Falling Star Blue Abirith

Born of the heavens and wrought where lightning strikes the seas, variegated blues blaze over this well-built dragon's hide, at once illuminating and casting into shadow sculpted musculature and a powerful bearing. Cerulean spills down his neck from his chin, cascading onto strong shoulders and flowing fluidly down the length of his sinuous tail. Bursts of paler and darker hues erupt in the most unlikely places, sprinkling smooth headknobs and sharp neckridges with specks of soft blue and navy. Stardust burns a trail down his chest and over his belly, swirling over expanses otherwise dusky in hue, not unlike some unworldly comet. Electric blues brighten along a lengthy muzzle, accentuating the craftsmanship of his fine features and handsome, royal blue head. Tints of gold are ingrained along the clean lines of limbs and haunches, gradually fading as they trickle over impatient feet into the washed-out bone of his talons. Wings, blending easily into the brightness of his back when closed, unfurl to reveal all the splendor of a clear summer's night. Pinpricks of white light temper the twilight of his wingsails, dappling the darkness of their membranes with all the mysteries of a star-filled sky, lending an optimism to this magnificent creature whose outer brilliance mirrors his innate.

Egg Name and Description


Spinning Through the Skies Egg
A scenic blend of earth and sky meet on the shell of this very round egg, creating the impression of an image that is at once serene and exhilarating. Soft, verdant greens cover the lower portion of the egg, broken here and there by uneven patches of craggy gray and moss. These patches, most prominent nearer the egg's base, fade gradually into the background as they approach the middle of the sphere. Here, silent monuments of stone rise proudly against a perfectly blue sky, following the course of uneven hills dotting the landscape. In the midst of it all soars a single being, royal and cerulean blue quills glistening as he leaps over the land with arms outstretched, aiming for a line of shimmering golden circles in the distance.

Hatching Message

Spinning Through the Skies Egg quavers from its mound of sand, giving just the faintest of movements before stilling. Perhaps the shifting of the landscape was just a trick of the light.

A steady rocking motion sends the Spinning Through the Skies Egg wobbling crazily from side to side, forward and backward again. The spherical egg almost spins on its base as its tempo becomes more frantic, culminating in a sharp, lengthy *CRACK* that renders the patterns of mountains and sky asunder. But the shell clings stubbornly together, refusing to give way to the creature beneath just yet.

Craggy grays and mossy greens break away from the shell of the Spinning Through the Skies Egg as the hatchling within issues a final struggle to free itself, the landscape crumbling in pieces to the sands around the brilliant, curled up form in its midst.

Impression Message

In a flash, your vision darkens, occluding the hatching sands, the other candidates around you, the thousands of people in the galleries - all else is forgotten. A cool breeze flows through the grassy field that you find yourself in, soothing the heat and the nerves that distress you so. The night sky above you is dotted with innumerable stars, spreading outward as far as the eye can see. But there's something different about one in particular. Glowing a brilliant blue as it falls toward you, it leaves a burning trail in its wake, bringing with it all the promise and unconditional love of Impression that you've only just started to dare to dream of. « Alaye. » That voice, his voice, a voice that's suddenly as dear and as familiar to you as your own conveys so much in those two syllables. Emotion, his, yours, both of you together, pour over you, nearly drowning you in its intensity. « I, Abirith, have found you. » And indeed, you suddenly feel a void within you that you never recognized before fill instantly, lights glittering in your mind in bursts of joy like reflections from multifaceted gems. « There's so much for us to do together, but we should make a quick stop first for some food. » And with a final flash, the hatching arena is returned to you, complete with Abirith staring lovingly at you, his hunger pangs sharp in your own stomach, his thoughts irrevocably entwined with your own. Your star has fallen.


"What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!" - Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2

Bold, adventurous and spirited, it's obvious from the moment your eyes lock on the hatching sands that life with Abirith is never going to be dull. Ever. Now that he's an indelible part of your life, you can forget having a single moment of quiet throughout weyrlinghood, for with his plucky spirit, Abirith is bound to get into anything and everything and drag you along for the ride. It's all part of the fun and adventure that he wholeheartedly embraces life with.

"Even without wings, I can still fly! Right?" - Sonic, Sonic Riders

Abirith exudes confidence, bravado and a keen eagerness to prove himself as a weyrling. He's so enthusiastic about absolutely everything that he'll find it hard to be still. Lessons? They may be important, but if he can't exercise or fly or go between, you'll have to remind him frequently to pay attention and to keep him from getting distracted by something else nearby. Patience may be a virtue, but it'll be one that he'll never quite grasp in full. He /has/ to be the first to fly, the first to make a successful kill, the first to learn how to between, the first to be tapped into a wing - well, you get the picture.

"You know, I don't like losing!" - Sonic, Sonic Battle

This constant need to be in motion and to prove himself may send you flying into sticky situations. Abirith /never/ backs down from a challenge and he has no inhibitions whatsoever about issuing them to others at will. « Ailath, I bet you can't reach the oil vats before me! Who are you calling slow, Omarith? I can gulp down that meat faster than you can say my name! » Should he win, well, he's gracious to the defeated. Should he lose? It'll fuel him to work on becoming stronger and faster until he can finally beat another at one of these miniature trials. One could argue that this is a trait that would be tempered with time and he'd be partially correct. He may never outgrow his impatience, but as Abirith matures, part of his highly competitive nature will be tempered with a bit of sense. Where it was difficult to restrain him from challenging anyone and anything in weyrlinghood, it's much easier when he's an adult. He still has the desire to challenge others, but has since grown enough to realize that seeing who can dive off of the nearest cliff the fastest probably isn't the safest idea. He will, however, face the idea of Search as a perfectly reasonable challenge. He'll be proud if he can bring in more candidates than Ailath and manage to see more of them Impress, even if you and Meira have to spend time reminding them just whom they brought in.

"Don't worry, Mr. President, everything's under control. Just leave it to us!" - Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2

Abirith deeply values those that he perceives to be part of his 'family.' As a weyrling, he'll romp and play with the rest of them; as an adult, he'll begin to see himself as a protectorate, a defender of justice. Depending on what you want to do, this could easily lead you both down previously unexplored paths. His keen senses and yearning to protect others will make you a fine search-and-rescue pair; his wish to help along the new weyrlings who come after him may be enough for you to consider someday becoming an assistant weyrlingmaster. With Abirith, life is limitless. Not even the sky, he feels, can limit what you two can achieve together.

"Marriage?! No way!" - Sonic, Sonic Heroes

One day, when you and Abirith make it out of the weyrling barracks, he'll slowly grow more conscious of the greens around him. Although he may find one to be prettier or more pleasant to be around than another, you'll find that realistically, he has little preference when it comes to actual mating flights. The paramount place in his heart is for one girl, one woman, and that's you, Alaye. Despite his rather ambiguous feelings on flights, he'll still take it into his head to chase a green if she's rising in the vicinity. After all, there's a challenge in the chase and he simply has to win to prove to everyone else that he's the strongest, fastest and cleverest, right? And yet, he's not the sort to form a lasting attachment to one if he catches her. He'll courteously make his excuses as soon as he's able. It takes a special kind of female to steal her way into his heart; she must like adventure, be willing to go exploring with him, be tough enough to withstand the wilderness and gentle enough deep down to still be a lady beneath all of it. As a matter of fact, he may eventually find himself with a particular regard for a green like Ailath (but of course, this is up to you, Alaye).

"Nothing starts until you take action." - Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog

Abirith will bring many changes into your life as you learn and grow together. From you, he will learn that he should at least try to temper his brashness with a little patience; in turn, he will encourage you to become emboldened. Go out and try new things! If there's a particular person that you find yourself interested in, he'll encourage you to go talk to him or her and lend you some of his courage. Only you, Alaye, can bring about change in your life, and you've certainly brought about a very large one by agreeing to be present on the sands the day that Abirith hatched and found you. With him by your side, 'impossible' won't be in your vocabulary - or his. He's the flame in your heart, the blue star in your sky, your strength, your hero. Abirith.


Bejeweled Flames
Constantly in motion and never quite still, Abirith's mind seems perpetually restless. Flames of various hues convey his mood - rushes of sapphire and emerald in moments of joy, pale blue in grief, bright gold and red in anger. Sparkles of any hue of the light spectrum are generally visible, and spin in chaotic circles whenever he becomes agitated. The more irritable and agitated he becomes, the faster they spin. This is what he shows to the rest of the dragons of Pern. For you and you alone, Alaye, he will occasionally show you the same sort of starry imagery that you shared at the moment of your Impression, reminding you when you are sad or angry that he's a permanent fixture in your life whose loyalty shall never waver. His mindvoice is a light tenor, usually upbeat and enthused whenever he's feeling cheerful. In anger, his pitch drops to a low sort of growl; in grief, he may shout or grow more hoarse (this is entirely up to you, Alaye).


When SEGA first launched Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis, they had no idea that they would be creating an incredible character who would be part of our culture for many years. What began with the simple interface of the first game has evolved into the gorgeous graphics that are now becoming popular with the nextgen version of this beloved classic. The description of Spinning Through the Skies Egg was based off of a screenshot from the newest Sonic the Hedgehog, as our clutch this cycle was based off of classic video games.

Your Abirith is, as you probably know by now, based completely off of Sonic the Hedgehog in personality. I kept parts of Sonic in his physical description, mainly drawing off of the imagery of the night sky and shooting stars to create the variegated dragon that you wanted. He is, in essence, your beloved Blue Star incarnate. Since you're already so familiar with Sonic, I'll spare you any more details about the actual character. ;)

Abirith's name draws its meaning from the Hebrew name Abiri, which means "my strength, my hero." Short, succinct and starting with one of your favored letters, it reflects upon your lifemate's personality and his role in both your life and Alaye's. It's technically supposed to be pronounced ah-bee-reeth, but you're welcome to find an alternate pronounciation.

While creating Abirith, I came across a couple of songs that I simply had to include in his inspiration. The first, which I know you will find absolutely humorous, reflects on Abirith's hatching and the type of dragon that he will be. And the second, a more serious one, is meant to express the power of the bond that he shares with Alaye. For the sake of conserving space, I've only included links to the lyrics of each song.

i. "A Star is Born" from Disney's Hercules (http://tinyurl.com/3898q4 - complete with music!)
ii. Rascal Flatts' "The Day Before You" (http://tinyurl.com/2lnn2j)

And finally, Abirith and his egg were created in full by Nicca. :)


Name Falling Star Blue Abirith
Dam Gold Mellonath
Sire Bronze Quiath
Created By Nicca
Impressee Alaye
Hatched August 1, 2007
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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