From the Bottom of the Sea Green Anlyth

Slender of build is she, who's the color of a sycamore tree. The deep green-blue color of the sycamore spreads over the entire body of this slender dragon, though the dark hue is not uninterrupted. A shaded spruce tone creates the reflection of waves upon her sleek sides and slim back, trailing all the way up the top of her long neck, and dispersing into nothingness by her head knobs, and cascading down her longer tail. Seaweed of a medieval forest's shade cling to her finely made legs and feet, which are a little short for her otherwise spindly proportions, leaving her talons to the murk of a weedy sand. Wingsails are as dark as the rest of her, making them appear thinner than they are, as an island's palm membrane stretches between each of the spars. Her triangular head mimics the thinness of the rest of her body, almost entirely the hue of the sycamore, if it wasn't for the splash of island palm upon the tip of her dainty muzzle.

Egg Name and Description


Far Side Of The World Egg
A rather small egg, it appears as if it has been wrapped in an old hide map. It's spherical shape makes it more fit to be a globe than an egg. Sepia lines run longitude and latitude over the blotchy gold and cream surface - a grid, precise but faded as if by sun and time. These lines, however, are not numbered… And the bold outlines of variously shaped small islands -mountainous islands if those are elevation lines- haven't names or any sort of labeling. Which direction is North? It cannot be determined, but each time the egg is turned a new section of this interesting archipelago is revealed.

Hatching Message

Far Side of the World egg rolls once more, out of it's little nest in the sand. The shell finally gives in fully to the stress from inside. A side crumbles away like old weakened leather, the water within spilling out onto the sand in the form of a green hatchling.

Impression Message

Rich, silky reds slip into your mind, a soft overlay of gold weaving in and out, while the salty scents of the ocean take over. The chink of toasting mugs, and a husky voice offers a greeting. « You look as if you could help me. I'm Anlyth, and I will be yours. » A pause and the golds gain precedence. « First, though, a bite to eat? »


Words that would describe Anlyth include: Sensual, Manipulative, Confident, Flirtateous, Persuasive, Well-spoken, Poetic, Self-possessed, Persistent, And Pushy (in a polite manner).

Your Anlyth is, like those who inspired her, very much a woman - and she knows it. This is going to be an issue with her both as a weyrling and after she's fully grown.

First and foremost Anlyth is a sensual dragon - she understands that she is different from the males in the clutch and that both her and her rider have something others want- themselves. As such, she'll use it to her advantage, flaunting about to convince others she is right. «Ersieth - would you not wish to give up your spot to me? I would make it an acceptable sacrifice, but for my» … stretch… «exhaustion.» While every male may not fall for it, she'll never abandon the technique because there /will/ always be those it works on.

Her requests are often posed in extremely formal, overly elaborate and sometimes even downright archaic language, her actual meaning disappearing behind the poetry. At the same time, her flowery prose allows her to manipulate others without them realizing it, at least until too late. Many will simply assume that she means one thing, agreeing to it quickly, only find out things are not precisely what they appear. This allows her to be extremely manipulative, coaxing whatever she wants out of others.

Anlyth always holds herself with a certain sense of confidence, back straight, nose often in the air, having a bit of a superiority complex, she will not often stoop to deal with that petty arguments of those around her, instead choosing to merely ignore them, if she is unable to otherwise distract them from the problem. Distraction solves everything, at least in Anlyth's mind, and she is completely confident in her distracting abilities, she will rarely give up until something happens.

When it comes to flights, she is all female - taunting and teasing, completely suggestive, with nothing out of bounds. Flights will be short, quick, but dizzying, great heights, drops, twists and loops commonplace. Also - just because a male won her flight doesn't mean she'll feel any lasting attachment - Its all just for fun, after all.

Why Medani? She enjoyed talking about learning, about the language. She was interested in the attachments between Medani and the others in the class, and she enjoyed the confidence that comes with being a Harper.


Sultry Suggestions in the Ocean Air
Anlyth prefers to use deep colors when she mindspeaks, her favorite being rich golds and reds with a smooth almost silky look and 'feel' to them. These colors are accompanied with the smell of the salty ocean breeze, oak, and the distinct scent of alcoholic beverages. Her actual 'voice' is husky and deep but very much feminine with the quiet sound of clanking mugs present in the background. Communication with her will leave the taste of a sweet wine in a person or dragon's mouth.


Far Side of the World egg followed the theme of the clutch which was 'companion pairs'. The pair that this egg was based off of are Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin from "Master and Commander" as well as the whole series that by Patrick O'Brian that the movie was based from. Not only were these pairs colleagues on the H.M.S. Surprise (One the Captain and the other the Physician), they were friends, confidants and even practiced their music together.

Your Anlyth took some of the qualities you liked from the egg, but she has also evolved quite a lot to become more of the ideal dragon you requested. After careful thought and a bit of gender transformation, and a lot of sleep deprivation - it was noted that the characteristics you requested mimic those of a sultry medieval bar wench. Able to hold her own, she used her assets to her advantage - flirting both subtlety as well as not subtly at all, speaking in flowery prose and always in full control of any situation.

Her name comes from 'Alyn' - a German word meaning noble. While not necessarily of noble rank, both Anlyth and her inspiration hold themselves well, creating the illusion of proper upbringing - at least on the surface.

The 'Far Side of the World Egg' was made by T'eo, while Anlyth was a joint effort by Kysli, Lahela, and Niva. We hope you enjoy her!


Name From the Bottom of the Sea Green Anlyth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By T'eo, Kysli, Lahela, Niva
Impressee Medani
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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