Valiant Pungent Reindeer King Brown Arendeth

On the larger side for a brown, Arendeth is nothing if not sturdy in form. While not overly muscled, his chest is broad and barreled, the deep brown hues the color of old leather and dappled with flecks of brown so deep it is nearly black. Robust in a way that is comforting instead of oppressive, Arendeth is possessed of a kind eye and sedate expression, looking more prone to warm hugs than grisly attacks. His head knobs and wingstays darkening to the color of rich bark and forest loam. Mighty wings, strong and broad, are graced with sails in rich russet hues that reflect the light in a dazzling display.

Egg Name and Description

Beware the Frozen Heart Egg
While not overly large, this egg is a swirling mass of color and light against a deep blue background. Shades of vivid jade and emerald green mingle with violet and pink in swirl misty strands of light that give the illusion of movement upon the ovoid's shell. From every angle the swirls of light and color draw one in, the pattern nearly hypnotic in its intensity.

Hatching Message

Beware the Frozen Heart Egg is in no hurry, after all, all things come in their own time. As the eggs around it hop and crack and shiver, it is still and silent, waiting for exactly the right moment.

Beware the Frozen Heart Egg pulses once, a single slow expansion that is reminiscent of taking a deep and cleansing breath. As that expansion of shell settles one just might note the presence of tiny, almost imperceptible cracks upon the ever shifting surface.

Beware the Frozen Heart Egg decides that it is time. Again, the egg seems to expand, the tracery of cracks adorning the shell widening and falling away as the life within stretches upward. As those brightly colored shards fall away, the small brown hatchling within stretches, stepping into its life with a serene certainty.

Impression Message

« T'gan » The name is uttered in your mind before the slow, steady brown even comes to a halt before you. With that voice, the scent of the forest washes over you, rich loam and green and growing things filling your senses. It is warm, that touch, deeply personal and absolute in its intensity. « You are the most extraordinary person, I love you with all that I am. » Those words, uttered with such certainty, are accompanied by the sense of laughter at your inevitable moment of wonder and disbelief. « I am Arendeth and my love is not fragile, but stomach aches and I hunger »


While Arendeth is quick to try anything, he's not too proud to fail and has a remarkable ability to take it in stride and laugh it off. One thing is for certain, you'll go far together and you'll have a great time doing it.

« What do you want, Tag? Do you want a snaaaack? »

« Ah, Ah, Ah… Share! »

Arendeth is always going to be there for you, Tag, bosom buddies, friends to the end, a helping hand to get you out of trouble (and to chide you for getting into trouble in the first place). After all, what could be better than a steadfast companion who will always have your best interests at heart? He's a wingman with actual wings! Granted, Arendeth does have the unfortunate habit of breaking into song without warning. Fortunately, you are the only who gets to (has to) hear that. Unfortunately, he can pretty much make up a song about anything. (And does)

Course, Arendeth is also the voice of reason, you should expect to have many conversations that contain phrases like « What are you doing? » « I don't think you've thought this through. » Still, he'll let you try and he'll be there to laugh at your attempts while helping you along. « Flawless! »

Be forewarned, though, Arendeth has no problem with talking to other people either on your behalf, in your defense, or just teasing you. He's a friendly guy and pretty willing to say what he thinks about most situations. But at his core, Arendeth has a Heroic Heart, the sort of heart that will go to great and impossible lengths for those he cares about. He might not be the biggest, the strongest, or the most capable, but Arendeth absolutely has more heart than anyone else on Pern. And hey! If he's not the Hero, he's OKAY with that too!

Flights: « Hold on! We like to go fast! » Whether or not Tag actually likes to go fast? Arendeth is CERTAIN he must. Arendeth is a daredevil to his core (Even if it is not always intentional). Going all in is the name of the game and he's good with it. Course, unlike some males, Arendeth is definitely a cuddler and he will absolutely make a point to check in on the females he catches at regular intervals. He's sweet, though, if not a little awkward at times.


Mighty fjords make up the landscape of Arendeth's mind, crystal waters shimmer in sunlight and moonlight, both, the jagged cliffs adorned with thick snow-capped forests stretching up and out as far as the eye can see. Mountains of ice float on the crystalline waters, reflecting the light of the sky regardless of the time. Beneath the towering mountains of snow and ice, a crystalline castle can be spied, a wondrous construction of ice and wonder.


Kristoff from Disney's Frozen!


Name Arendeth
Dam N/A
Sire N/A
Created By F'inn
Impressee T'gan (Taegan)
Hatched ???
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