Rackishly Charming Bronze Arinith

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Long and lean, and with a youthful bearing, this tarnished bronze dragon almost looks undernourished, though the only indication of that is his build. He's slender, certainly, and not quite as long as the average bronze, but he's healthy. His eyes whirl brightly, full of life, and his head is tilted at a rakish angle. His face lacks the classic handsomeness often associated with his colour, his muzzle is a little long and pointed, and his jaws appear to be set into a perpetual smirk, but it's full of character. But then, character is not something he's lacking. A nasty looking slash of green cuts across the right side of his neck, like a half healed scar, or an unusual birthmark. The exact placing of the scar is right in front of where the rider would usually sit, and would be quite clearly visible from that particular angle.
Arinith wears a study set of black leather straps. These straps are aesthetically pleasing as well as hardy and functional, complementing the bronze's tarnished hide well. R'miel has spared no expense on them, they are clearly made by a skilled tanner with the finest of hide, for both the comfort of the dragon and safety of the passengers.

-Sketch by Lorena

Egg Name and Description


Sand and Surf Egg

The surface of this egg appears to be roughly textured, mostly due to clever illusions, caused by the mixing of shading and colours. The very tip of the shell is a wildly churning ocean of deep blue, the shadows falling differently depending on the angle it is viewed from. A narrow stretch of foamy white joins the blue with the yellows and browns of the grainy lower part of the shell. Over it all is a distortion, like heat waves, which is only intensified by the heat of the sands.

Hatching Message

Sand and Surf Egg is on fire now, on a roll one might say. The egg has toppled over, cracking even further, and the blue top section has fallen off entirely, revealing a glimpse of green lurking in the shadows of the egg. A pair of hungry eyes peer out of the darkness, and then the Rakishly Charming Bronze Hatchling emerges, turning his head this way and that along the line, revealing a green slash on his neck.

Impression Message

The sands take on an odd appearance for a moment, both the same as and different than it was just a moment ago. The hatchlings are still stumbling around, the candidates are still shuffling uncomfortably on the hot hot sands, but there's something … else. It takes a moment, but then it becomes clear, everyone is shrinking, even the eggs. Well, perhaps shrinking isn't the best word for it, they're simply getting thinner, as if they've all gone on some kind of miracle diet. It's quite surreal, really. A voice interrupts, and the image dissipates, the sands as they were once more, though a gnawing hunger remains. «There's my Ramiel! You look like you've seen a ghost!» and a pause, before the introduction comes in a cheerful voice, «Arinith's the name.» The voice appears to be attached to the rakishly charming bronze that's looking into your eyes. «Food 'd be nice.»



Firstly: Why? Why did Arinith pick Ramiel, of all the candidates on the sands that day? Simply, he sought a kindred spirit. He sought freedom. He sought family, a friend, a buddy, an audience, and more. Someone to be there when he does that thing that will be talked about for turns. Someone to witness his greatest moments, and to remind him of them when he forgets. Someone to witness his worst moments, and to laugh about them with him later. And, occasionally, someone to keep him in line. All of this, he saw in Ramiel. Plus, he was starving out there!

Arinith will hatch raring to go, though he won't really have much besides youthful enthusiasm going for him, not just yet. His first efforts will be a little clumsy, as he tries to be the class clown of the clutch. He'll get up to the usual weyrling antics, tipping over the oil barrels, and so on, but he'll always be looking out for the next big thing, learning as he goes along. Before long he'll move on to encouraging the other weyrling dragons to ask their riders embarrassing questions, and after the flights lecture he may take to chasing the females, running after them on the ground, all innocent fun. He'll never mean anyone harm, and in fact he'll usually only 'tease' those he considers friends. Well, friends, and clutchmates. But there will be exceptions, when the mood strikes him.

Physically, the turns won't change him much. His 'scar' may fade with time, though it will never disappear entirely, and the skin there will flake and itch more than elsewhere — if there's a place to crack in between if it isn't oiled properly, that scar is it. Arinith will wear it as a badge of honour, and pretend he got it in some glorious manner, revealing another of his amusments: he will love to tell tall tales, the story of the time thread fell and only he was around to fight it, or how he caught Faranth that one time, clear fiction, but entertaining nonetheless. Weyrling clumsiness may add another scar or two, but these will heal, and the clumsiness will one day be a thing of the past.

In build, he'll always be wiry and lean, thanks to high metabolism. He may eat more than his clutchmates, but in similer portions, just more often. It may be a fight to get him enough food at first, as the weyrlingmasters will likely assume he's just greedy. When grown, this will equate to a herdbeast or two every second day, rather than two or three a week. Though he'll grow out of his youthful energy eventually, he'll always be active. There will be less running after his clutchmates, but there will be flying, and chasing after greens and golds in the skies.

Flights will be a thrill for Arinith, and likely Ramiel as well. Before the chase truly begins, Arinith will request Ramiel's memories of females he's wooed — or tried to — in the past, later including memories of previous flights. His curiosity on this matter may come as a surprise for that first flight, but it will serve to provide some small measure of warning for later flights. He will digest this information, or lack thereof if Ramiel opts not to share, and then he will take to the skies to woo the dragon accordingly. If Ramiel chooses to keep his memories to himself, Arinith will be a playful chaser, overplaying his agility when trying to catch a gold, and his stamina when trying to chase a green, with a cheerful air.

He'll recover quickly from a loss, there'll be other flights, after all, though he may encourage Ramiel to find a partner from time to time. Arinith isn't likely to become attached to any female, he'll cheerfully chase them all, though if Ramiel were to become attracted to a rider of a female dragon, Arinith might find himself preferring her over others. This tendency might be awkward, especially if the rider is weyrmated to another, as he'll never be particularly subtle about it.

When it comes time to choose a wing or an occupation, Arinith will follow Ramiel's lead, whatever the man should choose. Of course, his playful nature may not be much assistance as a weyrlingmaster, nor in any position of authority, but he will insist that Ramiel follow his dreams, for no-one's happiness is more important to him than that of his rider. Arinith's playfulness may get him into a little trouble on occasion, but he'll be optimistic. If he ever does get into serious trouble, well, he knows there'll always be other Weyrs, other Crafts, other positions. He will try to be more cautious in future though, as long as Ramiel reminds him to be.


Warmth of Summer and Humor

Arinith's mind voice is much like his attitude towards life, laid back and cheerful. He uses mostly warm tones, particularly fond of sand for some reason, whether it be a beach, a desert, or just a child's sandpit. His more youthful moods will be dominated by the sandpit, of course, with simple sand representations of whatever he's thinking about. The beach will feature more elaborate sand imagery, for example, the 'sand Weyr' will actually represent a specific Weyr in this one, and the beach will often mean his creative mind is speaking. Beware the desert, the barren stretch of rocks and sand, for this will mean Arinith is upset, and he'll never get upset lightly. However, if bones litter the desert image, it may just mean he's hungry.


"A person given to comical or outlandish behavior."
"Australian slang term for a clownish or rowdy person"
"A person who pays little attention to what others think about them, who breaks the rules of social convention and is prone to outlandish behaviour"
"A person may be classified as a larrikin if he or she meets some of these criteria: A larrikin is not concerned with the opinion of other people and so is not socially intimidated into modifying behaviour and structuring it around social norms. Larrikins are also not at all fazed by authorities of all kinds, including whatever power or authority they may possess themselves, and must not take themselves too seriously."

Personally, my first thought when the term 'larrikin' comes up is a mix of comedian and bushranger, one of Robin Hood's 'Merry Men' seems an amusingly literal example, though I think more Australian: Ned Kelly crossed with the Chaser team (comedians who actually fit the bill well enough on their own, probably best known at the moment for their 2007 APEC stunt) My second thought is 'freedom.'

It was this simple word - larrikin - that inspired your dragon, a simple word with a number of interpretations, chosen for the freedom that comes with that. (I also added a bit of Australia in there, most notably the egg and mind voice, because it was a nice fit) His name — Arinith — was created from the word larrikin.


Arinith and Ellamariseth. Thanks, Lorena!


Name Rackishly Charming Bronze Arinith
Dam Gold Noleandrath
Sire Bronze Illusiath
Created By L'ren
Impressee R'miel
Hatched February 10, 2008
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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