Gold Biancath
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Creamy ivory wings rise and unfurl to reveal sails of translucent peach-washed ocher, rimmed with spars and fingerbones that shimmer with tarnished gold, near bronze in hue. Her head is dainty and manifests the perfect wedge-shape that is typical of most dragons, narrow at the tip of her burnished gold muzzle, and widening over elegant eyeridges of dusky gold to strong head knobs. Her apricot form is long and lithe, a truly strong and powerful queen. Her neck is sweeping and elegantly arched in a posture that is characteristic of a queen, and her tail curls timidly about her ankles as she walks. Even as young as she is, she carries with her the patience and wisdom that is characteristic of an aged being. She has infinate patience, and even when it seems that the world is coming to an end, she still has a smile tucked under her wing to give to you. She's a real ego-booster to those with low self-esteem, going out of her way to show them just how special they really are, and she has the wonderful ability to make anyone smile. She tries to mother just about everyone, much to the exasperation of her rider. She's extremely maternal and has a love for all living things.


Name Biancath
Dam Gold Genevraith
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By SearchCo
Impressee Darianya
Hatched November 12, 2000
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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