Beneath the Abysmal Seas Brown Arkonuth

Splotches of encrusted lichen brown mottle the sloping back and haunches of this hulking brown hatchling, clinging to almost every crevice and dip along his smooth lines. Faint hints of a darker mud brown shade peek out from beneath the lighter varying patterns, trying vainly to pull free of their overpowering existence into some view over his hind quarters. Draping strands of moss green tinged bleached brown encircle his tail, smothering any darker color as it slides sinuously down the entire length until it pools at his spaded tailtip. Masses of barnacle browns and pock-marked splotches of grey-brown hold close to the bridge of his square-cut muzzle, marching steadily from the crown of his head right to the tip of his overly wide nose. Veins of charcoal brown begin to creep through the light, dispelling the motley collection of pattern along his sides, chests and feet. Along his underside, the darkness has completely taken over in the form of an expanse of deep untouched bark brown. Even the long sweeping wings falling elegantly from his back have been encased in shadows, their wingsails an unblemished shade of chocolate brown with the exception of a few ragged speckles of light clinging to his muscular shoulders.

Egg Name and Description


Raging Seas Egg
Swaths of blue and green dip and swirl over the shell of this egg in a neverending pattern of dizzying twists and turns. A wall of cold blue-grey crashes mightily against the far side of the egg, rising up in a long swish of color to meet with an explosion of white and grey foam that sprinkles across the apex. Murky greyness shadows the little light that reaches the torrents of sea blue and green, causing dull reflections to touch at the ridges of color here and there over the swelling flood of hues that dominate the little ovoid. A veritable flurry of washed out misty green, foamy white and menacing steel blue swirl together into an interesting rendition of a whirlpool that almost appears to be draining away at the watery surface of the shell. Clouds of deepest black and dark blue flow together against the opposite side of the egg, providing a suitable contrast to the chaos of the whirling array of aquamarine doom that shadows it. While the shape is very vague, it almost has the look of something dark and menacing lingering beneath the depths of dingy color and watching steadily from below.

Hatching Message

A tremendous force rocks the Raging Seas Egg, like a gigantic tidal wave smacking the insides with great force. The ovoid is sent spinning a little, wobbling slightly on its base before settling back into a restive sleep in its secure depression of sand. The calm before the storm?

Raging Seas Egg is suddenly sent spinning in its spot like its own whirlpool, shedding little flakes of shell like some odd mockery of foam from crashing waves. A small hole starts at the very apex and steadily grows, shedding more bits of shell as it spreads in a flurry of activity. It almost looks as though the egg is being sucked inwards to the black void within. How long will the structure hold up to the sway of this oncoming storm?

The last of the shell from Raging Seas Egg is sucked inwards with an odd slurping sound as the rest of it collapses in on itself. A hulking brown mass is left within the remains of its home, slowly uncoiling himself to reveal his full bulk to the world at large. Fear the rise of the leviathan for he awaketh from his long sleep.


Swirling Vortex of Colors
Like the chaotic temper of Arkonuth, the brown's mind is equally chaotic. It is also much like the swirling vortex that the actual kraken makes when it surfaces from deep beneath the waves. When in a fit of one of his odd temper tantrums, Arkonuth will often try to drown the nearby dragons with a chaotic twisting cyclone of colors with no recognizable symbols in it at all. This does have a tendency to make other dragons dizzy, and in the beginning Arkonuth will do this regularily until taught to be a bit more polite about it and not send out a mental vortex of dizziness because he was itchy or hungry for some food. When calm and repentant for his misdeeds, Arkonuth's mind is like the sea - constantly swishing and roiling in an almost calming motion. It's steady, rhythmic and often soothing due to the deep varitone of his voice. It's only when his temper is on the loose that such a wonderful voice can turn into something so horrible.


Arkonuth's name is a motley scrambling of the word kraken, with a few extra letters thrown in for added spice. The egg description is based on the supposed whirlpool the kraken creates when it dives beneath the water due to its size. The hatchling desc is based on the original kraken, which is a half-crab/half-squid creature. The creature is usually fairly docile and just sort of hangs out on the ocean floor with all this moss and these sea critters clinging to its shell. Arkonuth is pronounced Arr-koh-nooth.


Name Beneath the Abysmal Seas Brown Arkonuth
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Brown Saenkarith
Created By Tylia
Impressee Lija
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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