Desert Mirage Green Ailath

Lithe and angular, this delicate dragon would be classed as perfect by many were it not for the shadowy paleness of her grassy hide. Her gently curved muzzle shows the only true brightness - a rich sweep of leafy green racing up her nose before disappearing into the shadow of her headknobs. Dark forested tones glimmer along her underbelly and are echoed in the darkness of her talons, while a misty tone dominates her slender body and tail almost seeming grey at times as it shimmers in the light. A hint of moss graces her wingspars, clinging desperately to its own brightness as it washes down over the wingsails, paling to almost white at the very edge.

Egg Name and Description


Oh Noes, the Oxen! Egg
A scene that might dark and angst-ridden if looked in a much darker light, is actually rather halarious and amusing. A sole caravan can be seen trudging across the egg's surface, pulled by two heardbeasts. One of the herdbeasts looks to be incredibly sick, having a broken leg that is covered in blood. The people truding along with the caravan don't look exactly well, either. One is limping on crutches, the other is being dragged behind by the caravan on a harness, he's bundled up rather tightly and a cold cloth pressed against his forehead, perhaps to subdue flu. Yet another person is driving the oxen, she too, looks deathly ill. She's covered in sweat, perhaps due to the immense heat. She looks rather thin from lack of food. And just peeking out of the back of the caravan looks to be a coffin, presumibly for a dead person. They seem to be heading towards their death across the desert, for what? A deep wide river that can be seen in the distance, a challenge to meet when the caravan does finally reach it, if they reach it alive.

Hatching Message

Oh Noes, the Oxen! Egg's demise has been growing ever closer, and this final bout of coughing is to be the death of it. With every bounce it develops more cracks until suddenly a green leg bursts through the shell. A moment later the rest of the shell is discarded and a slightly shocked looking hatchling blinks at her new surroundings.

Impression Message

A noise like gunfire echoes in your head, shaking your world and pulling you down, down, down into a darkness that chills your whole being. But then in the darkness comes a bright green light, bringing with it a word. « Myra! » All at once the chill vanishes and the sights and sounds of the sands rush back. « Well shoot girl, don' just stand there. You an' me's gotta find us some food. » A dainty green head pushes against your stomach, quite at odds with the voice in your head. But yet, so right. « Name's Ailath. »


If ever there were a prize for most misleading package, then Ailath would definitely be an easy bet for winner. Such a delicate girl on the outside, but on the inside…

For all she is dainty in build she could never be said to be the same in personality. She's as good as any man and she has no qualms about telling them so. Right from day one you'll find her indulging in belching contests, jumping in muddy pools and generally being a bit of a slob. It may well be a fight to get her to bathe at all some days, no matter how muddy she is from wrestling with her latest victim.

Feeding time is quite a sight to behold, and not just for the mess she leaves behind. Her precision in taking down a beast is second to none, and while others will take their time and tease the beasts she will make her choice quickly and kill cleanly. It would do you well to develop a strong stomach just in case she offers you some of her juicier morsels - she cannot understand the idea of cooking, why spoil something so tasty?

She hates being indoors, to her it's like a prison and she had enough of that while in the shell. Short trips will become 'accidental' nights out with a campfire, time to be spent gazing at the stars. Only then will she share in the joy that cooking brings you. A campfire, some roasting meat, and you - it's her idea of perfection. At these times you'll find a little of the lady slipping into her, after all campfires and gossip go hand in hand, and she's an expert at both no matter how she professes otherwise.

Flying is something else she excels at, and often times will become a bit of a contest with other around her as to who can do the most tricks in the air. After the first surprise barrel roll you may well find yourself making a set of extra thick straps just in case. Search is another thing that becomes a contest to her and she may well choose people to stand for no other reason than she must bring in one more than Abirith. And just watch her brag if more of her candidates Impress, even if you do have to remind her which ones she chose.

When she comes close to rising and finally takes an interest in men in other ways than wrestling, you'll find that Ailath becomes more aware of herself, and slightly awkward - she doesn't quite know how to deal with them or how to present herself to them. The eventual flights will be a relief, the sudden release of all that pent up worry sometimes taking everyone by surprise with the lack of warning. She'll never really have her favourites, wins chosen by those who impress her most with their prowess in the sky, fair words will never win this fair maiden.


Struggle for Adventure
Willing to overcome any obstacle that is in her way, that's the general feeling that comes with Ailath. Greens, blues and silvers accompany her mind voice, liberally peppered with the more colourful (rude) words and phrases that she picks up along the way. She's impatient and stubborn, asking millions of questions as soon as they're thought and firing them into your head with little warning or fanfare. During quiet times her voice takes on a softer tone, the touch not as harsh as usual, and when roused to anger she could easily cause headaches with both caustic remarks and the force with which they explode into your head.



The theme for this clutch was video games, and for this dragon specifically it was Oregon Trail as chosen by I'ven who desced the egg. The rest you can blame R'sul for, he's the twisted mind behind the personality.

Ailath is based on a stereotypical cowgirl, with just a touch of Annie Oakley. Immortalised it the musical Annie Get Your Gun, she was a sharpshooter for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and easily could outgun most men despite her diminutive stature.

I hope you will forgive me for the name. Ailath's name comes from a simple rearrangement of the game's name, though by happy coincidence was the name of a port on the Egypt/Gaza trade route. It seemed quite appropriate for a dragon based on a travelling game, even if it's not American.


Name Desert Mirage Green Ailath
Dam Gold Mellonath
Sire Bronze Quiath
Created By I'ven, R'sul
Impressee Myra
Hatched August 1, 2007
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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