Twilight of the Universe Blue Adenylath

Darkness enfolds the lithe form of Adenylath. Deepest indigo covers his form, settling across the curves of bone and sinew. The color deepens across his belly and under his tail to almost back. Aside from whirling faceted eyes, no light breaks through the deepest night that cloaks his chiseled head. As if lit by the rainbow regard of his eyes, cheekbones lighten to cerulean, fading back to indigo at the tip of his long muzzle. Then, it seems as though darkness loses its power over the blue. Dusting his long neck are pinpoints of powder blue. Some small, some larger, they dance and almost twinkle with every move of his muscles. Bulk does not characterize this blue, though. His smaller stature does not allow for it. Not stocky either, every muscle is smooth as liquid in its shape and movement. As Adenylath unfolds over large wings, the universe in all its glory shines for all to see. White, blue, green, gold, and bronze all find their way in the constellations across his wing sails. From leading edge, the stars seem to burst into existence, trailing off to midnight again as the sail makes way toward the trailing edge. Some slide into whirls of galaxies or bursts of novas. Others simply stare coldly at admirers, their stories left untold. Beyond his wings, the stars begin to die again, their beauty burning out in the furthest reaches of space. Down his tail, their numbers dwindle, the indigo fading once again to the black of his tail tip.

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