Rumors and Happenings

With spring come again, things are beginning to look up at Xanadu - so far there have been no signs that this turn's crops will suffer as last turn's did, and the rain has begun to fall a little more often. While perhaps the ground is still a little dry, the nutrient-rich soil deposited over much of the area by last autumn's flooding is doing what it can to help, and bits of green can be seen peeking through the charred swath of forest. Enterprising riders have begun to harvest some of the charred wood to distribute for their own gain - after all there are people a plenty who may have use for charcoal - and have at least a few extra marks in their pockets to show for it.

However, despite the lack of visible issues, there are still some whispers sweeping through the Weyr and the surrounding holds. The previous weyrleader - only at the post a little over two turns - was away tending to business when the Senior gold rose, and it was an even younger bronze -with a rider still comfortably in his teens - who caught and gave Xanadu another new Weyrleader. Many are wondering how precisely the teen will manage in his new job, while others are sure that the Weyr is doomed for failure. However, the minds of many have been put to ease as Kilaueth took to the Sands and deposited 13 large, healthy looking eggs.

With another Xanadu gold due to rise, and more candidates needed for the clutches, the leadership is looking to repairing the rough relations with the holds in their coverage area, doing what it can to appease holders and crafters alike in the hope that they can erase the tension of the last turn.

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