If you'd like to have your children's ages along with the other parent show up in your +sheet like so:

Marella F - NPC 8T 3M 2D D'had
Muireadhach M - NPC 8T 3M 2D D'had

I have the following set on myself:

&CHILDREN ME=%r[space(12)][ansi(n,Marella)]%t[ansi(hm,F)] - NPC%t[rjust(extract(setr(0,age(1261596709)),1,1),2)]T [rjust(extract(%q0,3,1),2)]M [rjust(extract(%q0,6,1),2)]D%tD'had%r[space(12)]Muireadhach%t[ansi(hb,M)] - NPC%t[rjust(extract(setr(0,age(1261596709)),1,1),2)]T [rjust(extract(%q0,3,1),2)]M [rjust(extract(%q0,6,1),2)]D%tD'had

How to set:

&CHILDREN ME=%r[space(12)][ansi(n,NAME OF FIRST CHILD)]%t[ansi(hm,F)] - NPC%t[rjust(extract(setr(0,age(YOUR BIRTHSECS)),1,1),2)]T [rjust(extract(%q0,3,1),2)]M [rjust(extract(%q0,6,1),2)]D%tPARTNER%r[space(12)]NAME OF SECOND CHILD%t[ansi(hb,M)] - NPC%t[rjust(extract(setr(0,age(YOUR BIRTHSECS)),1,1),2)]T [rjust(extract(%q0,3,1),2)]M [rjust(extract(%q0,6,1),2)]D%tPARTNER

Where it is [ansi(hm,F)] the F for Female is set to show up magenta (this is optional)
Where it is [ansi(hb,M)] the M for Male is set to show up blue (this is optional)

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