Knight of Passion Blue Azrith

Sleek and sinuous, his hue is a striking shade of indigo like blue ink splashed across his form. It's speckled with brilliant patches of pale cyan, their shapes varied like blotches spattered down from the outer corners of his eyes to trace the proud sweep of neck… then down his lithe body with splatters of pale sky that accent the graceful curves of muscle and splash above his wings before sweeping down over hips toward his long tail. Just down the center of his back, the hide beneath those pale spatters warms to the color of iris flowers, spreading over the top and down to about halfway down his tail before the sky-blue dapples more intently to all but cover the rest of that long and sinuous appendage. The top of his muzzle is indigo speckled with sky blue like his back, relatively broad and flat - it's his eyes that draw the attention on his face, large and with an arch of the ridges above them as they sweep back to his cobalt knobs that gives him a permanently teasing look. Underneath his chin, the hide has a whorled hue, mottled between sapphire and royal blue like brocaded silk or the dapple of tie-dye along his belly and down the toned legs that touch earth with violet-dappled paws and small, delicate silver talons. Those four limbs can carry him with confidence on the ground, and for the air his wings are a generous span, long and narrow rather than broad. Their upper surface has indigo spars and azure sails marked with splashes of a pale silvery blue while the underside has almost the inverse as the silver-blue dominates on the sails and even the spars brighten to iris from the blue-dappled hide beneath.

Egg Name and Description

Key to Carnal Desires Egg
This egg is almost unremarkable compared to the others nestled about it. No disturbing markings or oddities to it. Perhaps that's what makes it stand out, when noticed? Because the smooth shell (too smooth, maybe), is nothing but an all around fleshy pink hue. Nothing more, nothing less and so seemingly unassuming in its simplistic nature.

Hatching Message

Key to Carnal Desires Egg seems to shiver, a stirring deep within the shell that draws it as nothing has ever done before.

Key to Carnal Desires Egg shudders, rocking with an eager urge. The shell cracks, a fissure widening as the occupant seeks to push their way through.

Key to Carnal Desires Egg unlocks its own personal potential in a thump against the sands, falling forward and shattering around that fissure into a slick puddle likely left behind by one of those dragonhealers' ointments.

Impression Message

A swirl of rose petals drifts through the air - or is it just the haze of heat on the sands? The sweet scent joins them, and then the world around you twists to enfold you in a caress of red that looks like those rose petals and feels like you've stepped into the hot springs - or they've come to you, hot and wet and crashing around you in a whirlpool that surrounds every part of you with a torrent of touch eager to feel. « Zaria. » He savors the word, dwelling on it as if to imprint it in his mind before he continues. « How I have longed for you! » That vivid caress soaks beneath your skin, and soon you can see the sands around you once more… though that wetness and heat remains in the body pressed close to yours. « I am Azrith. I want… so many things, but you most of all! » A wave of affection, curling around you with greedy fingers like the seafoam up against the shore… and then a rumble as a chasm of hunger opens beneath your feet, followed by a warm flutter of humor. « …food can be second. »


Clever, dashing, and oh so charming, Azrith is here to enjoy life… and for him, the very best pleasure is that he shares with you. His bright hues and large size help assure he'll be drawing attention wherever he goes… and he'll bring that spotlight to you, as well. Azrith may love to explore new and wondrous experiences… but he's sure from his very first moments that he belongs, always and forever, with you.

Azrith will be very touch-oriented as a baby. He'll want to be against you constantly, whether it's curled by your side or trying to convince you that surely he can still fit in your lap. Just resting his head there, then? Or perhaps you could lean back against him instead, that would be good enough. He just wants to be close to you, curled around you or sprawled beside you.

Along with his desire for physical closeness will come his urge to learn all about you. You're fascinating to Azrith, and if you try to claim you're ordinary, nothing special? He won't believe you, not for one minute! You're his Zaria, the one who called to him from inside his shell - and he called to you, bringing you to Xanadu where you could finally meet. You're his destined one, and he wants to give his loving attention to every little bit of you.

After his first couple of days glued to your side, Azrith will start to expand his curiosity and affection to the rest of his clutch and your fellow weyrlings. They're not you, of course, but he'd still like to be friends. It's now that you might notice a curious thing others may have already realized: Azrith doesn't seem to have a voice. Oh, his mind speaks strongly enough, but those croons and rumbles that you hear when he speaks to you are all expressed in thought, not coming out of his throat. When his focus is on others, he becomes strangely silent.

It's a curious impediment, though one he'll be oblivious to at first. For that matter, given how wide the projections of young dragons can be, the whole barracks - or entire weyr - may often be able to "hear" him perfectly well!

The dragonhealers can, after some poking and prodding, provide a diagnosis. Azrith has underdeveloped vocal cords, too stiff to make the right shapes easily - and, because he's been using his mindvoice instead, he also lacks in muscle control over them. The answer's a combination of focused massage to loosen the cords, giving them some time to continue growing, and a great many voice exercises to teach him how to actually use them. He's bound to make many an awkward squawk and weird squeak along the way, but with time and practice Azrith's physical voice can become as sweet a croon as the one inside your head.

Bumps aside, Azrith will grow quickly in both size and confidence. He'll continue to grow that sphere of his interactions - perhaps more quickly than you expect, for he'll be fearless in approaching older dragons and exploring new places. That tiny dragon who charmed you on the sands will soon be dancing through the Weyr trying to charm everyone in his path… and more often than not, succeeding!

Azrith wants to learn and understand a great many things, but the domain that will most fascinate him and keep his attention through life is the sphere of relationships, both human and draconic… and most especially the relationships of love. He may try out his lines on his clutchmates long before he truly understands what they mean, playground flirting as he explores the games of the heart.

In time, Azrith will grow confident in his understanding of romance - and lust - but it continues to fascinate him. Every kiss is different, after all! And every fling teaches something new about the ways of love… and lovers. It's a lifetime's quest, one he's eager to pursue with you! After all, this is why you called to each other through time and space. He's here to carry your heart to love!

« You should try on that dress. » He'll push you to try new things, to look your best… which, to him, is a matter of whatever style makes you feel good and gets you the sort of attention you enjoy! Whether that's frilly dresses or a patched flight jacket, Azrith wants you to feel confident, strong, and, yes, sexy.

He enjoys exploring new places, but he'll often come back to his love for shorelines and beaches. Warm sands, cool water, interesting people and dragons… what more could he want? Well… you, of course; whether it's lounging with him on the sands, swimming with him in the deeps, or looking at those attractive women in skimpy bathing suits…

« She needs more oil. »
"…who does?"
« The one with blonde hair. You should go help her. »

And if that "help" turns into romantic distractions that make his own oiling late? Azrith won't mind in the least; he'll be satisfied almost to the point of smugness with his success in finding you company.

Then again, he may just use his charms to convince someone else to fawn over him while you're otherwise occupied! Azrith is one handsome dragon - and he knows it! There may prove to be many a rider - and hopeful someday-rider - who will give this blue a few scritches or a nice luxuriant oiling when he sidles up with a warm croon to ask for attention. You may find yourself having to retrieve him from various weyrs after he's charmed his way inside. Especially as a hatchling, he may go straight from "that looks comfortable" to being fast asleep in someone else's couch… or tucked underneath their wing!

Azrith is a lover of feeling good in all its many forms, and romantic passion is far from the only kind of pleasure. Some of them he can enjoy directly; the glow of basking in the summer sunlight, the thrill of flying through a storm or chasing his prey through the forest. Others… he has to learn about through you. Azrith will be eager for you to try new things not just for your own sake… but so he can explore them through your senses. Of course, he'll also be more than glad to return to your favorites so he can share that pleasure with you another time.

« Oh! They have those little cakes you like. »
"Not today…"
« Well, maybe one of the pies? »

While he has a wide perspective on pleasure, Azrith is most certainly not immune to the charms of those greens! He'll flirt even when they're not proddy, always pleased to share a sun-warmed rock or a meal - perhaps some cuddling and mutual grooming? For Azrith, flirting can be a game - one he quite enjoys even when he knows it won't be turning into anything beyond playful words. Though, if it should happen to take a more serious turn… that's fun too!

Henriette: The man of parts.
Giacomo Casanova: Many parts.
Henriette: Is that how you win over the ladies? Cheap innuendo?
Giacomo Casanova: No, you just make all my best lines rubbish.

You may realize, in time, that Azrith is particularly fond of the company of those dragons whose riders he thinks would get along with you. If you were to just happen to run into each other because of your dragons, and start a conversation… well! All sorts of wonderful things could come from that chance encounter, and he's certainly not averse to giving chance just a bit of a nudge.

While he does love the ladies, Azrith also enjoys the company of other males - for a chat, a race… even a cuddle; just because he's not interested in getting sexy with them doesn't mean it doesn't feel good to have the warmth of another dragon against him. He's more than secure enough in his own desires to not worry about what other people may think. Truth be told, he might even be amused by their discomfiture!

For Azrith has a streak of mischief to him, one that glories in being the center of attention and making people gasp - or leaving them breathless. It's especially turned toward those who stand in the way of joy and pleasure for all; he loves to take the too-serious down a peg, whether by verbal cleverness or simply showing them they're not nearly so good as they think they are. It's never cruelly intended; Azrith has a caring heart underneath the bravado and flirting He wants to take down bullies and amuse his friends, though some more seriously minded may find his antics less than entertaining.

When it comes to training, Azrith is rather of two minds. On the one, he does quite enjoy the idea of being a handsome, dashing creature who can leap to the skies, spin, and land on a mark. On the other, that's an awful lot of work. He's willing - for the most part - to put it in, but there may be occasional groans at having to leave his (or someone else's) comfortable bed.

« It's so early! Can't we just drill later? »

Still, once he's out there - and sees that there's someone to impress - he'll put in good effort. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get the blood moving! Solo training is ill-suited to Azrith; it's not that he doesn't understand the point of it, it's just that if nobody at all is there to see… he has a hard time bringing himself to care. He doesn't see value in work for its own sake, though he's willing to work very hard indeed in the pursuit of something he wants.

Speaking of pursuits… he'll chase frequently in flights, taking to the air after a glowing lady and trying to prove his worth with both fancy flying and sweet-talking charms. He's an eager lover, taking victory with enthusiastic pleasure and defeat with a cheerful shrug. It's not that he wasn't worthy, it's just that she was in the mood for someone different tonight! And really, how could she be blamed for that? There's so much variety, so many flavors to taste and enjoy… it just makes sense to explore as many ways of feeling good as you possibly can!

"Just consider: you love your wife. I love your wife. Aren't we both on the same side?" - Giacomo Casanova

Azrith just plain doesn't get the idea of monogamy - not for him, and not for you either. Oh, he'll certainly be pleased if you end up with a long-term lover - or three - but why should that stop you from flirting with another pretty woman? It'll make you happy! …and, to him, any lover who doesn't like the idea of you being happy is most definitely not good for you.

As for Azrith's future with you? Well, his desire for new experiences might make him a good fit for riding transport in Comet; each package delivered is an opportunity for a miniature vacation and a chance to investigate a new locale… and maybe some locals, while you're there! He might also find appeal in Galaxy, for the vision of a Search and Rescue dragon is certainly dashing enough to capture his fancy. Then again… working in administration, or with the weyrlings, would give him a fine excuse to spend more time with the queen dragons…

One thing is sure, wherever the two of you end up - Azrith will see to it that it's a dashing and wonderful experience!

"It's practically the distillation of my life so far - I've become famous simply for being outrageous." - Giacomo Casanova


His thoughts often have a backdrop of some single color, rippling with motion like a sheet in the wind… or twisted by clenching hands amidst an eager romp. The hue changes with his mood, often echoing his eyes but perhaps with other associations as well - your own favorite colors are sure to hold positive significance for him, or perhaps the glowing hide of his current romantic interest… or the shade of the waters that one magical evening… his vocabulary of colors and memories will grow over time into its own private language of love.

He's touch-oriented even in his mind, expressing himself with tactile sensations. Happiness may be the soft warmth of silk or skin; curiosity, the tickle of feathers. He might show fear as a prickle of thorns, or anger with the rough scrape of gravel on bare feet. Learning to separate his sensations - both mental and physical - from your own may prove a challenge!

Of course, not everything can be expressed by touch alone - though he's certainly of the opinion that many of the most valuable things can. His voice is a warm tenor, rich with emotion as it shifts from playful flirting to earnest declarations of his passion. He can be loud enough to draw attention, or soft enough to be the mere whisper of the secrets of his heart that he will share with you in pillow-forts made beneath those tangled sheets, shadows full of soft sensation in darkness… or lit only by the romance of candlelight or the stars in the sky above that call to the hearts of lovers as they dream of who shall grace their beds… or flee from angry spouses!


Azrith draws his inspiration from the dashing, daring, deeply passionate but not too self-important Casanova as portrayed by David Tennant. His description - and temporary lack of voice - was inspired by the colorful hues of salamanders. His name's a bit like yours, only shaken up and re-arranged - and he's replaced an 'a' for a 'th' because, well, first of all, he's a dragon - and secondly and more importantly, he's not just any one, he's the best! (And so, he insists, are you.)


The theme of this clutch was body parts, and his Key to Carnal Desires Egg was based on, well, sex organs! Egg name and description was by K'vir, with touches and the dragon himself done by Soriana. We hope you enjoy the fabulous Azrith, and we're glad to have you here at Xanadu!

Name Azrith
Dam Meirath
Sire Draukaith
Created By Soriana
Impressee Zaria
Hatched Spring 2017
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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