Soldier's Charge Brown Aureliuth



Muddy brown, like the banks of a river, caresses over the form of this large brown, glimmers of auburn shimmering through the dark. A finely arched and long neck swirls with dark chocolate, almost black along the deep barrel of his chest and shoulders. Ripples of tan peek over predominant ridges that slope down the sleekness of his neck, thinning into oblivion amongst his shoulders. Further down, his waist, shoulders and hips intermingle with the color of crimson, lashing outwards in deadly array across wing membranes, splatters of arterial spray among ruddy brown wing fingers and spars. The intermingling of red and black clash down each well muscled limb, feet and toes giving way to darkness, though only the sharp talons on the ends of his feet are truly black. From hips to whip-thin tail, ridges of tan reappear, dappled in russet and raining down across the darkness of this brown dragon's tail, before red is once again washed away in darker brown rivers.


Aureliuth is built on solemn and leadership, a quiet voice of reason in the chaos that is called life. When there is anger, he is resolve… For how can one possibly lead when he allows emotions to rule his thoughts? «They are just petty things, L'nel, don't let the childish thoughts of others rule over your destiny.» His mind touch is like that of midnight field, the remnants of a battle left over as the smell of copper permeates his touch. It's a very quiet noise and feel, much like what a battlefield would look like. Minute noises of groaning can be heard in that touch, but it's so whispered, that one could doubt even hearing it.

He is strong when it comes to reason, swaying belief by talking out a situation and strategically planning his next move. He is a born leader, but when the time calls for it, he is willing to follow those he believes is capable of choosing the correct path for him.

He is loyal to three things; You, home, and family, in that order. As you are his rider, you are the beginning and the ends of his means, the general in his army and the king of his realm. Dictator as you are of decisions, he will always play the loyal advisor when the need is called for, trying to help your judgment by being an outwards eye in your realm of thinking. He is a loyalist at heart, and through that loyalty, you will take head of it. You are his chosen one, after all. The one who knew would lead him well, and yet be a kind companion to his needs.

When he's at a Weyr for long periods of time, he will consider it his home, his place of designation and loyalty, and no other's may defile the name of his Weyr… Not without a swift scolding from him, atleast. His leaders are respected, both rider and dragon a-like, only revolted against if they go up in arms against you.

His family comes from the sense that he might become attached to a female after a mating flight, or if a female shows interest in him, he will be loyal. Given the shortness of memory that dragons have, a mate and ditch won't bother him in the slightest… Maybe a little gloomy afterwards, but by the next day, he will be as right as rain, and ready to do the services that are required of him as a Weyr dragon.

In mating flights, Aureliuth will depend more on his stamina then agility, using his large bulk to physically interrupt other dragon's flight patterns toward the green or gold that is being chased. He will strategize and try to determine the best path to his victory, for love and war are not too far apart in his mind, and both deserve his utmost attention and decisiveness. He isn't a talker or a much of a crooner during flights, but challenging roars will sometimes evade his mouth, for they are the sound of battle. If he wins, he will be a bit prideful and attentive of his lady, if she sticks around. Again, if he looses, he might take it hard, and be depressed for a bit, but after a while, he'll be back to his normal self.

Name Soldier's Charge Brown Aureliuth
Impressee Lionel
Creator M'iri
Xanadu Weyr
Pernworld MUSH
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