A Promise Lives Within Bronze Alhenaeth

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Moonless night hangs over a lithe form, darkness lit within by flurries of molten bronze pooling in each crevice. His refined muzzle is set awash in midnight tones, ale bronze overtaking the night to frame expressive eyes, pouring over uncharacteristicly dainty cheeks. Robed by velvet, his lean neck shudders with green-gold fire along each muscular line, flowing down to brush each neckridge with light. Jet black and honey swirl over a muscled chest, finely wrought by a master craftsman, feather wisps of iridescent copper edging soft curves. Bronzed silk folds over sharp shoulders, spiralling upward into translucent wingsails, platinum starlight shining heavenly along pinions of muddy bronze. Shadows cover his lean belly and haunches, ribbons of amber light staying the darkness to flicker down into a curving tail, held proudly aloft for the admiration of others. His cloaked paws, smaller than most bronzes, weave molten darkness and ruddy copper light down each dainty toe, talons of black adamant shining out from the darkness. Dragon__Alhenaeth_by_kaleeko.png

Egg Name and Description

SummersSplendor.gif Summer's Splendor Egg
Half sky blue and half golden tan caress this egg, wrapping it in sunlight and warmth. The upper half, so neatly laid out by the mother, is peaceful blue, marked with marshmallow clouds that float by on a lazy summer wind, adding an aura of calm that surrounds the shell. The lower half of the orb is a sunlit tan, fields and fields of grain rolling as far as the eye can see into the distance. Pale, sunfiltered splotches of green dot the sloping horizon, sprinkles of trees against the blue and gold backround. Perhaps most striking is the darker tan that runs along the shell in bold streaks, stretching into the distance and cleaving the meadow of grain in two, forming a smudging fence dividing the field. Almost completely hidden by the sand it rests in is a tiny dollop of brown that covers the wider end of the egg, a rich and fertile soil for planting.

Hatching Message

A soft breeze seems to float over the fields of the Summer's Splendor Egg, setting it to wavering in it's sandy niche before stilling a moment later. Stronger breezes come, the egg shuddering in response, the hairline cracks that spread over the fertile loam threatening to break the peaceful scene apart. A faint pounding is heard for only a moment as a single crack appears alongthe fence line and the waves of grain shatter into tiny bits, leaving the former occupant on the hot sands.

Impression Message

A familiar touch floods your mind, overwhelming you at once as the soft sound of bells and the plucking of a harp fills your mind, slow and soothing, wrapping you in love and warmth. Amid the sound, watery sapphire drips, spreading in concentric circles that wash over you lovingly. And then, out of the feelings, a voice resounds, strong and deep, richly layered, « Perhaps you are not quite as hyper as I thought, my C'ian. » It trails off slowly before you realize that it is coming from the little bronze before you, as well as the feelings that flood your soul, making you complete when you never realized something was missing. « Even if you are, I am here now and forever, and I am Alhenaeth » the deep voice booms again, turning more loving as it touches you lightly, « We will have fun, my C'ian. But for now, perhaps some food? »



What is Alhenaeth's personality? One word can sum up what your bronze thinks is most important: elegance. Everything with Alhenaeth is elegant, his moves, his voice, his thoughts. He is perfect in that way, always wanting to be the best, better than all the other hatchlings, more perfect than they are is what he strives to be. That's not to say he doesn't have a soft side. He does, and that soft side is C'ian. Your bronze may tease you a little bit, but deep down, he loves you more than anything else. He's strong in that sense, always ready to defend you should the need arise and always ready to comfort you as well. He's a pillar of strength to his bond. While he may be strong, fun is something he's not very sure about. He doesn't mind fun, he just doesn't really know how to do it. He's do anything, so long as it's not being foolish and hyper. Being hyper is something he doesn't do well at all, and he'll let you or anyone else know that he doesn't care for it.

Alhenaeth will never be like the other dragons from his clutch. He'll always be a loner, only you will be leaned upon for support, though he tolerates the other dragons and their chatter, joining in every now and then if the subject is interesting enough. He'll always be a little distainful of the hyperness that seems to surround him, and to him, hyperness is /always/ around him. « Honestly C'ian, just what do you think you are doing? » and « Shards, you're embarassing me! » will be two of his favorite lines in life. Music will be his passion, even helping you write a few tunes which he'll later badmouth, « Ugh, terrible! Those notes are all wrong, C'ian. Like this! » Of course, in the times he needs to be, your bronze will be amazingly supportive, a pillar of strength who will never let you down, « Oh, my C'ian, I still love you…I really do… » Alhenaeth's outward appearance is a dragon who is elegant above all else. He's a smallish bronze, which means his steps are dainter than most, though not girlish. Each movement is planned carefully, as is each thought before he says it. He's not one to play in the mud, unless he loses a flight perhaps. Fun is a bit unknown to Alhenaeth, though he can work on it. He'll need C'ian to show him the ropes a little, « So swimming is getting in the water when I'm not dirty? And I'm supposed to get all the others wet? Well, okay… » He'll get used to having fun, it'll take time though, and he'll never lose his elegance, be it flight or swimming. When it comes to flying, Alhenaeth is at home. He loves flying, and he /loves/ tricks like spinning in the air, mostly because of the fits it gives everyone, from C'ian to the Weyrlingmasters, « Oh, C'ian, I /have/ to show you my new triple air spin! I hope your buckled in! » AFter all, to Alhenaeth, tricks in the air is not hyperness, it's showing off how wonderful and graceful he is. Speaking of flights, the mating kind will be something interesting when Alhenaeth is around. He knows he's bronze, and he plans to show it off when it comes to mating flights, be it green or gold. At first he doesn't show much interest in the proddy lady, at least not up until the flight. Even if you ask him about it, he'll show indifference, « I suppose Dragoneth is looking lovely today. But not as nice as I do when I've sunbathed. » When the object of affection takes to the skies, then he's a little bit of a Romeo, since he assumes all female dragons would love to have /his/ company. « My darling sky-lady, why do you run so? A ballet in the skies is meant for you, and I would love you be your partner! » Alhenaeth is a bit of a mope when he loses, but normally he'll cheer up by himself rather quickly, « Well, it's her loss, choosing that ugly brown instead of me! » In general, Alhenaeth is elegant above all else, at least on the outside, and a bit of a snob, though he's totally devoted to C'ian.

Why did Alhenaeth choose C'ian out of all the others in the sands? True that Alhenaeth liked C'ian even when he was in his shell, but C'ian is the person who Alhenaeth could fit with most. C'ian is almost the opposite of Alhenaeth in personality, unafraid to be himself and not caring what anyone thinks about him, and that kind of self assuredness attracted Alhenaeth right from the get go. Besides that, C'ian was the only candidate who didn't try desperatly to appeal to the Summer Splendor Egg, he was himself and laid it all out for the dragonet to see. Because C'ian didn't try to hide anything, Alhenaeth thought more highly of him than anyone else. Alhenaeth needed someone who could support him and he wanted someone who he could support in turn. That's why he choose C'ian.


Shuddering Morning Dew Drops
Alhenaeth's voice is a millions different feelings at once inside your mind. He does love the color blue, the colors used since in the egg, and a million different shades are always in his mind, moving and turning, constantly in motion. Silver is his other favorite, silver like chiming bells caught in the sunlight for the briefest glimmer. Even the sounds of bells coats Alhenaeth's thoughts, medium in pitch, not thin and reedly, and not deep bass either. That would be the best way to describe Alhenaeth's voice as well. If he were a singer, he'd be a tenor for sure, though his voice holds a beauty to it that's almost overwhelming at times. It's singsong with a way of wrapping around you and getting deep inside you. Even scent can be caught through Alhenaeth's mind, his personal scent a mixture of sandalwood and cinnimon that is uniquely Alhenaeth.

Mentally, Alhenaeth is unlike most dragons out there. He drew traits from neither sire or dam, instead he's a different sort of dragon altogether. He's elegant, that's his most important feature, and it's what's most important to him. When other dragonets stumble, he walks proudly, when their first landings are ungainly, his is graceful. He's strong in his mind, and he is always right, at least when it comes to arguements with other dragons. Always willing and ready to speak his mind, Alhenaeth is always full of ideas and is more than willing to tell others they are wrong. He's a little bit aggressive, more than willing to tell the others how things should be, even more willing to work to get those things done. He is not lazy in the least.


Alhenaeth was derived from 'Alhena' which is Islamic for 'Ring' since Alhenaeth is loosly based on the Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings and the song, May It Be was from the same movie. Phonetically, it should be pronounced 'Al(as in a man's name)-hen(as in chicken)-A(Long A Sound)-eth, but I like 'Alhenaeth' better when you pronounce it with an 'All' instead of an 'Al'. The rest can stay the same. This name was picked for it's meaning and of course because it was what you asked for in a name.

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your hart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How are you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lies within you now

May it be shadows call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lies within you now

A promise lies within you now


Name A Promise Lives Within Bronze Alhenaeth
Dam Gold Frydath
Sire Bronze Valenth
Created By Lecil
Impressee Caspian
Hatched January 26, 2002
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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