Crisp Baccara Brown Baccarath
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Silent, this hatchling sits on the sands for what seems an eternity, not moving a muscle. His dark klah brown wings are wrapped tightly around his form, and cover up to the bridge of his snout, leaving just his whirling eyes of red and tawny knobs visible. His eyeridges are set far over his eyes, as though his brow were furrowed, this hatchling casting a scrutinizing glare over the half-circle that is presented to him. Then, suddenly and without warning, those ridges lift up and wiggle comically, followed with a loud SNAP of unfurled wings and a dramatic pose struck by the Crisp Baccara Brown Hatchling. His chin is lifted in the air in one direction, and his tail is pointed out straight behind him in the other direction with wings extended to full length, revealing his magnificent sails for all to see. All three lids are closed until he opens one set to see if anyone's watching. Confident that they are, he slowly turns around, waddling as he does so and allowing everyone to see the speckled klah hide of his, polka-dotted with crispy tawny chips of cracker tan. He appears almost dusted with pie crumbs.


Name Crisp Baccara Brown Baccarath
Dam Gold Genevraith
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By SearchCo
Impressee Isolde
Hatched November 12, 2000
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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