Fire of the Dawn Gold Avaeth

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The glory of the coming dawn spills over this gold's hide as deep, fiery hues consume her form from muzzle to tail-tip. Dark, rose-tinged gold flares upon her torso, an almost crimson sheen that sweeps up her lean sides to devour her belly and back. Long, serpentine neck rises from the deeply hued inferno, a rich amber that flows up to each of her delicate headknobs, which, like her elongated muzzle, are dipped in powdery saffron. This same hue dusts the tips of her wings, contrasting her golden poppy wingsails as they stretch translucent between each darker spar. Goldenrod ridges are prefectly aligned down her back, untamed peaks touched by Rukbat's rising, ebony talons remaining shrouded in eternal darkness.

-Image by Lorena

Egg Name and Description


Plucked from the Wallow Egg
Rather unremarkable, this egg merely appears as if it is a well-shaped section of a particularly secure sand dune, egg rounded gently, not particularly larger nor smaller than the clutchmates with which it sits. And yet, despite the sandy-hues of the shell, within it there is subtle variation - near the bottom the shell seems particularly silty as gray intermingles with the peach hues, like a thin layer of rich soil has been left behind upon the otherwise barren desert. As the shell curves upwards, the coloration lightens, before near the very top it is quite pale, a sun-beached dome with no signs of even the toughest greenery to give a sign of life.

Hatching Message

Plucked from the Wallow Egg has continued to be weakened by the fighting dragonet within, and finally a section of the shell pops away, and the tip of a muzzle is shadowed as the occupants rests. A long moment later, there is a much louder crack, and the shell splits in two, sides falling away to reveal the newly freed occupant.

Impression Message

For a split second, a furious storm builds in your mind, buffeting your thoughts within the sand-strewn winds, as if to rip every thought it can from you into nothingness. But then, just as suddenly as the storm appeared, it has passed and you're left within a khaki shelter, howling winds having disappeared leaving only a hopeful glimpse of blue sky. « Zevida. » A light alto interjects suddenly, with a sense of the crisp air of the dry desert. « Zevida. You will be mine for always, as I will be yours. We will be together until the final sun sets. I am your Avaeth. » Then, a hint of the storm held at bay brushes against your thoughts. « For now, though, our first meal. »



Your Avaeth is a fierce, fearless ball of energy, to say the least.

As a weyrling, you will constantly find yourself struggling to keep up with the endless source of energy that is Avaeth. Graceful even from the beginning, she'll constantly be keeping you on your toes as she finds new things to get into, and you'll be constantly trying to find new ways to keep her occupied.

Her favorite game will be the game of hunting - no matter what it is. From stalking the tiniest trundlebug across the barracks floor, to trying to make her ever expanding bulk invisible as she waits for you to return home from your weyrling duties, she'll be crouched together, dark hues in the shadows, pretending that she's invisible, despite being anything but. When it comes time to actually hunt for her own meals, you'll spend much time watching her pick out her perfect prey before she sweeps down on it quite dramatically, assuming it remains unsuspecting. If another dragon happens to stampede the herds while she's feeding, she'll be quick to turn her sandstorm mind on the. « Ramanduth! I was /trying/ to practice! » And the she'll likely have to start the game all over again.

With her endless energy comes endless bravery, for there is little or nothing that will scare your Avaeth, something which is both good and bad. She'll be one of the first ones to volunteer to attempt any new lesson, and quick to embellish on each new trick that she learns. Despite her size, she'll have no hesitation in attempting the acrobatics of the smaller greens, though generally without the same success. Unfortunately, with little to scare her, even wild felines are, in her opinion, of little consequence - provided that you remain safe and unhurt. The moment something should threaten you or harm you, Avaeth's full fury will be released upon them until such time she's sure you'll be alright, and then she will be there to comfort you any way she can.

Zevida will rarely be a victim of Avaeth's fiercer nature, instead caught within the peaceful eye of the storm, where the gold will shelter her from everything she can, and provide a stable friend through it all. She'll be quick to move from her sunning, her soaking, or whatever else she's doing if she senses that you need her, even a little bit, though she'll expect you to do the same. You are now completely each others, and will always be there for each other. What has happened in the past is no longer of consequence, nor will Avaeth ever judge you for who you are. After all, you are the person she chose, just as you are.

Avaeth's not precisely a social dragon - while she enjoys the company of others, she views most other dragons not as peers, but as people to be lead, guided, and protected. She knows her duties, and will watch over the Weyr, though Zevida will always come first to her. While she'll do her best to ensure the safety of the others, she'll be quick to question anyone who attempts to woo her Zev away from her, or to turn her down a questionable path. However, despite keeping Zevida safe beneath her protective wings, both literally and metaphorically, she'll try and encourage her to conquer her own fears, and join Avaeth in fearlessness.

When she begins to glow, Avaeth's social barriers will begin to deteriorate, and she'll begin to be more willing to accept certain males as her peers rather than her followers, though she'll never be ones to haphazardly cuddle with whichever bronze happens to appear. In time, she will rise, and her flight will be both long and acrobatic, as her fearlessness will lead her to take any means necessary to escape the males, even if its loops and dives that will do her in in the end.

Why Zevida? Avaeth's own self is closed off, as Zevida's is, and she saw in her a kindred spirit. But, she also saw someone that she should lead, she could mold, and someone she could push to new heights, even while protecting her from her worse fears.


To any outsider, Avaeth's mind is a furious storm that few would wish to brave, as it seems as if every inch of her mind is a quick, stinging sandstorm. Yet, for Zevida and the others that Avaeth allows into her close company, the sandstorm that is her outer mind is merely a shielding presence, meant to shelter and protect those under her watch. Even to you, her mind will be a variety of khaki-shaded hues, though there will be that glitter of golden sunlight breaking through when she's particularly happy, and that sight of blue sky when hopeful. Yet, when angry or threatened, occasionally her control over her mental sandstorm will falter, and the stinging winds will control all aspects of her thoughts. Even as a weyrling, her light alto tone will have a sense of maturity to it, howling winds serving as a backdrop for all others, but yet quiet, peaceful calm will meet your mind.


The theme this clutch was 'dragons' - from myths, legends, books, and even song. Your Avaeth's egg, Plucked from the Wallow, was based on Mercedes Lackey's 'Dragon Jouster' books - particularly on the crimson dragon Avatre who is the lead character (with her rider, Kiron). The 'Dragon Jouster' books are set in a fantasy-changed Ancient Egypt, where dragons exist and magic and the gods play an active role in both the lower kingdom (Alta) and the upper kingdom (Tia). Traditionally, dragons were caught just as they fledged and trained to accept a rider, though heavily drugged with the sedative Tala which forces them to be tractable. However, in the first book it is revealed that a single man, Ari, raised his Kashet from the egg, and the two have a deep bond, and Kashet will listen to Ari without the use of any drug, and will perform tasks that they would never set to another rider and dragon pair.

Kiron, a young Altan serf who has spent much of his life abused, finds himself suddenly a dragon boy and sets about procuring an egg of his own - an egg that eventually becomes his Avatre - a name which is translated to 'Fire of the Dawn' - and thus was the source for both Avaeth's hatchling name and her actual name.


Name Fire of the Dawn Gold Avaeth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By Niva
Impressee Zevida
Picture Lorena
Hatched April 20th, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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