Moonlit Raven Gold Branwynth

Pale gold-blonde sweeps instantly over a long, lean frame, wrapping completely around the sleek, serpentine neck and the limber torso, feathery fingers engulfing her chest, a slightly darker hue visible beneath. Almost too short limbs are more fiercely dappled, a deeper gold down showing through, which gains in frequency towards ebony talons. Wings follow the form of her body, the long, pale sails set amongst only marginally darker ‘spars, adding a jagged, angular aspect to her body. The sharp ridges running along her back from between head knobs to the tip of her long, balancing tail contrast her hide more so then the rest, the line of inconsistent color swooping downwards. An elongated, almost pointed snout is offset by strongly defined eye ridges and prominent head knobs, the same feathery hues invading the underside of her neck.

Egg Name and Description


Refreshed with a Flourish Egg
Sweet cream slips over an ever curving shell, the gentle off-white hue harboring occasional gleams of near gold, the slippery coating hugging the rounded form snuggly. The soft gleam is uninterrupted, the same pure hue mixed evenly over the egg, the ingredients added and inseparable. Yet, a bit of flourish has been added, in the shape of a ragged half-circle plastered two thirds of the way up the shell, a miniature umbrella topping it off.

Hatching Message

Hairline cracks appear over the Refreshed with a Flourish Egg, fine spider webs creeping outwards, radiating like frost over a cold glass. The cracks continue to spread, the vessel maintaining its integrity for a long moment before it shatters, its contents left in a pile on the Sands.

Impression Message

Warmth invades your mind, taking over without hesitation, spreading outwards mimicking a spiked beverage, permeating completely before pausing. « Elia? » A pause and the warmth intensifies, searching as it does so. « There must be an easier way to move then stumbling like the others. You must show me. Branwynth must be able to move gracefully. I can’t fall. » The warmth tapers off, receding though never completely vanishing. « But, first… I am hungry. »



Branwynth, from the time she’s hatched, will hardly take no for an answer. After all, how do you know what’s best for her, you aren’t a dragon. « You’re just trying to keep me from having fun and doing what I want, Elia. You never let me do what everyone else is doing. » And she’ll continue to bother you, question after question, until she gets what she wants or she gets tired of asking and simply does it anyway. Though she runs the risk of your disapproval, she’s willing to take the risk, hoping that you will see she was right all along anyway.
Branwynth is not above resorting to trickery to get what she wants, if she deems it necessary; the ends justifies the means, and no matter the consequences the end must be achieved after she has made up her mind. Although her trickery might not work on you, she’ll put it to the test with other dragons, carefully convincing them of false truths. « Adinaeth, I really think that this of sun is so much better then that one. After all, just look at it. Do you want to try it? » And as soon as the brown clutch sibling has moved, Branwynth is plopped down, refusing to move, pulling rank if necessary to ensure she keeps her position gain. « I’m gold. You brown. This is /my/ sun.. » She is most definitely not above using anything in her power to have everything she wants.

At the same time, she thrives on the victories of others as well. As her main goal is success, the stories surrounding the successes of others intrigue her, and she’ll constantly attempt to uncover all the details. However, failures intrigue her as well; from failures, mistakes can be deduced and avoided in the future. Her favorite activity if she can get away with it, is talking to the others about hunting techniques. « So, Raenth. Which works better? Dropping from above, or staying on the ground? » She’ll make her ways around, asking the others learning with her, perfecting her technique from the advice of others in an attempt to make herself look better.

She’s a rather solitary dragon; while the rest of the weyrling class is carrying on, playing around with each other, she’ll prefer to just sit by herself, interjecting the occasional comment or question, watching their antics, planning on repeating them in the future. When she’s alone, and no one else can see her, or ridicule her if she messes up. Yet, at the same time she’s not afraid to ask questions, or to take suggestions. Her only hesitation lies in physical actions, and only then when it’s the first time she attempts something.

Her solitary habits extend to her interactions with males, as well. She’ll never truly favor any one; in fact, many times she will loathe them all. After all, she doesn’t need them; she doesn’t need anyone but herself. She’s more then concerned with getting any possible useful information out them. Even when it comes time for flights she’ll avoid them, attempting to leave them behind anyway she can. Unlike most golds, she’ll give little warning before she heads to the feeding pens, quickly blooding and taking to the skies for a long, reasonably straight flight. No dips, and turns, and odd maneuvers for her. Instead, she has a need for speed, and she’ll run (fly?) until she can go no further, reluctantly giving in to the male that is close and can support her.

Yet, there is no lasting attachment from this gold. She likes her solitude, but not when it’s forced. She’ll resent the most she can, the male that put her on the Sands. Her resentment is, for the most part, silent though. There’s no need to push the male around, requesting this, requesting that. But one had better bet that that male will be on the Sands with her constantly, like it or not. He put her there, he’s going to stick it out to the end, just like her.

Being stuck on the Sands impedes her freedom, her ability to watch others, to learn. And once she’s off the Sands, she’s back to it, investigating and learning, perfecting her own actions, and being generally unimpressed with generally assigned duties.

Why Elia? Branwynth needs a balancing influence. Her lack of care for interacting with others, other then as means to learn balances out Elia’s desire to always help out. Elia’s innate urge to mother all things balances Branwynth’s lack there of, as well as her desire for solitude. She is the other half, the half that will bring Elia out of her shell, while Elia is the grounding force for Branwynth, forcing her to interact on more then a simple learning level.


Seeking Shots of Warmth
Rich, warm hues of deep burgundy occupy her mind, a foil for the aloof exterior that she presents to so many others. The colors in her mind increase in intensity with thought and interest, the hues remaining vibrant all the while. Her voice itself is feminine without losing its intensity, slightly lower then normal, though still wide in its range and sounds. It invades without hesitation, spreading outwards like the warmth from a shot of alcohol, effortlessly gaining access to almost everything. Think of the warmth of sitting by the fire, reading a book as it storms outside. The warmth and the knowledge are always there, always expanding upon a quest for more.



Your Branwynth, as you requested, is based in the most basic sense off of Eowyn, from Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, with a few twists in her personality emphasized, a few changes made to suit your desires. The name, also like you requested, is based on Branwen, a welsh goddess.


Name Moonlit Raven Gold Branwynth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Niva
Impressee Elia
Hatched April 25, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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