Haphazardly Highlighted Brown Adinaeth

Pale khaki is highlighted with blonde-tinted brown, intermingling as the hues slip over the wide back, rounding the barrel-chest that is his torso, coloring darkening along his stomach, along the underside of his tail, and down the insides of his limbs, never, however, coming close to the dark color of his ebony talons. Despite the roundness of his torso, his hindquarters slip smoothly back, sweeping into a long, lean tail. Wings possess the same fit appearance, darker hues inhabiting the leading edges while the translucent wing sails are the same pale khaki as his back. A rather short neck extends, upon which rests his head, the stubby muzzle giving way to defined eye ridges over large faceted eyes. Sepia ridges contrast with his hide as they daintily slide down from between his rounded head knobs, over his back, to the tip of his tail, drawing attention over his entire body.

Egg Name and Description


My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg
Perfectly oval shaped is this egg. No dips, no excursions, no ripples or bumps mar the surface of this hardening egg. The color of this egg would remind one of the perfect bottle of Benden Red Wine. Smooth and even toned, the only variants of hue are from the shine and shimmering look to the egg, as if the deep Burgundy red wine was encased in a shimmering glass, made to perfection by one of the glasssmith masters, if not the Craftmaster himself.

Hatching Message

The smooth red of the My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg, uninterrupted and unmarred, continues to shimmer and shine contained within the clear crystal, ovoid form. Slowing starting to shatter, lines appear, changing the appearance of the egg before it finally dissolves, crystal container and deeply hued wine vanishing, leaving a dragonet in their place.

Impression Message


A low roar invades your mind, mimicking the crowd in the galleries in make up, yet the intensity increases with each moment. A flash of pink and it dulls out, gray mixing in and muting its tones. « Aren't I the best out here, L'alie? I know that I will look so much better later, too. We will be the pair that they talk about Adinaeth and L'alie. » A pause and the pitch rises. « But first, I must have something to eat. »


Your Adinaeth is about as different from the egg as he came from as one true sorority is from another. Like, oh my god, its not possible, is it? Adinaeth is the overly cheerful, perky cheerleader who hasn’t got a clue; no matter how many times you tell him the answer or he goes through the same situation. But, if you really don’t believe me, a quick examination will prove you to that your new lifemate is exactly the unorthodox cheerleading buddy you need.

Well, everyone knows that to be a real cheerleading sorority girl, you need to be blonde. So that means, if your hair is naturally darker, say brown as Adinaeth’s hide should be, something needs to be done. And that something is get highlights, or simply in Adinaeth’s case, have brown hide that is lightly colored; hopefully it can pass for blonde. Afterall, the desire to be blonde at heart should count for something, no? Adinaeth’s blondeness, in this case, exhibits itself through his personal habits. A quick, but thorough, bath is no good, no good at all. Instead, hours must be spent, soaking, scrubbing until every inch is perfectly clean, and not a speck of anything remains. And then its time for oil to be lathered over his body, and much time investing in making sure that he looks absolutely splendid and that much nicer then the rest.


It is time to break a common misconception now, however. Sorority girls are not stupid. In fact, they have many ideas. It’s their implementation skills which are seriously lacking, as well as their horrid sense of timing. Adinaeth is a wonderful living example of this, waking you up in the middle of the night, no care to however long of a day you may have put in. « L’alie.. L’alie. What do you think of klah flavored herdbeast? I mean, it’ll wake you up and be meaty, too…. » When you tell him that it’s a silly idea and that you’re tired, he’ll just start moping around, pouting until you at least tell him that its not a stupid idea. It’s not his fault his timing is horrible, or that his ideas are completely outlandish.
He is, however, completely oblivious to his surroundings more often then not. When he’s with another dragon, male or female, he’ll just continue to chatter away, carrying on from one subject to the next, clueless to the reactions of others. What might be taken as rudeness by others, when he continues on despite attempts to cut him off, excuse themselves, or express their disgust, it truly just extreme obliviousness to the feelings of others.

When its time to eat, your Adinaeth has rather peculiar habits, much like a sorority girl. Even as a young dragon, he serves as an example of true draconic eating habits. He’ll constantly crave food, and the moment he has a chance to get it, he’ll shove his mouth while you fight with him trying to slow him down and keep from choking himself as he gorges. After he’s done eating, though, he’ll spend hours lamenting to you about how he shouldn’t have eaten so much, how he’ll lose his figure, and now he has to do exercises. Unless you’re strict with him, he’ll attempt to rouse you from your bed at all odd hours to work out, and work off whatever he ate.


Flights are one of his favorite activities, after all, they are a way that he attracts new females to him, adds to his conquests, and builds a reputation. He’ll do anything in his power to get the girl, even if it means using his own feminine habits to woo them. Yet, after a few sevendays at most, he’s getting bored, and is turning his attention to the next pretty female in the vicinity. There is no settling down for him. He may, as always, outgrow it with time, but it’s his immaturity that makes him so desirable.

Why L'alie? Every girl needs a friend to gossip with, to get dressed up with, and to pick up guys with. Adinaeth may not be a girl, but he needs the same thing: a social partner. You offer him possibilities. Your sweet and kind personality meshes well with his social desires; your kind hearted nature provides a balance for his own self-absorbed actions. You will be his one and only constant, the only unchanging female influence as he flits from one to another.



Inconsistent Trembling Echoes
A rather dingy pink, dulled out by a pale gray, swirls, occasionally managing to achieve a state of true, feminine pink. Yet, the gray vanishes only with great difficulty, and returns quickly. His mind voice is much the same, usually deep and quivering, rumbling like a crowd at a party, so many tones and aspects mingling together to create a single, distinctive sound. Now and then, his voice will rise, like a speaker giving a drunken toast, pitch increasing for a quick statement before cracking and returning to the indistinguishable dull roar, and the gray-pink hue.


Your Adinaeth is based off of the stereotypical sorority girl: ditzy, cluless, social, self-absorbed, and blonde both in appearance and mannerisms. The flip-flop in gender doesn’t truly tone down any of these characteristics; rather, it simply changes their victims. His name comes from the movie ‘Sorority Boys’ – Adam poses as Adina, and your Adinaeth is truly a girl posing as a male.



Name Haphazardly Highlighted Brown Adinaeth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Niva
Impressee Eulalie
Hatched April 25, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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