To set a description, one can utilize the following method:

Set a base description (generally physical appearance)

&base-desc me=Desc here.

Set a wearing message.

&dress me=Desc here.

To set the actual description,

@desc me=[space(5)][u(base-desc)]%R[space(5)][u(dress)]

If you have multiple clothing attributes set (ie, &dress, &pants, &leathers) you can use the following code to switch between them quickly.

&CMD_DESC me=$wear *:@desc me=[space(5)][u(base-desc)]%R[space(5)][u(%0)]

This code should be set on yourself. To use, type wear * where * is the name of the clothing attribute you wish to have set. For example, typing 'wear dress' will set the dress message on you.

To ease the addition of new outfits, as well as to more easily identify what is already available, you can add the following commands.

&CMD_OUTFIT ME=$+addoutfit *=*:&%0 me=%1;&outfitlist me=cat(v(outfitlist),%0)

The context for this is: +addoutfit Name=Desc - This will allow you to easily add a new clothing description to you with a specified name. NOTE: Avoid the use of spaces in clothing names!

&CMD_LIST_OUTFIT ME=$+listoutfit:@pemit %#=You have the following outfits stored:[v(outfitlist)]

+listoutfit will list all the clothing attributes you have set using the +addoutfit command.

&CMD_VIEW_OUTFIT ME=$+viewoutfit *:@pemit %#=Your outfit, %0, has the following description:%R[space(5)][u(%0)]

This command will let you review the description you have set for a particular outfit. The context is: +viewoutfit OUTFITNAME

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