Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Alosynth

Deep emerald caresses the sinuous shape of this tiny green — arrayed with rivulets of subtle design that slip across a dainty muzzle and long, elegant head knobs. A shimmer of turquoise gleams through the deeper shades of her regal neck, glazed with a subtle, mottled sheen. This watermarking continues over her small-set chest and shoulders, strands of jewel-toned seaweed floating up wing bones only to be obliterated by the sea's incoming tide. Across wing sails, mixed shades deepen to nearly true blue, rippling waves over each spar and across the dappling of viridian islands that follow wing fingers like a chain. Narrow hips and short, slightly chubby limbs, are flecked with navy, descending to nearly lightless depths, that turns to black along the curve of blunt talons. A whip-like tail follows behind her dainty, elegant form, waves of grass underwater transitioning, just as her limbs do, from light down into darkness, pooling into a brackish green at the fork.

Egg Name and Description


The Ocean's Deception Egg

Sunken deep in darkened waters is the make of this little, round shell— ripples of yellow and foamy white across the surface of light and dark blue. From the rounded top, the foam fades from light sky blue to a royal blue, glimmers of red and green shot through like finger fish swimming about. As the the bulk of the shell itself sits above the hatching sands, a dark gray can barely be made out in the navy blue. A few pieces of gray have broken off from the main bulk, but for the most part the water logged gray remains intact. Silvery lines attach the gray to a brown bulk that fades into the blue, though one side looks unhinged as if smashed. Just above where the egg sinks securely into the welcoming heat of the sands, the navy blue finally fades to a pure black, giving a sense of depth between top and bottom of the shell.

Hatching Message

The Ocean's Deception Egg shivers just a little, the transition of colors making it seem like the design itself has moved, even though obviously the egg has. Though, at second glance… has it moved at all? It's hard to be certain, but that one dark spot seems to have shifted slightly to the left…

The Ocean's Deception Egg shivers again, this time giving the impression of waves across a sea as the shell turns sluggishly in it's sandy wallow. After a few minutes of this continued shivvering, a small *pop* can be heard, and the egg cracks right along the greyish markings on the shell, splitting the silver clear in half and oozing a bit of the egg's contents onto the sands.

With a bit of Finality, The Ocean's Deception Egg tips from the embrace of it's wallow, falling with a loud *crack* as it meets the higher line of the sands around it. It stills and holds shape for a second, before the two halves fall away and crumble under the weight of it's former occupant, creeling and wet in the wake of hatching.

Impression Message

A soft hum penetrates your mind, picking up with speed as it passes the sounds of the hatching grounds, before drowning it all out save for it's own humming. For a minute, that is all that sounds, until the soft brush of feathery hairs grace across your mind, much like a well-kept feline rubbing against your face. « Keziah? » Is the soft, alto inquiry, hesitant at first as if making sure it is you, « It is you, then. I am Alosynth. Your Alosynth. » The last is said in a pleased tone, proud that she has made that simple connection between you and her. Suddenly, the soft fur becomes sodden, drooping under a weight that makes it less lively. « Keezzziiiaaahhhh…. will you help me find food? My stomach /hurts/. It needs nurishment! » A soft sigh of want, and yet intense pleasure at the same time. « Please? » And thus the hum and fur receeds a little so as not to block out the world — but leaving you with a new, eternal, connection upon your mind.



Alosynth from the beginning will be an elegant creature, borne of grace that defies one so young, and have her own subtle beauty which she will excude in her movements, but on a consious level be totally unaware of the kind of beauty she has. And even in some aspects, she won't even care. One could define her as "the lovely tom-boy", with a more masculine personality stuck in a feminine body… and from the start, despite her outter exterior, she will be that little boy that she is on the inside. Playing with her brothers will come to the forefront as a young dragonet, and she won't be intimidated in the slightest about talking about those things that little girls might find squeamish— bugs, the squishy texture of mud, what a trundle bug smells like when it's been smooshed — just because she fails to see what is so disgusting about it. It's just life, right? Bugs are bugs… and she won't see them past those technical terms, just like raw meat is just food, even if it grosses you out that you have to carve it for her to eat.

If you take this same intense interest in things, she'll follow right along with you, and a long with that touch of tom-boy, she'll show an aptitude for connecting the dots on how things work long before anyone else might. That a trundle bug, infact, *will* stink horribly if you smoosh it… or that as a green, she is female, and will one day fly away to be caught by a male dragon. She has an intellect that is high on the scale, but is subtle in her indication of it, and sometimes, it's only you that knows just how intelligent your Alosynth is, because she'll only tell you the answer to something that might seem to elude most, but is painfully obvious to her.

As she grows, the sharp contrast between her feminine side and tom-boy personality will elide better, and though she'll never be a giggler and the type that fawns over a beautiful flower, she'll come into her own as a female. She'll still like bugs, but she won't be so obvious about it, maybe mentioning it to you, but learning to edit herself around others if it makes them squemish. In the same way that she learns to adapt to conversation, she also learns to play the mellow part in each endeavor, taking the time to sit back and examine something before acting upon it — for it's just another puzzle she can put together, weither it be in conversation, or examining choices in life. She'll be the voice of reason in situations that you might jump into without thought, stopping for just a second, encouraging you to evaluate the outcome of your choices. Mind you, Alosynth will never supress you entirely, and if your insistant enough in what your plans are, she'll gladly follow through with your every step. Ultimately, she only has you at heart, and your happiness means everything to her… so, much like the tide, she'll ebb and flow depending on what she deems morally correct.

« Keziah… Why? Is there a reason? Explain it to me. »

Alosynth will never fail in her curiousity of the world, forever in awe, and forever pining to *know*, because everything must have an answer, right? When she finally asks about why Thread will never return, her understanding might be difficult, because she knows innately, it's what she was made for. And for a little while, she will feel depressed that it will never return. « … Isn't that our purpose? What do we do, now, that is so important? Are we… Are we useless now, Keziah? » This is one thing that might forever sit badly with Alosynth, because along with the tomboy curiousity, and intelligence… she hates feeling a lack of purpose. She wants to know she is useful. Maybe it's some stride to prove she's good ,even though she's a green, or just some inner endeavor to prove herself to… herself. Either way, you find her pushing to have a "purpose", and through you, having a purpose, as well. This might make Alosynth best placed in a Search and Rescue wing, or a wing where she actively feels like she's making a difference. With enough imagination, if you so wanted to, you could pull it off in the Crafter Wing, but as long as she feels that sense that she's needed, and useful.

« What… what's wrong with me? Inside, I feel… I feel like I'm burning. »

Alosynth's first proddines will be an interesting one(And potentially all her subsequent ones), for even though she has all the answers and can clearly point out the signs in another female, she can't understand them in herself. For, as they say, it's one thing to know, and quite another to experience. This will be Alosynth, suddenly awkward by this change in herself, and she will notice it… as well as you might, since your green will also show all the signs. The sea alive with lava, she'll glow like a muted burning ember, and the confidence of her tomboyishness will ebb away into uncertainty, thrown off by the sudden changes in herself. Any boys that are forward with her will recieve a very shy side of the little green, and if they push too far? That snapping pain of her mind-voice will likely set them straight.

When she's finally taken to the skies, your Alosynth will be all agility, making the most of the clouds by twisting them into oblivion with barrel rolls, and dips that might leave some of the larger bronzes breathless. Her flights would be a sight to behold for those who view it, for she'll favor acrobatics, and the same will apply for those who chase her. If they can't show the same amount of grace, then they arn't worthy of such as her. Quick of body and mind, that is certainly the appeal for your Alosynth, and it's what she will quite likely look for in those who might potentially catch her… for what good is a man, if you can't verbally spar with him, in the process? Especially in an intelligent manner.

Once her flight is over, Alosynth will go back to her typical self, and the catchee will be forgotten, unless you show some favor towards that particular dragon and rider duo… then her interest tends to be swayed by your own interests.


Golden hairs are the main touch of this mind, much like a cat rubbing against someone's face — soft, ticklish, and yet always moving, like it's being wind-blown. As she gets excited, the "fur" or hair might become more flurried, the excitement buzzing through the strands of her mind. Think of a bunch of kittens, all at once becoming excited and tackling a piece of yarn, and all that furry excitement going on, and you've got Alosynth's mind touch when she's excited. Unlike a cat, though, when she's calm, the hair will swish back and forth like seaweed under water, a sort of caressing movement that can be slightly hypnotising.

Her anger, and flight are two predominantly opposite reactions from her typical… and that's when that hair becomes "whip-like", stinging when the time calls for it to the point of physical pain. This side of her isn't revealed too often, but when it is, step back laddies, she's not one to take things lightly when she's pissed. In the face of a flight, she might retain this biting mental voice, as well — especially if there are those who get into a verbal sparring match with her. Oh, she'll enjoy every second of it, but she will give them a sound beating for every one of their counter points.

The only one that will never experience this is you, Keziah, because you are her heart, the one who could *never* bring her to this point of anger. Your future Weyrmates? Male dragons? … Stupid people? Sure, but never, ever you. It would be like attacking herself, for you are just the other side of herself, are you not? In any disagreement you two might have, she'll stay to her calm side… maybe even calculatingly cold if your being exceptionally stupid, but never painful and angry.

Golden, Wind-Blown Strands dance about your mind's vision, always just at the tip of sight before it disappears into the darkness. For a few minutes this continues, leading you further and further into the depths of it's own maze… luring you away from the sands about you. Finally, the jovial chase stops, and the hairs blow gently in your direction, caresses of hair like a soft feline or canine as it stands their waiting for your next move. A mental sneer crosses the expanse between you and the strands, daring you to guess it's true nature, it's ultimate intent in the chase of minds it's led you on…

Golden, Wind-Blown Strands suddenly leaps forward, the golden strands dancing into brown as the colors inner mix in your mental vision. As it does so, it latches on, clamping down in what for a split second feels like pain, but in the end turns out to be the sheer need to -know-. Without much request, the soft golden turns to whips, lashing at your memories with an eagerness that reminds one of a child raiding the cookie jar. Pulling forth each simple memory — the sky, grass, particular flowers you've seen before, people, dragons it demands to know what each is, and what it means. The vice grip slowly ebbs with each picture, suddenly coming upon memories, both happy… and sad, within your life. It doesn't understand, but the ripple of empathy is there as it views each like a treasure, sunlight settling across the yellow tendrils to make them come a-light in a softer tone.

Golden, Wind-Blown Strands continues to entangle your mind as eventually each memory is rifled through — it begins to piece together information about you, and your life… as if this might help figure out some bigger puzzle it has not yet revealed. Slowly, the grip falls away and the caress returns, flicking across your mind as if standing behind a beautiful, blond woman in the breeze. Your purpose is complete, it has gained what it wants from you, and with that same sneer of before… it thanks you for your willingness or possibly unwillingness to answer it's questions and piece together it's knowledge. The sunlight around the mind ebbs into moonlight, and there is a feeling of tiredness there. A simple glare is turned your way, as if wondering why your still there as it curls up back into the recess of it's own darkness. The feeling of the glare intensifies for a moment before a sheer amount of pain lances across the connection, as if you'd suddenly been hit in the back of the head. As that feeling passes, the link of before is gone, cut with little consequence of the life-line, leaving still a bitter ache in it's wake…


The Ocean's Deception Egg, following the theme of this clutch which is "Young Adult Mysteries", is based upon "Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Blonde Wig". Which, follows a short story of figuring out who destroyed a race-boat's rudder. The Mind voice is based upon the Blonde Wig, and the person wearing it… or, maybe the person running from you to make a get away. The evolving form of the mind voice is to intermesh it with your own requests, so that Alosynth's voice may become something all her own. :)

Her personality is based on Encyclopedia Brown's friend, Sally Kimball… who in her own right, is a pretty smart lass, herself. :) A few quirks were added to what you wished, but over all, I think Sally and Alosynth were made for you, the personality and your request working out rather well. She was also inspired and created while listening to "She's Country" by Jason Aldean on your playlist, which contributed to her more "tomboy" and "I don't care what you think, I'm me!" kinda personality. :D (Love you music choices, btw! XD

Also as a last note, Alosynth is derived from the name "Halosydne", which means 'Sea-born' in Greek. I've been pronouncing it as "AL-oh-sin-th", but ultimately the pronounciation is up to you. )

I hope you enjoy her as much as I've enjoyed making her, and as always, the RPtips are just suggestions for a personality, but she was made just for you, so make her as you wish her to be. ~ M'iri :)


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And NPC Pairs:
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Name Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Alosynth
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By M'iri
Impressee Keziah
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

1st dragon and coloring of both - Keziah
2nd Dragon Lineart by R'owan

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