The Hatching of Dragons - and Plans

With the clutch of 10 eggs from Seryth and Yarovith's clutch hard as a rock, it was no surprise when the humming of dragons interrupted the Weyr's routine on a sultry summer after noon. The baby dragons popped shell and chose their 'mates without dallying and the ten weyrling pairs hadn't been settled in the barracks.

A scant few hours later the Weyrwoman was seen leaving astride Seryth with a load of luggage and a young man wearing a beastcrafter's knot. The queen returned a few hours later minus the beastcrafter but with two young passengers in his stead and an even bigger load of luggage strapped to Seryth. The pair were left off on the coastal road and word has slowly filtered out: Muir and Marel are back from wherever they've been the past 4 months. Gossipers speculate what this might mean for the Weyrwoman and her family. Will they all return to the Weyrbarn? Will the exWeyrsecond and Thea reunite? One thing is obvious: That stressed look about the Weyrwoman has eased somewhat and her step is lighter.

-Posted by Thea

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