Fire in the Deep Bronze Balroth

This beast's burnished hide is so dark it nearly cannot pass for the sheen of a bronze, except for some of the lighter hints among his large body. A blunt snout widens out to his near-black headknobs that frame his head in demonic curves, ending in a sharp point. Small jeweled eyes, contrasting with the rest of his massive form, appear slitted into a permanent draconic glare. Orange and red flames illuminate this bronze's back, down spiky neck ridges and broadening over his thick neck to reveal the metallic sheen of his true coloration in an explosion of heat. Burnt bronze is cracked with red molten rock among the striations of his hide, a pattern found over his broad musculature body and out over his expansive dark wings. The fire licks down his haunches to wicked obsidian talons. But the brightest section overall on this large dragon is his whip-thin tail, shimmering in a bright amber blaze that nearly cracks in his wake with every small movement.

Egg Name and Description


Bridge of Doom Egg
Near darkness fills this large egg, forming a void as it is nestled into the lighter-colored sands. Deep brown stalactite-like cones hang around the rounded top with pebbly flecks drifting in random spots down to a spanning tan structure that stretches across the egg, forming a break in the black abyss. The thin bridge connects two sides of the egg together, poised precariously over a large chasm that extends continuously for the rest of the bottom-half of the egg and into the sands. The inky depth allows no other colors to pierce through, its bottom a hidden mystery among the red and white sands of the hatching ground.

Hatching Message

Bridge of Doom Egg is moving. It makes sure that everyone knows it is moving, by shaking so violently in its confined prison that it knocks itself right over onto its side, breaking the pile of sand that was pushed against it by the vigilant gold.

With its almost completely dark surface, one would imagine cracks in the Bridge of Doom Egg would be difficult to see. Yet visible orange-red rifts spread out, expanding and then contracting throughout the entire egg as the hatchling inside demands to be let out.

Bridge of Doom Egg expands out to the point of breaking before it draws back into itself, quiet for a moment. And then, once it looks like it wouldn't move again, it explodes outwards. Fiery shards fly everywhere onto the sands around it, leaving Fire in the Deep Bronze Hatchling free to suck in a deep breath of the air, expelling it in a fiercesome growl that reverberates off the walls.

Impression Message

Fire in the Deep Bronze Hatchling hovers a bit longer over the remains of his egg in pride over the simple destruction. His wet wings are unfurled, stretched out to each side of him as he balances before that fierce glaring stare turns out towards the candidates. He hisses low, ignoring his clutchparent's completely as he takes one step. Then two. He experiments with his balance on the sands, making sure he's got good footing before stomping closer towards the cowering candidates, his head held high as he studies each individual one.

Fire in the Deep Bronze Hatchling drops his muzzle close to a little scrawny boy, giving him a deep sniff before headbutting him to the ground. Wrong. The little boy crawls back away in terror even though the bronze is already interested in someone else. He makes sure to crack his whip-thin tail behind himself, rumbling in satisfaction at the sound and the squeals of the nearby girls. It isn't until he spots a tall sturdy man that he finally stops again, leveling his gaze with him. The man sweeps a hand back through his blond hair, frowning. "I don't think you really need to go much further than this, Balroth. There'll be plenty of food for you." From there on out it was Kha'dum and Balroth. He puts a hand on the big bronze's head, quirking a smile. "No worries, I'll deal with all your needs now."



From the moment this mind is awakened at touch, it steamrolls through in a intense heat and chaotic feelings. It bowls over any mind it comes into contact, leaving behind memories it plucked and tossed out in a disarray. Its intense heat is like that of a ball of flame erupting and the wave hitting one afterwards, only to feel the cooler surroundings once it has passed. Because it does, comes and goes if it doesn't feel fit to remain. When it lingers it brings forth bubbling magma rising to the surface of the mind, filled with a sulfuric stench. Only when it is quenched and not excited or angry, but in a depressed mood, is its mind just a steamy bath, comforting only for a short period of time.


Balroth is based on the Balrog from Lord of the Rings.


Name Fire in the Deep Bronze Balroth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By Ysa
Impressee Kah'dum
Hatched June 2, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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