The following coded objects/commands have been made available by the players of the Weyr for public use. Questions on specific code should be directed to the person who submitted it.

Code Description Submitted By Date
Automated Pose-Order Object R'owan (Coming Soon)
Dragon Bespeaking Code Zevida Mar 12, 2009
Food Menu/Description Object Myra Mar 17, 2009
Multiple Outfit Descer Niva Mar 17, 2009
Another Multi-Descer Moria Aug 23, 2009
NPC Database Moria Jan 16, 2010
NPC Object - Changable Moria Sept 12, 2009
Playlist Code Thea Aug 25, 2009
WikiCode Primer Moria Sept 16, 2009
Automated List of Logs M'trin December 15, 2011
+sheet Ages Thea January 11, 2012
Various Age Code Keziah March 07, 2012
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