Auto Log List

This is the code for inserting an automated list of your logs on your character page. It uses the ListPages Module, which has a ton of options, so if you would like to organize yours differently than this, take a look at the main module directions.

For this to work, all of your logs (or all the ones you want listed) have to be tagged with your name.
Please use '_CHARNAME' with CHARNAME your character's name. The underscore means that it will not appear in the tag cloud in the left hand sidebar. Most old logs are now tagged correctly, but please make sure you tag any new logs you post.

There are a few ways to use this code, and each is a bit more complicated than the last. If you have any difficulty, ask Matrin or D'had on game. To see the most basic directions, again, click the ListPages Module link at the top of this page.

If you impressed here and have logs under two different names, make sure the code is looking for the right tag(s). So any month before impression you should have (as an example) tags="_natishen +YYYY +_MONTH", the month you impress would have tags="_natishen _n'shen +YYYY +_MONTH" and the following month you would just have tags="_n'shen +YYYY +_MONTH".

There are many other ways to filter these, so either look at that main code documentation page, or you can ask Matrin or D'had on game if any of this doesn't work or doesn't make sense.

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