One Thousand and One Stories Green Anstarath

Rich, glossy forest green clings to this green's hide - palm sized patches overlapping along the entire length of her small form. With each patch comes a slightly different shade, though all are in the same range, like numerous leaves, each getting a different amount of sunlight. Her body is lean, curving in beneath the ribs slightly, haunches rounded out slightly before tapering to a neatly sculpted tail. Yet, from along the smooth line of her belly, a paler sage green feathers up, the washed out hue of desert shrubs, lightly touching the inner areas of each overly long limb, curling spreading branches around each small paw. The majority of her neck is the deep green of flourishing foliage, aside from a streak of sage across her narrow muzzle, like a veil hiding away her face from beneath faceted eyes. Dark ridges run down her back, between large wings, each sail speckled with pale sand hues, dusted by the wind.

Egg Name and Description


Globular Glitter Egg
Rather squat for a dragon egg, this one is just that..squat, fat, dumpy, and short. To add to this oddity is the overall appernace of being lumpy, bumpy, and rather rough in texture. Now all this might be fine on the creamy surface if it weren't for the globs of runny white that polkadot the surface, each one covered in a mixture of sparkling blues, greens, golds, red, purples and more. A few of these globs have smeared into each other to create mishapped flowers as well as something that very well could pass for a heart as it encircles the very top of the shell.

Hatching Message

Globular Glitter Egg is stuffed to the brim, the contents threatening to spill out over the Sands below. A firm shake is given the unsteady egg, as it sits, waiting impatiently until it can be opened.

Globular Glitter Egg continues to be impatient, that which is within shifting and bumping, settling down, but nevertheless causing a crack down one side, pushing at the seams, specks of bright hues chipping and falling down. Who cares about the mess?

Dawn is here! Stockings must be checked! And so, without caution for its container, the sides of the Globular Glitter Egg are pushed out, the creature within tumbling to the sands as it is upended, the glittery shell leaving a minor explosion over the area, covering anything that is too close.

Impression Message

A warm, gentle breeze floats into your mind, carrying with it the gentle sound of miniature bells, and of wild roses blooming in the distance. Gauzy layers of blues and greens flutter, lifting away and revealing the mind beneath. « Angelyka. Angel. We will take on the world, spin our stories for all to hear. We will outsmart them all. Anstarath and Angel. » And then the calm voice wavers slightly, and your mind is flooding with the scents of fresh bread, ripe fruit, and salted fish. « But first, may we eat? »



Your Anstarath lives for secrets, suspense, and stories - and from the start, she'll be poking and prodding, trying to discover what she can, begging for tales, and hording them away like her own little treasures. « Angel, tell me about when you were promoted. Tell me, please? » And, once you tell her, she'll stores bits and pieces away in your head, asking you now and then to refresh her mind, retelling the story, keeping her memory up to date.

When it comes to getting stories, Anstarath will use her cunning to her advantage, to find out whatever she can. « Tomokoth Won't you tell me about Eastern? » She's not above flirting, and making suggestions to find out what she wants. At the same time, she's quick to turn around and use stories to draw others in, cutting off at just the right point to indebt them to her later. She draws people in with beauty, and then catches them with her thorns, like a wild rose.

However, despite the tricks she employs on others, she's totally loyal to you, and she always will be. « Angel, won't you come sit in the sun with me? » For you, all there is are the sweet smelling petals.

She loves being coddled, she'll try and convince you to invest in lightly scented oils, at least for her more important features - nostrils, eyeridges, and headknobs. Add to that her desire for a special, soft brush for bath time, she'll keep you busy. She'll apply the same requirements to you and your living space as to herself - pretty, neat, and mysterious. Once out of Weyrlinghood, she'll encourage you to wear fun, girly things, and decorate your weyr with rich fabrics, hanging curtains around a bed, and generally living in luxury.

Her grace in storytelling is mimicked in physical grace, though, the majority of is reserved for when she's in the air. While she can move easily enough on ground - an even pace that she maintains without issues - it's once she's in the air that her grace is proven. Her small size allows her quick turns, and spins, diving and climbing, motion alluring.

When it comes to flights, she uses her size and speed to lead her chasers on across the sky - favoring the loops, the sharp turns, and the sudden flips - always leading them guessing what will happen next, drawing them in with ease.

Why Angelyka? Anstarath seeks to entertain, and to define herself based on her accomplishments, rather then simply following the same path as the rest. She sensed that same drive in Angel because of her craftwork, and her ability to stand out from the rest of her large family.

Of course, these are just ideas, and Anstarath is yours to play as you will.


Hidden by Veils
Your Anstarath's mind seems, at first contact, much more reserved and feminine then the rest of her personality. She adores the rich colors of foreign silks - reds and golds, turquoise, blue, and even deep green - the cooler colors generally present, while the reds and golds appear as her temper begins to flare, and emotions begin to rise. The more excitement, the more gold you will find laced through her thoughts, zigzagging each and every way. The most prominent scent of her mind is that of wild roses - sweet and relaxing - though beneath it is the scents of a bustling open-air marketplace. Fresh bread, overripe fruit, fish and other animals out for the consumer all mingle, nearly indistinguishable from each other, coming and going with her energy. Her voice itself is calming, and reassuring, like an experienced storyteller, knowing exactly how to spin her words to keep interest. A soft tinkling of bells provides a constant backdrop for her words, like small bells attached to one's clothing, sounding in rhythm which each step.


This cycle's egg theme was 'Elementary school projects', and the Globular Glitter Egg was created by Tay. This is what he has to say about the inspiration:

The Globular Glitter Egg was created by Tay, based on a Christmas project by her son. This is what she had to say on it: While this egg may not be the prettiest thing around it's one of my more favorite things to look at come Christmas time. My son made a stocking at school for one of their Christmas time art projects and this egg is loosely based upon that since both of them are covered in uneven globs of glue and glitter.

Your Anstarath's name comes from the Persian name 'Nastaran' which means Wild Rose. You asked for a bold, feminine dragon, and I thought the name fit her well. While a rose is beautiful, it is well able to defend itself, withholding a surprise for those who threaten it. The Persian source of the name fit well, because your dragon is a Persian one.


Your Anstarath herself is based on Scheherazade (Shahrzad in Persian), a Sassanid Queen, and the main character in the frame tale of 'The Book of One Thousand and One Nights'. The tales within the book were written by various groups over the ages, and include Aladdin, Ali-baba and the 40 Thieves, and Sinbad the Sailor.

The frame tale goes that the Sassanid emperor, King Shahryar, discovered his first wife in league with a lover and plotting to kill him. In retaliation, Shahryar decreed that each night he would marry a virgin, and each morning, he would have her beheaded. It is while this is going on that Scheherazade concocts a plan of her own, and agrees to marry the King.

On her wedding night, she began telling the King a tale, and as dawn came, left it is a cliffhanger. As the king was intrigued, and wished to hear the remainder of the story, he left her alive for another day. Each night she told a tale, and each morning she left her husband hanging, ensuring her continued existence. After 1001 nights of stories, she was the mother of three sons, and had gained the trust of her husband. Pardoned, she remained his wife, and no longer had to fear the dawn.


Name One Thousand and One Stories Green Anstarath
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Impressee Angelyka
Created by Tay (Egg), Niva
Hatched November 18, 2006
Xanadu Weyr, PernWorld MUSH
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