Shadows dance within shadows, where a nimble breath of moonlight can creep through jungles primeval canopy to prowl the lush greens that camouflage this dragons swarthy hide. Nightfall preys upon the wildwood greens of her slim sides; the thicket is darkest along her narrow chest as scattered hues of hunter within forest tabby-swirl and splotch til they are but a spotting along her muscular haunches. Nocturnal hues further course the line of her predators ridges and make inky the tenebrous length of a sinuous tail. A ghostly lunar radiance, ever elusive, kisses that space between her eyes with a coy lick of silver, leaving the drama of darkness to limn her defined lines from the delicate arch of outward-curved headknobs to the too-slight uptick of her gentle muzzle. Eventide sighs through a veil of leaves and petals that color the sails of her tidy wings, where an ebony wilderness of bough and blade extend with spanning spars to the point of lethal winghooks. Supple limbs give way to wide paws lost in the verdant growth of ancient ferns while cimmerian talons are glossed with the onyx of sodden soil.

Egg Name and Description

Just One More Piece Egg
A litter of pieces, scattered color and curl is tossed with careless abandon across the complicated surface of this too-confused egg. Tabs of daffodil yellow do not fit with blanks surrounded in sky blue, but when the lines do intersect, that shade of spring green simply does not match the darkened forest which is supposed to be there! Is this an extra tile of splotched barn red? It is completely at odds with the jigsaw pattern of hues that compose the rest of the shell. What interlocks does so beautifully, tessellated lines of ebony that seem almost to disappear into the colors, lost in the vista of a picturesque scene. But there right there - a piece is missing, a dark hole of sullen black which mocks an egg that may not be quite done.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Just One More Piece Egg has put the last piece of the puzzle into place and is ready to take a step back and view. It rolls back a little ways from the others and then pauses again in rapt contemplation.

Crack Message
The jigsaw pattern on Just One More Piece Egg is suddenly broken apart in places as if something suddenly wiped across the surface in an attempt to scatter the pieces. There are no straight cracks, each one curves around or dips in and out with jagged shapes. Barn reds fall away, spring green pieces begin to scatter as something within seeks to rearrange things differently.

Hatch Message
Just One More Piece Egg falls just to that… pieces. Yellow slips free. Red pops out. Green collapses in on itself to reveal a darker shade, a slick and shadowed and moving shade of green that fills the spot. A few more sections drop away, punched free of that sundered shell from one very insistent force within. The rest of the egg scatters to the pale sands with a demanding push, the shell breaking apart into jigsaw bits and shattered pieces that one could never hope to reassemble.

Sands Pose
To Dance with Shadows Green Hatchling doesn't step out from her egg right away, no, she crouches low and then there's a wriggle and a pounce as she catches a bit of her colorful shell. Her tail swishes and then she's practically prancing across the sand, but at an angle as young legs don't quite take her the direction she wants to go. So she sits a moment to take time to preen and wash her forepaw out with a tongue, even as she surveys the candidates out there on the sands.

Impression Message

Public Message
To Dance with Shadows Green Hatchling has started to pick up speed as she sees that the one to be pounced isn't even paying attention. Even better. She moves quickly, silently and then as soon as the lights go out she leaps. She's sure her aim is perfect, albeit it's a little clumsy but she has the one she seeks.

Personal Message
Pitter-Patter. Pitter-Patter. The sound of silent footsteps. Pitter-patter. So silent. So deafening. Drowning out the world, drowning out the Others. Pitter-patter. Closer. Pausing. Closer. Considering. Pitter-Patter. Closer. A breath, a slow exhale of warmth across your senses, creating wherrybumps up and down arms, along the back of your neck, along the back of your legs. « Mine. » She pounces. Slamming into your chest, through it, into it, expanding with liquid velvet, rippling and loving and possessing and… « Gotcha » Her mind tumbles into yours, rolling and frolicing and winding and twisting til one is the same, til there is nothing else but sheer joy and wonderment. Click. Like that, it all falls into perfect place. « Jessssssssi. Jesssssi. Jessi. Jessi. » Another breath across your senses. « Oh, I like that. I like you. I have got you and you have got me. » Exhale. « Time to come out of your shell, Jessi. I did.» Breathe again. Purest joy. « Jessi and Aisuohkoth. »


"And the moon spun round like a top,
And the nearest kin of the moon,
The creeping cat, looked up.
Black Minnaloushe stared at the moon,
For, wander and wail as he would,
The pure cold light in the sky
Troubled his animal blood.
Minnaloushe runs in the grass
Lifting his delicate feet.
Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?"

-William Butler Yeats

Aisuohkoth's foremost thought in life is you. What worked for her, will clearly work for you. Aisuohkoth came from her shell a bundle of life and exuberance, curiosity and daring. She simply cannot wait to live life, to smell all the smells, taste all the tastes, breathe the wind, and discover what lurks in the shadows. And she is determined to bring you along with her, whether you like to or not. Come out of your shell, Jessi. Come with Aisuokoth.

Within the shell, Aisuohkoth was seeking to discover herself, to put all of the pieces together that were supplied by all of those touches, all of those ideas, finding the perfect fit for each thought in the makeup of her personality. She was missing one piece though, one gaping piece that could only be supplied by you. You fit in perfectly, locking into place with a music that only you could complete, finishing that creation that is Aisuohkoth.

Aisuohkoth is so much like those felines you know and love, it simply cannot be a mistake that a dragon like her impressed to you. After all, you know felines, right? You know them well. You raised them. You took care of them. You loved them. You must understand them… right?

Aisuohkoth is a dragon of boundless energy -unless she is sleeping. Her energy is explosive, shown from the tip of her tail to the alert flick of her eyes. She's a pouncer, leaping to capture shadows in her youth, Izzyth's tail (well, just about anyone's tail), lying in wait before leaping out to pounce this and that, surprise people and dragons alike with the ease of the silent predator. Talons are used for prey, paws for all else. As she gets bigger, you may have to rein in some of her Surprise! moments, because… well, there is that size to contend with. By that time, maybe it is more of a Surprise! instead of a Catch! She does so love to play, to attack things, to get into rough and tumble wrestling matches with her clutchmates and other dragons. It is all play, with nipping and pushing and rolling about to leave her often quite dirty and scuffed. Who knows if she will ever grow out of these antics? After all, doesn't everyone love a little play-action?

After those brief spurts of action, she'll sleep -and sleep and sleep and sleep. Aisuohkoth is certainly a napper. She'll find a delightful place full of sun to curl up, draw her tail tight about her body, pillow head atop paws, and sleep. She isn't very deep of a sleeper, seeming always to be on alert to everything that is going on about her. Honestly, if she had outward ears, they'd constantly be attuned to noises. She may open her eyes to take a peek now and again if something sounds suspicious, but this master of the cat nap will be right back to snoozing and gathering her energy, just because you never know when she'll need all of that explosive energy.

Aisuohkoth is a social creature, more apt to find out what is going on about her than to shun everyone else. While you may want to go home after a full day riding with the wing, Miss. Whim may make a detour to take you to go visit someone else's weyr, just because. She isn't bossy or the sort to stick her muzzle into business where it doesn't belong. Oh no, she is simply social, after all… if you want some rough and tumble fun, you kind of need to have a partner or three to play around with.

To go with this, Aisuohkoth may insist that you be a social creature as well. After all, she cracked out of her shell, you need to also. Being social is fun, you meet people, you learn things, you get to have fun, you can sometimes get to have a different sort of rough and tumble fun with those people. « You should play with Volenth's rider. I bet you would two could wrestle all night long, take a nap, and wrestle some more. Maybe if you rub up against him… » You know it was mentioned before how she may just take you to a place other than where you want to go? Yeah, well, maybe part of that has to do with hooking you up too. After all, she is more than happy to make sure you get out of your shell too, so much so that she'll insist on visiting those that would best achieve that.

Your dragon is a very physical creature. You already know how she loves to get rough, how she loves to play around with others, how she turns into a pile of goo when you scritch her favorite spots. She loves to touch others too. Aisuohkoth will brush against her clutchmates, tangle her tail around your feet or those other humans she rather likes being around. She'll rub the length of her body down her bestest best dragon friend or that friendly brown dragon or just about anyone or anything else that she has some claim of interest to. For felines it is scent marking, for Aisuohkoth it is a sign of affection and interest. When you are nearby, she may often try to maneuver herself so that some part of her is touching you. Often, this is easiest accomplished with her tail, but you may get nosed, bumped, or insisted to come closer and place a hand on her side.

Aisuohkoth is also a watcher. Oh, how she loves to watch others. Maybe shell do it on the sly from under some of the forest foliage or in the shadows, or maybe she'll simply be perched on high so that she can See It All before her. She could sit for hours and hours upon a rocky precipice over some water, head on paws while watching the tiny fish swim about below her. Hours. Honestly. All freakin' day. Just watching. All of this watching has her noticing things, possibly remarking to you about those little things that other people may not have even considered. She'll face the wind so she can catch the scents being brought to her from it. She'll remain quiet just so she can hear those noises that make up her world and notice it all. Oh yes, she notices. Comes from being the ever-alert dragon that she is.

Because she watches, this shows off Aisuohkoth's natural curiosity. She is a dragon that is fascinated in the ways of the world and all that is within it. Without a care, she'll nose this and that, pat at things with her paws to discover them, maybe even take a lick (good luck with the repercussions if this is a person or another dragon). Some of the things that she becomes curious about seem to come from out of nowhere. « Ever lick a feline? » Hrm, doesn't that sound familiar? Some may even be a bit goofy. « Ever suck on the Weyrwoman's toe? » Uhm. « I wonder what that man's head feels like. It is so shiny. No hair » Well… And so on and so forth. Because she shows curiosity in these things, there is a good chance that she wants to discover the answers to these questions. « How long will it take me to fly to the white moon? » Uh-oh. « Im not hungry, but I wonder if that bovine will play with me. »

Yep, Aisuohkoth is a hunter. She is a bona-fide killer. That livestock in the pens? No can do. She'll have nothing to do with them. Penned animals are just not her thing. Sure, they may be fat and look awfully juicy, but honestly? She wants nothing to do with them. Your dragon is a hunter, and hunt she will. She'll sail on silent wings, picking out her prey from aloft, use the sun or night sky to her advantage, and then she will STRIKE. It is the thrill of the hunt, the chance, of seeking out prey and catching it all herself. There is a chance that you may also need to take up hunting. Start learning how to use a spear!

While Aisuohkoth loves her time sunning, she is very much a dragon of the night. She could sit on her haunches for most of the evening, when the sky is clear, staring up at the moons. She may even sing to them as well, offering up a lilting croon as an ode to those glorious lights in the night sky. Or maybe that ode could be a little bit off-tune. You may dread those nights. Good luck with that -and expect some angry looks from some of your neighbors for being kept up half the night.

Mmmmm, flights. When Aisuohkoth becomes proddy, when she gets into heat, the world knows. She gets loud, she gets demanding, she gets flirty, and she becomes very much a dragon to be noticed. There is a good chance that most of her flights will be in the evening, a time when she is most comfortable, most in-tune with the shadows around her. It will be a quick and furious thing, demanding the males be just as quick and furious. She may certainly tease and lead them on a merry chase til one finally shows his stuff and catches her.


"Long may you love your pensioner mouse,
Though one of a tribe that torment the house:
Nor dislike for her cruel sport the cat,
Deadly foe both of mouse and rat;
Remember she follows the law of her kind,
And Instinct is neither wayward nor blind.
Then think of her beautiful gliding form,
Her tread that would scarcely crush a worm,
And her soothing song by the winter fire,
Soft as the dying throb of the lyre.

-William Wordsworth

Aisuohkoth pounces from the egg a creature of energy, always seeming to land on her feet -and if she doesn't, well… lets just pretend we didn't see that happen. But pounce, she does! She leaps into life, purrs into existence, prances with all the grace that a dragon is capable of (which, honestly, isn't that much, but we'll make an exception for Aisuohkoth).

She is a ball of energy, this one. She may also be quite pudgy throughout her youth. Fluffy? Maybe. You know, there is just a little bit more of her to cuddle and love. Baby fat. Aisuohkoth chubbiness. She is a roly-poly thing, tumbling, klutzy in youth while growing into limbs, exuberant and eager to investigate. But yes, she is fluffy until finally growing out of her youth, finding those sinuous lines of an adult dragon. It may take some time before she grows out, all of that energy causing the baby fat to melt away and leave behind supple muscles and a sleek build.

Aisuohkoth will always be on the smaller side of the greens. She isn't so much dainty or frail, but compact and well-built. Her limbs are light and slim, her tail is light and slim, her torso is light and slim. Yes, it is all light and slim, a frame more able to support the build of a sleek creature. Her torso itself is slim-sided instead of being barrel-chested just as her tail seems to extend that length even further. With that smaller chest, the bulk of her power shows in the musculature of her haunches and hind legs.

Movements themselves are graceful (that is after she gets past the awkwardness of youth). Aisuohkoth has a dancer's grace, with soft-padding steps, a bit of a sway to her hips, and a rarely-still tail. She becomes undeniably sure-footed, never placing a paw wrong, rarely ever placing a wrong step. She can crouch and creep, slither and crawl. Her stride on the ground can eat up distance on the ground with a smooth lope just as easily as an explosive pounce can launch her into the air.

Speaking of the air, those wings of hers can certainly keep her up there. They are narrower than most, more designed for agile turns and precise movements. She will be a wiz when it comes to close-quarters action, mobile and dynamic. Swift, dexterous, and athletic, Aisuohkoth is a dragon both fleet and lithe. Granted, that smaller size means they aren't the best for long and sustained flight.

When we get right down to it, Aisuohkoth was created to be a predator and her coloring only adds to that sense. She is dark. Very dark. Very, very dark greens to the point of nearly being black. Well, her talons are definitely black. Her wide paws may actually be the lightest green upon her, a fern green, but one colored deep in the shadows of a forest. The rest of her hide is colored in a way that is much like that of a tabby cat, with longer swirls and splotches that pattern across her sides. The pattern is heavy and thickest along her chest, breaking up some into slightly more haphazard spots along her hind legs. The pattern itself is a very dark hunter green upon a slightly less dark forest green. That same dark hunter green seems to possess the entirety of her tail to the very tip. Never a pure shade of green upon her hide, all of these colors are always further darkened. Her dark spars split wingsails that closest echo the hue of her paws. Aisuohkoth's face is just as dark as the rest of her, save for that quirky silvery splotch that graces the spot right between her eyes.

Also, just so you know, Aisuohkoth has a couple of special spots. You know, those spots that when she gets rubbed Right There, pretty much well turns her into puddy. Well leave you to discover those points on your own, but when you scritch There, when you scrub or oil There, she'll croon, flop, the tip of her tail will wiggle in sheer physical joy, and she will do absolutely anything for you. Just an idea -rub those spots to get your way or get her to agree to do what you want.


"When kitty eyes are smiling
All the world it is their play
With a leap your cat is soaring
Now your shoelace is his prey
When kitty hearts are happy
Against your leg you'll feel them rub
And when kitty eyes are smiling
Sure, you cant help falling in love"

-When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling - Marc Gunn

When dragon's eyes are smiling… all should be right in Jessi's world. Aisuohkoth is a dragon born of darkness in appearance, but is a creature of purest delight in personality. Smaller, yet still having the elegant lines of the feline she is patterned after, Aisuohkoth steps out into Pern with a light step and a light heart, dancing with soft-footed elegance and a predator's purr right into your heart as well.

You know those warm late-spring afternoons, when the breezes drift through the new leaves of the trees, when the grass is soft and new, when those dormant annuals reawaken, stretch, and bloom with jewel-toned vigor, when the birds have returned and have built their nests while singing songs of life, when winds carries the scent of freshness and promise upon mimosa and magnolia, and when you know summer's mugginess is just around the corner, but it isn't quite here yet? It is that sunlight, that warmth of those sunbeams that haven't the bite of true summer to cause skin to burn and things to become uncomfortable… that is Aisuohkoth when she is pleased, when she is happy and relaxed and in love with life and you.

"Black velvet with that slow southern style"
-Alannah Myles


THE EGG: Just One More Piece Egg was born out of an idea where parts come together to create a whole. It could take forever to put together a jigsaw puzzle, to create a cohesive work and sometimes a freakin' piece would be missing! I had the idea that the dragon inside would be made up of a variety of different pieces, supplied by the candidates that touched the shell. Some things fit. Some things didn't. There was one piece missing too, supplied by the person that would impress to the dragon. -Fl'ynn

THE NAME: The naming of cats is a difficult matter. It isn't just one of your holiday games.; you may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter, when I tell you a cat must have three different names…But I tell you a cat needs a name that's particular. A name that's peculiar and more dignified…Names that never belong to more than one cat. -T.S. Eliott

Ai - Love, Ko - Little, Suoh - Dragon = Little Loved Dragon
Aisuohkoth: Ah-ee-sue-oh-ko-th

THE DRAGON: Aisuohkoth was born out of the ideas that you gave us. You were a self described 'catlady', so we just had to give you a cat! You mentioned things like shy curiosity, goofy yet seriousness, a social green, poetry, and Japanese Anime. We did our best to incorporate all of those ideas into your dragon, especially that part where you wanted her to help you break out of your shell.

Physically, we went for markings that were so much like those of a tabby cat. Seriously, Keziah colored up this tabby cat with the best markings so that we could get an idea of how to desc it up. We went with ultra dark greens to add a bit of a shadowy cast to the dragon, all the better to slink through the shadows. We made your requested birthmark quite obvious by sticking the thing right on her forehead. There is a history of cats in anime with markings on their head. Just look at the cats from Sailor Moon (the main inspiration for the marking). Luna, Artemis, and Diana are all creatures of the moon with markings right there on their head. Perfect! -Fl'ynn and Keziah



Name To Dance with Shadows Green Aisuohkoth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Romth
Created By Fl'ynn and Keziah
Impressee Jeniosa/Jessi
Hatched April 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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