Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Xanadu Weyr
Weyr Position Hunter
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark Green


This young teenager obviously hit a fairly significant growth spurt. Now standing a head taller than at the beginning of the turn. He's still slightly taller than average, sporting dark blond hair, dark green eyes, and three parallel scars slashing across his face, narrowly missing his left eye. His skin is deeply tanned from a lifetime spent outdoors.

Usually, he wears a thin, dark blue camouflage hooded shirt with the sleeves pulled up to just past his elbows, revealing more scarring, particularly on his left arm. A pair of light-weight leather pauldrons cover his shoulders (no doubt for firelizards). The handle of an eight-inch hunting knife strapped to his left side peeks out from under the hem of his tunic. Dark brown pants cover the tops of a pair of new lightly scuffed boots.


Logain was born at Xanadu Weyr. His mother is a guard and his father works in the kitchens. He had a normal, though accident-prone, childhood, spending most of his days in the creche with the other weyr children. As a baby, he was very sickly. More than once, the healers thought that he wouldn't make it, which lead to his parents, and older siblings, being on the overprotective side as he got older. A small altercation with a wild feline didn't help matters much. Now, he spends most of his time in the forests surrounding Xanadu, probably hunting.


Name Relation Location Position
Leklala Mother XAW Guard
Sh'un Father XAW BronzeRider/Apprentice Baker
Kasle Older Sister XAW Gardener
Lunah Older Sister XAW Seamstress


All Dressed Up in Blue Orne (D.)
Blue. Rich, royal, satiny blue. This blue firelizard's markings make him look like his hide would slip softly against one's fingers. Darker shadows of blue seem to gather in his joints with a blue so pale as to be almost white rings his neck and slashes his foreleg as though he is wearing a collar and sleeves. Small silvery speckles march in an almost perfect row from the ring around his neck, down his chest, just off-center down his belly. The faintest hint of teal colors his cheeks and the edges of his mouth while blue so dark as to be nearly black touches his headknobs.

Sparrow Blue Slate
A rich, warm-toned summer sky blue reigns from this firelizard's eyes past his neck and down to his tail tips upon his upper body. In contrast, his underparts from lower jaw through tail show a slatey blue, as if to camouflage him no matter if he is set against sky or ground. A little surprise of a sort shows at the base of his thinner muzzle's lips in a tiny splash of understated yellow, as if he just stole a drink of nectar, and was dusted with the flower's pollen. Sturdy little legs and feet of darker sky blue are set firmly in place, holding him steady and solid.

Flash of Blue Unok
At first glance at this firelizard, several words come to mind. Chief among them: blue and FAST. From his exposed, gleaming white teeth, to his dangerously sharp long, black talons, to the twin tips of his blue, striped, forked tail, he is all predator… and maybe a little mischief. Starting at his exposed upper gum, a midnight blue cowl covers his head. Pale yellow encircles his eyes as though someone decided his mask needed proper eyeholes. Blending with the dark hood, mottled, striped navy blue runs across his back, wings, and tail, almost giving the impression of feathers. In contrast, a stark white patch, starting at his lower gum line, covers his lean chest. White mixed with royal blue spots arranged in neat rows cover the rest of his underside, from wing to tail tips. At his feet, the white subtly shifts to the same pale yellow that surrounds his eyes. With speed and camouflage such as his, the last thing his prey will ever see is a swift Flash of Blue.



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