Forged in the Fires Bronze Azaeth

Forged by a master in the fiery pits of the underworld, this bronze's hide has been touched by the hues of liquid sacrifice. Deepest blood red tinges his hide, dark bronze forever tainted by the copper rivers as they outline each of his powerful muscles making up his torso. Great wingsails of hammered bronze are reinforced with spars of dark iron, the same hue present in spirals along each of his forelimbs, like gauntlets strapped to a great warrior. Mighty haunches darken to a hue difficult to distinguish from mahogany, the same saturated color casting his tail into shadows, making the size of his already large form seem hard to judge, only the coppery ridges down his back providing a clear line of where he ends and the shadows begin. Yet, despite the ambiguity of his back, his head is a series of straight, neat lines, creating a square muzzle painstakingly crafted to perfection, the true look of a fighter from his defined eyeridges to his blunted headknobs.

Egg Name and Description

Sting in the Tail Egg
Almost invisible on the black sands of Ista, this little black egg is an expert in the art of hiding and very easy to miss. It has a shimmer to it as if permanently damp, and here and there over the shell tiny little lines of dark green can be seen splitting up the darkness. A thin thread of purple, almost invisible unless nearly touching the shell, inscribes an arc across the tip of the shell before fading out again. Near the base a series of eight yellow dots are the only things that really give away that this is not just an innocuous lump in the sand.

Hatching Message

Almost appearing from nowhere a newly hatched bronze is suddenly visible on the sands. As he steps forwards several try to figure out where he came from, and it's only the sliver of black stuck to his forehead that announces the Sting in the Tail Egg has hatched.

Impression Message

Bloody red drips in your mind while licks of fire linger on the fringes of your thoughts, the clang of metal reverberating through your skull, as if judging you from the inside out. But then, it seems that you have passed muster, for a baritone voice finally weighs in. « K'ael. You are worthy, will you join me in the battle? » The fire continues to burn, as if daring you to say otherwise, before finally the new voice identifies itself, « K'ael, I am Azaeth. We will achieve everything we must. First, though, we must eat. »


Azaeth is a lumbering beast, though despite his size, he's hardly clumsy or incompetent. Quite the opposite, actually, as while on the ground he tends to be a bit slower due to his sheer mass, in the air and in the water he's graceful as can be, though unable to perform the spinning tricks that many of the smaller dragons tend to prefer.

Azaeth lives for competition. Even from the very beginning, everything will be about being the best, achieving the most, and being the most successful. Of course, this is likely to cause problems at least when he's quite young as he'll feel the need to prove his superiority though things as simple as dinner - by gorging himself and downing his food - leaving you with a sick dragon and a bit of whining in your mind - though he'd never dare reveal his discomfort to anyone else.

As a result of his driving need to be better than the next guy, he'll be unwilling to be happy with anything less than just that - the very best. And after a time, he'll become successful at getting what he wants; however as a result, his arrogant tendencies will begin to become more prevalent. He'll often begin to brag to others, telling tales of his successes, his triumphs, always leaving out the times when things did not go quite as planned. As a result of his arrogance, he's unwilling to see his own faults - if anyone should question his actions or contradict his plans, he'll simply turn a deaf ear, ignoring each and every word they say.

Azaeth will also be very active and set on physical activities, something that he is likely to never grow out of. He'll drive you out of bed as soon as Rukbat begins to peer over the horizon, chasing you down to the training grounds to begin prepping for the day's work. The standard exercises are never enough, and he'll constantly be pushing you to do more, even as he does. Idle time is exercising time, as you'll never know when you'll need to be in top shape as a warrior.

Azaeth will also be quite possessive and to a certain extent jealous of your interactions with others. From the beginning, you are his partner, his top general, and his right hand man - he expects to be the same to you, and if anyone or anything dares try and step between you, it is possible that there will be hell to pay. Greens and golds are hardly a concern once the flight is over - he had his enjoyment, you had yours, and now it's back to the old ways, just you and him.


Azaeth's mind is constantly alive with motion, from flickering flames to clashing colors, hues of oranges and reds most prevalent within his thoughts. There's constantly a sense of pulling you in, claiming your attention as much as it can, lest something else spark your interest and he become jealous, his mental stage darkening to blood-stained hues. The clashing of metal often serves as a backdrop for his words, and his voice itself is a deep baritone.


The theme this cycle here at Ista was 'Zodiac signs' and Leslyn's Sting in the Tail Egg was based on the sign Scorpio, which is ruled by the planet Mars. Those who are born from October 24th to November 22nd are considered Scorpios. As a water sign, Scorpios are passionate, determined, inflexible, persevering, and quite self-confident. Mythologically, Scorpio is said to be the scorpion that killed Orion, and thus is often associated with Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

As you requested, Azaeth is based off of Balthazar, the god from Guild Wars, but also those other qualities of a Scorpio that seem to mesh so well. Balthazar is the god of Fire and War, and may also be considered the god of Craftsmanship, as he forged Abaddon's chains, thus Azaeth's hatching name.

Azaeth's name itself comes from Balthazar, by mixing the letters and seeing what looked good, I hope you like it!

I hope that you like Azaeth, and you have fun playing him. Everything written here is just ideas, so please feel free to change or ignore whatever you want - above anything else he's yours alone!



Name Forged in the Fires Bronze Azaeth
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By L'ton
Impressee K'ael (Michael)
Hatched 29 June 2008
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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