Black Rock Hold

Black Rock Hold is situated on the eastern shore, where Caspian Lake joins the Sea of Azov. An average sized Southern-continent holding, the breadth of their borders encloses many different environs, allowing for a variety of exports, and a certain degree of self sufficiency. Black Rock Hold itself is in the temperate climate, and generally experiences weather similar to that of the Great Plains of the United States - hot, dry summers and cold, often snowy winters.

Black Rock Hold is home to a modest fishing fleet, the dozen or so ships responsible for providing both Black Rock Hold and the Weyr with a steady supply of fish from both Caspian Lake and the Sea of Azov. In particularly plentiful years, they'll also export to other regions in return for tropical fruit or various every day goods such as metals.

To the east, the land is generally open fields, split between grazing land for the various herds of cattle and wild runners that roam the area, and grain production, though they generally focus on corn, allowing it to double as feed for the personal animals that are boarded over the winter. Many of the runners bred at the hold are known for endurance rather than speed, and have been used in various breeding lines across the south. The furthest reaches turn to jungle, providing skybroom wood for export, though little of the jungle actually lies within the holdings of Lord Toban and Lady Johanna.

To the south, the fields turn to foothills, providing ideal grazing land for ovines, and thus the woolly creatures spend much of their time being raised in the hills, large shelters having been established to prevent having to move them across the area each winter. Their wool is also a great export, and is often traded out in return for finished fabrics.

Black Rock is governed by Lord Toban and Lady Johanna.

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