Camouflage patterns compact quarters with sagebrush and skybroom, a perfect desert patina of faded green and greenwood: for all the mottled splotches, her coloration cannot detract from the roly-poly innocence that curves rotund haunches, slides over well-padded ribs and slinks over the short breadth of her stocky neck only to puff cheeks into chubby half-domes of near-ridiculous childish proportion. Comic indeed could describe the pudgy rounds of wide headknobs and wideset eyes: so wide, in fact, that she forever carries a perpetual look of startlement, the sole bloom of color a vivid and verdant plume of aloe green sweeping as high-arched eyeridges. Despite the broad stance of stocky paws and the nearly noble expanse of dusted-sage wingsail, that expression forever marks her quizzical, her regard forever speaking, 'who, me?'.

The small green's hide has been marked by quite a few scars. But the most noticeable is a nasty scar of pale hide which mars the small green's left wing, it looks to have been made by some sort of accident and seems to cause her to favour that wing a bit as she moves and flies, but at least the wing still appears functional.

About Akiith's shoulders rests a set of flying straps in a deep green colour. The straps are well-cared for and thickly padded to prevent chafing of her lovely mottled hide. The straps have a pair of saddlebags built into them for holding various items.

Akiith is 4 Turns, 2 months, and 1 day, with a length of 20.01 meters, and a wingspan of 33.35 meters.

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Xanadu Weyr
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