Pure Ancient Energy Brown Atmath

This brown dragon seems almost hewn straight from one of Pern's oldest rock formations. His features look as though they were once sharp and clean but have been eroded over time. His hide also carries a weathered look, appearing cracked and blistered, though a run of the hand over it reveals it to be simply coloring. The hide itself is as smooth as any other dragon hide. Most of the dragon is a very earthen grayish brown, his claws and feet bordering on black. The top of him however takes on a very different shade, like his skin couldn't decide which color it wanted to be. It's slathered in a more golden brown, the color of freshly baked bread, which fades into a bluish tint on his head and neck ridges. This brown's eyeridges are pointed slightly inwards, giving his blue eyes an angry look to them. His snout is long and pointed, with a fierce-looking jaw that inaudibly snarls to anyone who views it head on. His wings have a tattered and cracked appearance to them, resonant from the way the coloring on his body has visually textured them. This brown's tail seems thicker than usual, and seems to want to stand straight up to whip back and forth at his leisure.

Egg Name and Description


Out of Balance Egg
This egg sits off-kilter in the sands, leaning to one side. No matter how many times the clutchmother tries to get it to sit upright, it just refuses to cooperate. The bottom of this egg almost looks like it would be bumpy when touched. There are areas of consistent gray color distinguished by dark brown lines, like a gathered pile of boulders at the edge of a cliff. Further up the egg the areas become longer, pulled into smoothed globs that wriggle and climb towards the top. These globs become thinner towards the peak, stretching into lighter tanned tentacles which fade into a more pleasant yellow and then a sky blue at the very top.

Hatching Message

Out of Balance Egg finally jitters, then quakes just a bit. There's just enough movement for it to tip over to lean a different way on its own. A bit more jittering and the egg does something remarkable it hasn't done ever - it stands up straight.

There's more jittering from the Out of Balance Egg. It rocks a little this way, a little that way, like it can't make up its mind whether to lean left or lean right. There seems to be an enormous amount of pressure building inside of rumbled bundle. Building… Building… Then suddenly the thinnest of cracks appears, slicing through the lower portions of the egg, where the gray fades into the brown globs as if they're finally trying to separate themselves from the rocky terrain below. But this hatchling was still not quite ready to emerge.

The Out of Balance Egg has come out of its shell, so to speak. It's jittering violently and jerking this way and that. It's angry now! Furious, even! All that pressure seems to have turned into a fit of reckless rage. The crack along the bottom grows, spidering out and spreading like a wildfire. This egg is bent on self destruction, bits and pieces cracking off and falling into the abyss of sand below. Then finally the shell cannot take the pressure, and the remaining pieces splinter and fall away in a triumphant display, leaving only the Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling left standing.

Impression Message

Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling is a tornado of dust and rock as he pushes himself away from the mess of egg he's left behind. Immediately his tail sticks straight up, the tip turned slightly to the side, like a flag announcing his arrival onto the sands. His wings unfurl, and he tries them out for bit before pulling one around to study it carefully. Dark talons grip and claw at the hot grains beneath them, scratching at the soft surface as the hatchling makes his first marks on the world. Other than the first push, he doesn't seem to care to move about much, even when he folds his wings back in the movement is slow and tired. Was this one going to make it?

Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling is content just to look around for a while. The small brown looks grumpy, as if he'd just woken up from a nap and had been having a good dream. His slightly overgrown tail flips and flops back and forth as he eyes up everyone watching him. Now who in this crowd was worth him waking up for? His tight jaws snap at a young boy. A feeble creature! Too young, not enough direction, not enough passion, not good enough! As the brown stalks through the sands he makes his way up close to several people, studying them before huffing at them. Then finally, he spots the one! Pushing a few others out of the way, he makes his way to /his/. A man with shaggy dark hair that falls into his eyes turns to the brown. It's Sh'dow, the guardsman. "…Atmath. Some food, before you eat someone." Sh'dow and Atmath study each other for a period, ignoring everyone else around them, before heading off.


This mind seems to sit at the edge of a cliff. Sometimes it is safe, down below a heavy overhang, shielded from the elements. Other times it seems to teeter on the edge of a long fall. When it is resting happily, this mind will be warm tones, lighter browns sometimes intermixed with patches of light blues. When it is angry, grumpy, or uncomfortable the tones change into dreary and grays, dark browns and blacks. When merely content, it will dwell in tones of that of the cliff side, neither dreary, nor warm, though it seems rarely in such a state. This mind, like the egg itself, seems to have trouble finding the balance and enjoys sitting in the extremes.


Atmath is based on the Atma Weapon.


Name Pure Ancient Energy Brown Atmath
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By R'miel
Impressee Sh'dow
Hatched June 2, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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