the water with that brown over there? And she will allow this sort of childish want to dominate her opinion as a dragonet, even if Casiella clearly disapproves of such unbecoming antics. And if you do disapprove? That little gold will subtly try to talk you into it, until you either finally throw up your hands and join her, or stomp off in sheer frustration.
Feminine will definately not be one of her strong points, either, though she will still bare a unconsious graceful walk when she moves about… in a slow matter. When running- throw grace to the wind, cause this girl is gonna run like a dog to whatever points of interest might catch her attention!
The opposite and somewhat confusing part of this, though, is that when she is speaking about something so much fun, she'll talk about it like its a science lesson. Her lilting alto voice will chime in at any moment to point out something, «Water! Did you know salt water actually causes objects to float in the ocean, but with non-salted water, things are more likely to sink? See! I'm so buoyant!». If you ever ask her how she knows this, she'll mearly give a mental shrug and comment thats she's sure everyone knows this information. Sometimes, its like she's talking wormhole physics when concerning a mud puddle, and probably confuses alot of her peers with her science-babble.
As she grows older, even when some of her other female clutchmates are loosing their tom-boy exploits for more feminine whiles, Calanth will still possess this masculine trait of not really caring about things that are feminine… Why should she really strut for that bronze? He's just a bronze, afterall. Nothing more or less then the rest of them. And thats another odd tendancy of her's. She really sees no difference between chromatics and metallics, harboring no uppity stance and since of more power because she is gold. The only thing that she will notice is her size difference in comparison to others, realising that she is actually bigger then some of her peers, maybe even to the point that it embaresses her. Is she supposed to be so big? But if you comfort her about it, this fear might fall away and she'll come to accept her differences from them.
If Casiella has an ego, Calanth's perception might be an irritant to her, the gold always poking you about being judgemental. «So what if they are a bluerider? They are a rider just the same, as you are. Gold? Pah. Its just a color, afterall.» She'll state matter-of-fact like and ignore your smugness about it, not allowing your ego to build off of what she is. Even as an adult, she will not allow this, unless she is proddy.. and we'll get to that in a bit. ;)
One thing going for her is a sense of style and how things should look good together, but using a subtle action in order to get her point across to the person, to the point of trying to manipulate the situation to her own means. «Casi, dearest… Blue and gold are quite beautiful together, I agree… but don't you think black and gold are more suited? Helps the gold to stand out more…» Even though she is subtle to the fact, she still prides herself in being factual and articulate about everything- which more then proves that she is almost right in everything, right? So don't try to question her about it, because she is gonna be blunt, and she is going to *know* she is in the right. So don't argue over it, because she'll be as stubborn as you are on any subject.
And finally, when she reaches of age and takes that first step into proddiness- Calanth will change. That tom-boy inside of Calanth will take backstage and this gold will realise her purpose: to reproduce, get all the boys to chase her, and take pride in the fact that she is *gold*. Again, color will make no difference: for blue, brown and bronze, they will all be prime choice USDA red meat(Sorry for the pun. >D ) and she will flirt with them in a fashion that would suit her. She doesn't shove herself on them, but if they are close, she will tip her head towards them and give a subtle hum, turning her body to make the sun glint off her shiny form. The only time Calanth will try not to strike a fancy with a man, is when she knows her lifemate wholeheartedly refuses. Other then that, she will flaunt what she knows she has. Another kick of this time of proddyness is her ability to speak articulately might head out the window, being replaced with ill-placed words, and even a fumble of tongue around one particularly good looking male. But as her silver tongued speaking leaves her, her grace in form will take its place and she will be the epitome of grace on wing and foot… For what man can resist eye-candy, anyways? She'll also be more prone to spurts of anger, also- its pretty much a calm woman suddenly hitting PMS… the whole situation can turn out to be quite scary. But when all is done with, that childish tom-boy will be back and the dragon that caught her(Unless the rider suits your fancy), will become mearly a friend in a matter of days.
And last but not least, as a mother your lass will be caring and tender on her eggs, but overtly protective, too- shocking you with her sudden need to scare those who come to her take eggs away. Riders are not as big a deal as Candidates, because she *knows* they are there to steal her young, and she dislikes this idea at first. Towards hatching time, though, she'll be more then ready to get rid of her clutch, sitting passively in the background and encouraging her babies into the arms of candidates. She certainly doesn't want to take care of the little hellions after their born, afterall. She has much more to do with her life…. like go swirl around clouds and explain evaporation to her rider…
But, as with all dragons, her personality will depend a bit on your own. If your more likely to fight with her more often then agree, she is more likely to be in a angry state. Though her severely angry states are more of a steely calm resolve. If you allow her develop without too much of one push in emotion, she is likely to develop out as said above… Its all about what direction you want to take your little lass and just how creative you can be with her…


Questioning and Curious Hands
The colors will be like a glass triangle flashed into a beam of light, the entire spectrum of color assaulting the mental view from the start. As her feeling at the time, a certain color will take dominance; grey for sorrow, green for happiness, rosy-pink for her uncommon spurts of flirtiness. You get the idea. On the other hand, unlike her frantic and wild display of dancing colors, her voice itself with be a soft and lilting alto, sounding like a soft and passive version of your own. Its almost as if she's talking right before she goes to sleep, without the indication of sleep itself. Its soft and gentle, almost used to convince those she speaks to with her calm and soothing voice. Only during the sharp colors or red and yellow will that soft voice become a commanding one, demanding attention and respect to whomever listens. Though these are rare occurances, its that drastic change from the familiar that makes it so pointedly shocking to anyone that hears it. It demands attention mearly because it's something not seen very often at all from her.


There were two things that inspired me in making this gold. First, absolutely loving you for not begging of the cliche of gold, and allowing a bit of freedom to play with your dragoness, here. I hope she lives up to your expectations, as she has for mine.
Calanth (Kah-LAHN-th), which means "beautiful blossoms" in Greek(Calantha), is more of the indication for the beauty within, instead of the beauty on the outside. There is too many golds built on the idea that golds are smug, overtly beautiful creatures that grace the planet of Pern mearly for our pleasure. Calanth will not be that type of creature, more of a subtle indication of her beauty by how she is. Think the story of the ugly duckling, and you have an idea. Calanth is not a stand out, drop dead beauty, but she has the appeal that would attract men in her personality, and the type of care that will bring attention to herself. I'm going to say this lass of yours is a mixture of Samantha Carter of Stargate, and Gracie Hart of Miss Congeniality.


Name Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Calanth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By M'iri
Impressee Casiella
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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