Blue Bordeauth
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Azure eyes look out at the world with a glower, darker impressions beneath them occering an expression-filled contrast. The same midnight hue that rests beneath the whirling orbs of crimson covers the back of his head and knobs, like hair. It also spreads over his shoulders and down his arms, along with his legs, but stops at his tail, like a regular outfit. When the sails of his wings are visible, they show an elaborately decorated membrane of silvery blues and cool blacks twisting and writhing in some chaotic ballet upon his hide. How real this vehement outlook on life is, only Elissan really knows.


Name Blue Bordeauth
Dam Gold Genevraith
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By SearchCo
Impressee Elissan
Hatched November 12, 2000
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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