Twin Comets

Orionth has been lurking amidst the pack, dark bronzes hide shimmering with stars at every wingbeat. He dips and dives around a few of the smaller males, whirling eyes never leaving the shooting star that is Xanadu's junior queen. She's tiring, he sees his chance, strong wings pushing him ahead of his competition, reaching and hoping to grasp the beauty that is Sahazyth. Will he be the triumphant suitor? It's all a matter of luck and skill, or is it? Only the golden queen can say.

The flight has been long and tiring with many twists and turns on the chase of golden trails. All the while, Rhyrith has hung back in the pack, his swirling eyes of intent locked on the queen above, studying her as he wings upwards trying to conserve his strength. Analysing her every move, he bides his time as he begins to plot a maneuver of his own. As the bright star above begins to falter, the skeletal brown surges forth, contorting and tortioning between his competitors. Closing the distance between he and the beauty, the croons to her with sweet serenades, attempting to coax her closer so that they may intertwine.

In the end Sahazyth flies trapped between a single brown and bronze dragon. They each have outlasted the others in the pack and kept up with this queen as she rockets through the sky. Sahazyth drifts between them as she flies higher and higher into the starry summer night. At once she falls back into the waiting 'arms' of Orionth and together they fall to the earth like a pair of comets swirling together in descent.

OOC: The announcement of this flight signifies that OOC Search for Xanadu Weyr begins at midnight tonight.

-Posted by Briana December 28, 2012

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