Bronze Branth
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As you look at the bronze. Branth tilts his wedge-shaped head towards you one large eye looks at you whirling with draconic curiosity. His pale bronze hide gleams brightly with health, its shade so pale as to almost be white gold. Well-defined muscles are clearly outlined beneath his taut flesh. His wing tips are stained a brown so dark it could be mistaken for black.From the leading edge of his wing, bronze gold fades down to white gold at the wing joints blending in pale bronze of his hide. He carries himself with regal pride and quiet authority. As you study him closer you see that there is a subtle great underlying strength about this dragon.


Name Branth
Dam Gold Felinth
Sire Bronze Pentath
Impressee J'ham (Jayham)
Hatched November 24, 1997
Xanadu Weyr
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